2.7 Strategic AI

2.7 Strategic AI

Strategic AI update.

What is up depthians! 
It is that time again where I say “It is finally here, the update many of us have been waiting for and talking about” The strategic AI MORE SLOPES AND THE REAL 4M CORNER! Done by yours truly coz I am awesome and all that. (You may need to restart Steam if your game has not updated)

We also have another massive list of bug fixes and tweaks and many new features, such as Area Erase in prefab mode, which will remove all blocks inside the prefab capture box.
Block Group Erase activated with Shift-Del, which will remove all blocks in the selected connected block group, brought to us by Weng from a request made on our request tracker REQ-35.

Weng also picked out a few more requests REQ-1150, a roll option for the Tractor Beam. REQ-176, a new chair that doesn’t raise the height of the character.

[Image: Itys9nbgZkUlza0bFVfgW2H37-pj3OZtmJKA-w2s...OQiZ3xX0D1]

REQ-1112 Added an option to disable pumps when the vehicle is frozen. What this means is, if you have the construct with capslock on and you have also enabled this option in Options > Build Options “Disable pumps calculation when the vehicle is frozen” which is on by default, this will improve performance as buoyancy calculations are made each time you place or remove a block when you have air pumps or helium pumps installed and active. 

Weng has also implemented a search function as you can see at the lower right corner, which will be of help to a number of us and we have resolved over 250 bug fixes, changes and additions!

[Image: Bzc8iajV-41Xord2UEYWRiRN8iK-RlwKFvHncVQt...yL5AXtN850]

When it comes to Wengs’ awesome additions…behold the “Erase Block Group”. No more must we delete things block by block xD Love it!

[Image: ClXVS9COuz4mQSBgEudk0W6lOvFr-Hz5o56ouI9M...54a1Y5Wetx]

But wait there’s more! “Delete by area”

[Image: UMcalIvklfmRZsoPZLB5upiB2i2SB8-TOR4tVJqI...mTXQnMJNsY]

And if you thought that was all, well you are wrong ;p Weng has created a method to show us which mimicked block is tied to a mimic.

We can now dedicate steam power to only spin our steam propellers by setting the Gearbox power output to 0 in our Gearbox Control. What this means is that it will stop power production on the steam gearbox that is only intended to power propellers.

[Image: 7QpXwT-2r0idvmr-ZxClgH96xiCKmaj_G4st3MpK...MAAUh8Hbmg]

As some of you know, boilers turn material into ‘steam energy’. Pistons turn that steam energy into rotational energy of the crankshaft, pistons etc (energy-rpm ratio depends on the mass of the spinning assembly). Max power output and propeller thrust depend on the rpm (and thus on the energy in the system). Using power or using steam props removes energy from the system, depending on how much you use them. Friction also always removes energy from the system and removes more energy if rpm is higher. So using power or using steam props removes rotational energy from the spinning assembly and thus slows it down

Keeping on the topic of power distribution, we can now set up priorities on our power generators. As you can see with the snippet above, we can set the power priority of that steam setup and with the fuel engine pic below as well as electric engines. 

[Image: XquQVlqffpknOMof6tD8eaahrkS_Fp36s0169UEK...ezAj5SdlSU]

High priority engines are used first. Lower priority engines only produce power when higher ones are not enough.

Another sweet addition is that we can right click our mousy while in any submenu in the build section which will exit the current submenu. 

As a number of you good people know, there are also a number of new blocks in the game now. We now have Offset Slopes which will help out our slope stacking builders.
Before the new Offset Slopes, some of us made hulls stacking slopes like this pic

[Image: gOBzNl9J16uZhOFoWvCx5h3hD94xcWhObE7ythSB...al7mTOngU1]

And now you can slope stack with these 1m Offset slopes leaving you a much smoother hull 😀

 Look how happy it is, as it’s now smoking hot!! 

[Image: hT6L5znRZ-hKF2CdNg7Xx5bT5AJLooyuF41p8Hg9...jNNjPVIF7y]

Read lots of comments with builders needing to mimic a 1m square corner and stretch it out to 4m. Well not anymore!! 😀

A pic of a rare real 4m square corner! 

[Image: eTt34XoNuCpKw5ACstyvSrCbGCBv0ZTzy2ilS25q...pCyPhu9BvM]

All sizes are included 2m to 4m
There are also transitions from one slope to another. 
Slopes transitioning from one to another size up.

[Image: zu53ILp-kIGmUGhAJmXX4Tt8aNU0DFNwa3OH50Oy...h35RW02H8O]

The 1 to 4m transition and the 2 to 4m 

[Image: 80vhLJYrFMmV3axDHj6uQvYbInXCEe87faj2Wmw1...9iKcnuaQiq]

We also have inverse transitions which work the same as transitions however, they line up from the tip of the slopes.
Beastman/Sean the Noob, has also been doing some stuff and things, like rearranging our build menu and adding some colouring to sections 😀

[Image: mtEZDN5nwYbpsFlj1z0hmS1xlMIQgbRaTBFnAUB0...oRwCuOf6QF]

The idea with the new layout is set with a build order in mind. First, you would state what construct you are making (Vehicle, Fort or Structure). From there you would start your build and that means structural blocks, then manoeuvre components and control to engines, spin blocks and the turret components etc… 

There are also numerous prefabs ready to help you with your builds to speed up the process, or if you feel that you are a little too green still in some aspects, this update “should” have you covered. Most prefabs were sent to us from community members. We have hulls, fuel engines, steam engines, lams, lasers, APS, CRAMs, missile setups including antimissiles, AI setups, Dediblades and CJE’s too! Big thanks to all that sent us prefabs 😀

[Image: 2bfP6r8Lsqo0SAS7FwadYehtr5sVh5t6xnXl25KT...IE7PKts9ya]

Another awesome addition is the APS customiser now has a module which can hold 4 components! 

[Image: fZsZqxCzahyn8gcXB8gADuHy7bhBwZABXByTGL6V...BsGnGnlMCj]

We also have new wing shapes which will allow us to nail most replica wings or any shape that tickles your fancy. There will be more wing additions implemented later on, and I believe we may see some flaps that actually move 😀 . However, I think I should go over a few things first.

[Image: EFgrS-UmZR8ZaDhMwtIj2DWGoCVwklUFGmNhS56z...djLzRSs92x]

If you do plan on making large wings, you may find that your construct is continuously gaining altitude and ending up in space. This is not a bug, it’s simply the fact that we are now using more wing parts as they just look awesome and therefore we end up with more upwards push. If this does happen to you, simply take away some of the middle wing parts and replace them with the universal surface and set them to “hover”. This should look after your altitude, ofc don’t forget to add some pitch, roll wing parts and the PID’s.

Stuka Junker JU.blueprint (Size: 151.77 KB)

CRAMs have also been tweaked and we now have this awesome UI, thanks to Draba, which will help us builders tune up our CRAM system. This is a handy UI for us to set ratios of what we want the CRAM to use. You will find the specific changes to the blocks further down in the change logs. 

[Image: p4aqXfUZq05qJ3RNdcttIY3vKOExnTbQsQ-6OOCZ...UMZ_brSK9b]

The screenshot above is the UI where you can set the sliders to the pellet ratios you want to use, and it switches out pellets/compactors to be close to that.
So you have a CRAM with 100 total connections and set up 20 compactor (previously known as ammo box) /100 hardener/100 HE
Total of your weights is 220.

Compactor will be 20/220 so ~9%, hardener and HE both 100/220 so ~45.4% each
Since you have 100 total connections it will try to get:
9 compactors
45 hardeners
45 HE
The way this works is that it would look at all the pellets on your CRAM, and it starts to replace the ones with the lowest amount of packer connections with compactors (since compactors are the cheapest).
Once it has 9 or more compactor connections it moves on to hardeners, then HE-Frag-EMP.
So if it can’t get the exact ratios (because there are only pellets with 2 and 4 connections, can’t get 9) then it will use the topmost slider.

If there are any rounding errors leftover (9+45+45 is only 99) it will dump the last few slots into HE-Frag-EMP-hardener, it chooses the first from that list that has a weight over 0.

If a cell (the area where a pellet can be placed) only has 1 connection to its own cannon’s packers but is shared between 4 cannons, it will count as a 4 slot one, so will get an expensive pellet, but the cannon that owns it will only get 1 connection from it and does not look at its neighbours.

So if a cannon has 40 own pellets + 20 HE ones shared from a neighbour and is set to 100% hardener, it will end up with 40 hardener + 20 HE

Be sure to have pellets installed in your cram as this will not add pellets for you, it only swaps them out!

Draba has also given our fuel engines and CJE’s a bit of an overhaul too.

Custom jet engine basics

  • mechanics were reworked, should be simpler with more options
  • they are much more compact than powered jets
  • efficient CJEs give more thrust/fuel than powered jets
  • durability went up, now they can tank some hits
  • price went up

Custom jet efficiency

  • shorter ones are more viable, custom jet thrust no longer scales with the square of length
  • small custom jets are more powerful for a given volume, but have a lower fuel-efficiency than the full-sized version
  • choice is between being compact (combustion chambers, injector addons) or efficient (lots of compressors, intake addons, full intake clearance, exhaust)

Custom jet addons

  • they are now slightly more expensive (both in materials and volume) than base components
  • using addons means you need lower volume in base components, losing those usually cripples the engine so addons make same thrust a bit more durable

Fuel engine basics

  • mechanics reworked, volume-efficiency went up and fuel-efficiency down
  • all components should be useful for some purpose now, turbos aren’t just better than anything else above a certain size
  • propulsion fuel cost for fast things is noticeable
  • old engines should keep working and generally give more power, but use more fuel

Fuel engine efficiency

  • an engine is now either compact or fuel-efficient
  • from dense to efficient: injector, 1 turbo/carburettor, medium RPM supercharger, 2-3 turbos/carburettor, low RPM supercharger
  • radiators are much stronger now, but are somewhat expensive relative to other fuel engine components

Fuel engine exhausts

  • exhaust gas from a given source now looks for pipe exits with no turbochargers between the exit and the source
  • if it finds some it distributes the exhaust gas evenly between the clear exits
  • if it finds no unobstructed exits it’ll distribute the gases evenly between the turbos with the least amount of chained turbos behind them
  • gas pressure is now used up by turbos up to a cap, excess above that cap passes through them.

Exhaust demo I

  • gas from green section is divided evenly between yellow section turbos
  • yellow section has a clear exit so red turbos get no gas
[Image: Qos07xqxSJtgXOBAaZyaIQNsdHcx_nYeBINAE0tB...5_jd63SIrn]

Exhaust demo II

  • gas from green section is divided evenly between yellow turbos
  • leftover gas from yellow section is divided evenly between red turbos
  • leftover gas from red section is divided evenly between red exits
[Image: nM-EfhxUqOLJOta8VRjaqGdZ7_U3XYkpDRTkSbsi...t5UsT2oDzL]

Engines, from left to right fuel-efficiency increases and power/volume decreases (see attached blueprint)

  • injector
  • injector with extra cooling
  • 1 turbo/carb
  • 2 turbos/carb
  • Medium RPM supercharger
  • 2 turbos/carb, chained
  • 3 turbos/carb
  • Low RPM supercharger
[Image: 5Y_XU7XxFBmDAA53v8YB1SEw5fMhexpLhdFici-b...Fcwce-bDnd]


With all that out the way, we shall now go over the main focus of this update, the Strategic AI and how this AI will work and how the change to the resource zones are working.

The Strategic AI assigns numerous jobs to constructs, such as capture territory, build forts on resource zones to mine up materials, defend / attack / repair, transport materials to the HQ and build constructs. We shall be seeing more AI jobs in future however we wanted to get the basics laid out and working. 

The AI is building and transporting materials just like us when we are playing From The Depths. 

Force strength on tiles has been removed, however, there are territory boundaries. Territories will grow or shrink as the factions battle it out taking territory from one another. The AI will attack other factions HQ or forts on resource zones to capture and then build their fort and use as well as attacking constructs. 

To stay on topic regarding territory, a faction will set up fleets to counter, intercept and pursue any invading forces. It will gather and group up constructs to form a fleet or build new constructs if it thinks that the current constructs are not up to the task, or if the current fleets already have orders such as attack, defend or intercept/pursue. 

As we have mentioned force strength we should also discuss how the difficulty is set up and how the AI will determine what is best suited to put against you depending on how well your constructs are doing + the selected difficulty level 

The campaign still has four difficulties: easy, medium, expert and godly but these will not be tied to fixed design difficulties. Design difficulties will instead be automatically generated by assessing the firepower to material cost ratio. The AI will build using materials and will bring out the efficient killing machines when the player is doing well. 

To explain the “doing well”. Firepower to material ratio is split into “containers”, with each container holding easy, medium, expert and godly constructs. The system would be tracking how much of the last million (example number) materials that were destroyed belonged to the player and how much the opposing faction did.

During each battle, damage is done to the player’s construct by an enemy construct, and the firepower to material ratio is added to the player side of the appropriate container and damage to said enemy construct is added to the faction side of the same container.
The enemy faction would build from the containers where the KD ratio is somewhat equal, less than or greater than, depending on the difficulty level. As an example and imaginary numbers, with godly difficulty, the AI would build preferentially from containers where the KD ratio is 1. However, in easy difficulty the AI will choose constructs from containers where the KD ratio is 10 or more in the player’s favour.

The AI can also reposition constructs during battle setup and also add constructs that are within x range to the lineup. 

As you all probably know by now, resource zones have also changed. 

The material value of the campaign is calculated at the start of the campaign. It is the sum of the resource zone material, the blueprint costs and their stored ammo and fuel. As the campaign progresses materials may be lost or used up in combat and causes the material value of the campaign to drop. Every second the game will pump fresh materials into the resource zones so that the total material balance of the campaign remains constant. This means that in order to grow your material economy you’ll need to take it from other factions by destroying their fleets, scavenging the dropped material and conquering the resource zones that will be replenished with any spent materials lost in the combat.

v2.6.1 [Add] <ACB>: ACB idle azimuth and elevation actions
v2.6.1 [Add] <ACB>: Enemy volume and targeted enemy volume conditions
v2.6.1 [Add] <ACB>: Health of the closest subconstruct condition
v2.6.1 [Add] <ACB>: Highest gearbox RPM condition
v2.6.1 [Add] <ACB>: Material quantity and percent conditions
v2.6.1 [Add] <ACB>: 'On load or built' condition
v2.6.1 [Add] <ACB>: Open/Close doors actions
v2.6.1 [Add] <ACB>: Quantities (in addition to the percent) for fuel, ammo, battery and power conditions
v2.6.1 [Add] <ACB>: Release vehicle currently held by a Spawner action
v2.6.1 [Add] <ACB>: RPM of the closest gearbox condition
v2.6.1 [Add] <ACB>: Sensor scramblers set power action
v2.6.1 [Add] <ACB>: Set Shield Rings drive / power scale actions
v2.6.1 [Add] <AI>: LWC, AMCC and PIDs can now connect AI signals through themselves.
v2.6.1 [Add] <APS>: Added a four module ammo customizer
v2.6.1 [Add] <APS>: Muzzle brakes can now be stacked for aesthetics, only 1 muzzle brake penalty/bonus will apply.
v2.6.1 [Add] <APS>: See through and solid ammo clips now have adjusted values that scale with size and are identical for both sets.
v2.6.1 [Add] <Block>: Large rudder block can now be configured to apply the force where it is, or at the CoM level (locally to the main-construct)
v2.6.1 [Add] <Blocks>: [REQ-1150] Roll option for Tractor Beam.
v2.6.1 [Add] <Blocks>: [REQ-1231] AMCC diameter brackets
v2.6.1 [Add] <Blocks>: [REQ-176] A new chair that doesn't raise the height of the character.
v2.6.1 [Add] <Blocks>: Added a new wing material and using it for wings, ailerons and other control surfaces
v2.6.1 [Add] <Blocks>: AMCC altitude brackets
v2.6.1 [Add] <Build mode>: [REQ-1112] Added option to disable pumps when vehicle is frozen (caps lock).
v2.6.1 [Add] <Build mode>: [REQ-1237] Added special mimic view. Press Shift-P in build mode to cycle between special views
v2.6.1 [Add] <Build mode>: [REQ-35] Area Erase in prefab mode. Remove all blocks inside the prefab capture box.
v2.6.1 [Add] <Build mode>: [REQ-35] Block Group Erase activated with Shift-Del. Remove all blocks in the selected connected block group.
v2.6.1 [Add] <Build mode>: Block search tool in build mode inventory.
v2.6.1 [Add] <Campaign>: AI uses fuel and ammo (as well as materials) for building vehicles
v2.6.1 [Add] <Campaign>: Campaigns (can) now have a material cap / material replenishment system to encourage combat, and reduce 'snowballing' or 'turtling'.
v2.6.1 [Add] <Campaign>: The AI is better add adding reinforcing fleets into the combat
v2.6.1 [Add] <Campaign>: The AI positions its units prior to the start of a fight
v2.6.1 [Add] <Controls>: [REQ-135] Option for camera boost speed.
v2.6.1 [Add] <Deco>: Text screens and video screens now all cost the same RP.  Alloy port holes now match alloy block stats.
v2.6.1 [Add] <Game>: Clicking an enemy fleet or resource zone will bring up an information panel that contains lots of data, explanations and options
v2.6.1 [Add] <Map editor>: There is a 'desired engagement range' value in the map editor for faction designs to control the distance they put themselves at before the start of a fight
v2.6.1 [Add] <Mimic>: Added button to flip mimicked object in mimic UI
v2.6.1 [Add] <Missiles>: Saved missiles now also contain, guidance activation delay, warhead arming delay and thrust before locking values. Jon was here
v2.6.1 [Add] <PID>: Added primary drive, secondary drive and tertiary drive outputs to the general purpose PID
v2.6.1 [Add] <Power priority>: [REQ-14] Priority for power creators and users.
v2.6.1 [Add] <Resources>: Ammo boxes now mirror correctly.
v2.6.1 [Add] <UI>: Backend tooltip system is now standardised.
v2.6.1 [Add] <UI>: Build menu now has a different layout.
v2.6.1 [Add] <UI>: New button on save vehicle UI for manually incrementing version.
v2.6.1 [Add] <Water>: Helium pumps now show the correct buoyancy values when underwater.
v2.6.1 [Add] <Water>: Helium pumps now show the correct buoyancy values when underwater.
v2.6.1 [Add] <Wheels>: Added a new track texture and a selector for which track texture you want
v2.6.1 [Change] <AI>: AI Naval behaviour now checks left/right firepower instead of number of weapons to determine broadside
v2.6.1 [Change] <APS>: Autoloader cost up by 20%
v2.6.1 [Change] <APS>: Autoloader durability up from 80 health/block with 7 armor to 300 health/block and 20 armor
v2.6.1 [Change] <APS>: CIWS all targets get a distance-based priority bonus, goes from 0% at minimum range to 100% at 2x minimum range and above
v2.6.1 [Change] <APS>: CIWS current target gets a 100% priority bonus
v2.6.1 [Change] <APS>: CIWS damage multiplier against missiles from 5x to 8x
v2.6.1 [Change] <APS>: CIWS now won't try to target missiles within the minimum range
v2.6.1 [Change] <APS>: Ejector cost from 20 to 10, durability from 150 health/7 armor to 600 health/25 armor
v2.6.1 [Change] <APS>: Flak radius multiplier up from 3x to 3.5x
v2.6.1 [Change] <APS>: Projectiles with a weak component(<= 0.5 health modifier) in the nose position will explode instead of ricocheting from armor
v2.6.1 [Change] <APS>: With a muzzle break absorbed recoil exerts no physical force on the firing vehicle (without it force is 25% of unmitigated recoil)
v2.6.1 [Change] <APS durability>: 1x1 omni and elevation mantlet health up from 500 to 600
v2.6.1 [Change] <APS durability>: 3m elevation mantlet health from 1500 to 3000
v2.6.1 [Change] <APS durability>: 3x3 omni mantlet health from 5000 to 9000
v2.6.1 [Change] <APS durability>: AA mantlet health from 750 to 2000
v2.6.1 [Change] <APS durability>: Armor of all mantlets increased to 40
v2.6.1 [Change] <APS durability>: Heavy barrel armor from 25 to 40
v2.6.1 [Change] <APS durability>: Laser targeter and fall of shot predictor armor up from 5 to 25
v2.6.1 [Change] <APS durability>: Laser targeter and fall of shot predictor health up from 150 to 350
v2.6.1 [Change] <APS durability>: Mantlets cost 40 materials/cell occupied
v2.6.1 [Change] <APS durability>: Normal barrel armor from 15 to 25
v2.6.1 [Change] <APS durability>: Normal barrel health from 350/m to 700/m
v2.6.1 [Change] <APS durability>: Railgun barrel magnet and attaching fixture armor up to 30
v2.6.1 [Change] <APS durability>: Railgun barrel magnet and attaching fixture health up from 300 to 600
v2.6.1 [Change] <Blocks>: Connections rules for multi-blocks system has been modified, there are more forbidden configurations now
v2.6.1 [Change] <Blocks>: Ducts, wings, rudders, etc. no longer block propulsion
v2.6.1 [Change] <Breadboard>: Propulsion Main, Secondary and Tertiary now reads from Drives instead of Inputs
v2.6.1 [Change] <Build mode>: Instant fill and prefab placement in singleplayer
v2.6.1 [Change] <Build mode>: When mirror mode is enabled, prefabs are placed on both sides of the mirror now
v2.6.1 [Change] <Controls>: Faster camera rotation speed when time scale is low
v2.6.1 [Change] <Controls>: The key mapper opens a dedicated popup to capture key presses now
v2.6.1 [Change] <Countermeasures>: Heat, radar and sonar decoy block power use down to 20%
v2.6.1 [Change] <Countermeasures>: Sensor minimum effectiveness after scrambling is 25% at 20000 range-adjusted ECM power, instead of 10%
v2.6.1 [Change] <Custom jet cost>: Combuster addon cost from 3/5 to 45/150
v2.6.1 [Change] <Custom jet cost>: Combuster cost from 5/15 to 120/800
v2.6.1 [Change] <Custom jet cost>: Compressor addon cost from 3/5 to 15/40
v2.6.1 [Change] <Custom jet cost>: Compressor cost from 5/15 to 40/200
v2.6.1 [Change] <Custom jet cost>: Controller cost from 5/15 to 20/100
v2.6.1 [Change] <Custom jet cost>: Exhaust cost from 5/15 to 20/100
v2.6.1 [Change] <Custom jet cost>: Injector addon cost from 3/5 to 100/400
v2.6.1 [Change] <Custom jet cost>: Intake addon cost from 3/5 to 20/100
v2.6.1 [Change] <Custom jet cost>: Intake cost from 5/15 to 20/100
v2.6.1 [Change] <Custom jets>: A combuster addon is equal to 0.1 large combuster or 0.2 small one
v2.6.1 [Change] <Custom jets>: A compressor addon is equal to 0.1 large compressor or 0.2 small one
v2.6.1 [Change] <Custom jets>: All efficiency multipliers are multiplicative with each other
v2.6.1 [Change] <Custom jets>: An injector addon is equal to 0.2 large combuster or 0.4 small one
v2.6.1 [Change] <Custom jets>: Base thrust depends on combuster count: 12000 for 12 fuel/s for a large combuster, 2000 for 2.5 fuel/s for a small one
v2.6.1 [Change] <Custom jets>: Compressors increase thrust/fuel burned: FINAL_THRUST = BASE_THRUST * COMPRESSION / (COMPRESSION + 1.5 * COMBUSTION)
v2.6.1 [Change] <Custom jets>: Custom jet max exhaust temperature: 200 + THRUST_OUTPUT ^ 0.67
v2.6.1 [Change] <Custom jets>: Custom jets without intakes only have 70% base efficiency. Intakes need 8 block clearance to get the full 100% base efficiency
v2.6.1 [Change] <Custom jets>: Each air intake addon increases thrust/fuel by 2.5%. These are additive with each other, 4 addons are a 10% increase
v2.6.1 [Change] <Custom jets>: Exhausts increase thrust/fuel burned by 10%
v2.6.1 [Change] <Custom jets>: Intake addons need 8m clearance, without that the efficiency bonus is reduced proportionally
v2.6.1 [Change] <Custom jets>: The front face of intakes and intake addons only has 1/5 the drag
v2.6.1 [Change] <Custom jets>: UI reworked
v2.6.1 [Change] <Fuel engine cooling>: Cooling gets stronger as temperature goes up: FINAL_COOLING = BASE_COOLING * 8 * (100 / TEMPERATURE) ^ 2
v2.6.1 [Change] <Fuel engine cooling>: Cylinder doesn't get cooling from exhausts that can't reach an exit
v2.6.1 [Change] <Fuel engine cooling>: Cylinder only gets 50% cooling from exhausts that aren't externally vented
v2.6.1 [Change] <Fuel engine cooling>: Cylinders have a natural cooling of 0.1°C/s
v2.6.1 [Change] <Fuel engine cooling>: Every exhaust opening adds 4°C/s base cooling to the cylinder
v2.6.1 [Change] <Fuel engine cooling>: Every radiator block adds 3°C/s base cooling to the engine, split equally between all cylinders
v2.6.1 [Change] <Fuel engine cooling>: Exhaust temperature: 100 + 10 * GAS_AMOUNT_LEAVING ^ 0.4
v2.6.1 [Change] <Fuel engine cooling>: Radiators do not reduce power/fuel now
v2.6.1 [Change] <Fuel engine cost>: Engine block cost from 50 to 20
v2.6.1 [Change] <Fuel engine cost>: Exhaust costs from 0.25/block to 5/block
v2.6.1 [Change] <Fuel engine cost>: Injector cost from 20 to 10
v2.6.1 [Change] <Fuel engine cost>: Non-inline turbo cost from 5 to 10
v2.6.1 [Change] <Fuel engine cost>: Radiator cost from 10/block to 50/block
v2.6.1 [Change] <Fuel engine cost>: Supercharger cost from 5 to 30
v2.6.1 [Change] <Fuel engine exhaust>: Gases are split evenly between branches with the same amount of turbos before the exit
v2.6.1 [Change] <Fuel engine exhaust>: Instead of the shortest path gases now go for the paths with the lowest amount of sequential turbos on them
v2.6.1 [Change] <Fuel engine exhaust>: Turbochargers now use up the gas pressure to generate their PPF bonus. Extra pressure above 4.5 passes through them
v2.6.1 [Change] <Fuel engines>: Cylinders use 3 fuel/sec for every carburettor connection, 9 for every injector
v2.6.1 [Change] <Fuel engines>: Each supercharger connection increases cylinder base power/fuel by 20-0 between 0-100% RPM
v2.6.1 [Change] <Fuel engines>: Each turbocharger connection increases base PPF by 0-15 between 0-4.5 gas pressure on the turbo. BONUS = 15 * (GAS_PRESSURE / 4.5) ^ 0.4
v2.6.1 [Change] <Fuel engines>: Every fuel burned generates 1 gas pressure
v2.6.1 [Change] <Fuel engines>: Every fuel burned generates 2°C heat
v2.6.1 [Change] <Fuel engines>: Every fuel burned generates 50 base power
v2.6.1 [Change] <Fuel engines>: Heat reduces cylinder power output, from 100% at 0°C to 50% at 100°C. Cylinders still overheat at 95 and now cool down at 20 instead of 10
v2.6.1 [Change] <Fuel engines>: Ramp mechanics removed
v2.6.1 [Change] <Fuel engines>: UI reworked
v2.6.1 [Change] <Fuel processor>: The simple fuel processor no longer requires power use to operate
v2.6.1 [Change] <Game>: Out-of-play retrofits now works in the same way as in-play retrofits. Only unchanged blocks are kept now.
v2.6.1 [Change] <Game>: Retrofits now keeps processed resources. It used to convert all resources to material.
v2.6.1 [Change] <Jet durability>: 1x1 custom jet main part health up from 100 to 400
v2.6.1 [Change] <Jet durability>: 3x3 custom jet part health up from 900 to 3500
v2.6.1 [Change] <Jet durability>: Armor of all jet, ion and custom jet parts up from 5 to 25
v2.6.1 [Change] <Jet durability>: Health for all custom jet addons up from 100 to 300
v2.6.1 [Change] <Laser>: Laser pump power use and energy/s up from 25 to 30, cost from 50 to 60 per block
v2.6.1 [Change] <Localization>: Unicode BMP support in blocks that store text
v2.6.1 [Change] <Misc>: Alloy base health increased from 260 to 300
v2.6.1 [Change] <Misc>: Small propeller power use from 5 to 7.5, thrust from 150 to 300
v2.6.1 [Change] <Missiles>: All MIRV components cost 1/5 the ammo of a normal component
v2.6.1 [Change] <Missiles>: All MIRV components have high health, 50% of a reinforced body
v2.6.1 [Change] <Missiles>: Harpoon winch power use down to 50% (force/power is doubled)
v2.6.1 [Change] <Missiles>: Interceptors now do 1.5x damage against L missiles, instead of 2x
v2.6.1 [Change] <Missiles>: Missile health and interceptor damage down by 20%
v2.6.1 [Change] <Missiles>: Remote guidance needs half the processing power, and costs 2x as much ammo as a standard component
v2.6.1 [Change] <Modding>: Drag clearance now uses a list. There were only two slots for that which is not enough.
v2.6.1 [Change] <Projectiles>: APS and CRAM projectiles now use the same detection range scaling as missiles without thrust (CRAM got a flat 4x reduction for now)
v2.6.1 [Change] <Projectiles>: APS and CRAM projectiles now use the same detection range scaling as missiles without thrust (CRAM got a flat 4x reduction for now)
v2.6.1 [Change] <Resources>: Ammo crate capacity up from 1000/block to 1500/block
v2.6.1 [Change] <Resources>: Battery capacity up from 10000/block to 15000/block
v2.6.1 [Change] <Resources>: Battery cost up from 40/block to 60/block
v2.6.1 [Change] <Resources>: Catalytic cracker material use and fuel output doubled
v2.6.1 [Change] <Resources>: Electric engine max output/block is 90
v2.6.1 [Change] <Steam engine>: [BUGS-459] Huge steam boiler can connect to multiple pipes now
v2.6.1 [Change] <Steam engine>: 1m steam propellers now require 1m diameter clearance instead of 3m
v2.6.1 [Change] <Steam jet>: Steam jet max velocity limited to 150m/s- same as Jet
v2.6.1 [Change] <UI>: UI font looks sharper and should work with almost all languages
v2.6.1 [Change] <Weapons>: [REQ-918] It is now possible to assign multiple slots to a weapon
v2.6.1 [Change] <Weapons>: 'Firing arc restriction relative to parent' option now works correctly for simple weapons mounted on a turret
v2.6.1 [Fix] <ACB>: Fixed some rare cases where an ACB wasn't able to detect properly the blocks to control [BUGS-1563]
v2.6.1 [Fix] <ACB>: The 'roll' condition now has a [-180 ; +180] range instead of a [-90 ; +90] one [BUGS-1580]
v2.6.1 [Fix] <AI>: [BUGS-1794] AI Naval behaviour used to have inverted broadside. Now fixed.
v2.6.1 [Fix] <AI>: [BUGS-1851] Fixed bug which made disconnected AI cards impossible to delete
v2.6.1 [Fix] <AI>: The AI will not be automatically enabled when adding or removing an AI block [BUGS-1569]
v2.6.1 [Fix] <Aimpoint>: Any block can now be targeted, including the blocks on SubConstructs [BUGS-1713]
v2.6.1 [Fix] <APS>: [BUGS-103] Fixed issue with elevation movement of all mantlets. Elevation range was not increasing (as it should) as gauge decreased.
v2.6.1 [Fix] <APS>: [BUGS-1420] APS flares actually reduce accuracy, rather than improve it (since APS overhaul, I think). Now fixed.
v2.6.1 [Fix] <APS>: [BUGS-1480][BUGS-1501][BUGS-1553] APS shells now properly fit loaders if the customizer UI says so
v2.6.1 [Fix] <APS>: [BUGS-1937] It is no longer possible to fit in a clip more shells than it's capacity
v2.6.1 [Fix] <APS>: [BUGS-534] Horizontally placed AA mantlets can now aim over 45 degrees
v2.6.1 [Fix] <APS>: Autoloaders connection bug fixed [BUGS-1913]
v2.6.1 [Fix] <APS>: Belt-feed autoloaders now require at least one clip to work [FTD-397] [BUGS-1956]
v2.6.1 [Fix] <APS>: Cannons with target RPM set to a very high number still below 2400 now work at their full potential
v2.6.1 [Fix] <APS>: Smoke strength of shells is linear with smoke warhead count
v2.6.1 [Fix] <Audio>: The CJE sounds are now using the noise reducer [BUGS-364]
v2.6.1 [Fix] <Avatar>: Fixed the reload time reset to 0 when changing weapon and coming back to the grenade launcher [BUGS-1575]
v2.6.1 [Fix] <Block>: A prefabbed video block attached to a camera which was on a removed spinBlock/turret/piston will not corrupt the blueprint anymore [BUGS-1797]
v2.6.1 [Fix] <Block>: Airpumps problem with opened doors when loading a blueprint [BUGS-1658]
v2.6.1 [Fix] <Block>: Display panel now load correctly its configuration (it will also use the correct boundaries for the slider) [BUGS-1942]
v2.6.1 [Fix] <Block>: Helium pumps will now start completely flooded if there's a leak (meaning with no helium pump in the room) [BUGS-1644]
v2.6.1 [Fix] <Block>: Large rudder physics now working a lot better (note that it also produce less force) [BUGS-1979]
v2.6.1 [Fix] <Block>: Light blocks will not be hit by projectiles or lasers anymore [BUGS-281]
v2.6.1 [Fix] <Block>: No more 'splash' sound when the wireless camera goes under water while you're using the Control Terminal [BUGS-1939]
v2.6.1 [Fix] <Block>: Power consumption of the active decoys is now loaded properly [BUGS-1500]
v2.6.1 [Fix] <Block>: Simple weapons pasting using the UI will now paste correctly the selected ammo controllers [BUGS-1627]
v2.6.1 [Fix] <Block>: Spinblocks rotation speed unit is now correct in the ACB (it was displayed deg/s instead of rad/s) [BUGS-1756]
v2.6.1 [Fix] <Block>: Steam jet visual now in the correct direction [BUGS-1623]
v2.6.1 [Fix] <Block>: Steam jets 'Copy to neighbors' feature now working fine [BUGS-1730]
v2.6.1 [Fix] <Block>: The failsafe UI now displays correctly the radius between the rays [BUGS-2041]
v2.6.1 [Fix] <Block>: The flag is now using correctly the wind direction [BUGS-1812]
v2.6.1 [Fix] <Block>: The mesh for the ammo customizer single module is now the correct one [BUGS-1381]
v2.6.1 [Fix] <Block>: The orientation marker of the SpinBlock, and the arrows of the spawners are now only visible in build mode [BUGS-400]
v2.6.1 [Fix] <Block>: The subObject associated to blocks (the metal part of the reinforced wood for example) will now be hidden when the block they are associated to is hidden (structural only for example) [BUGS-1180]
v2.6.1 [Fix] <Block>: Video screen 'inverted screen' property is now loaded correctly, and will not affect other video modes anymore [BUGS-1229]
v2.6.1 [Fix] <Blocks>: [BUGS-1064] drive wheel drive controller reset forward and main axes to 1 after load- fixed now
v2.6.1 [Fix] <Blocks>: [BUGS-145] wings did not interconnect when vehicle loaded, now they do
v2.6.1 [Fix] <Blocks>: [BUGS-1699] It's now possible to spread sticky foot responder options
v2.6.1 [Fix] <Blocks>: [BUGS-1895] oil drill now has the same inability to work at more than a 30 degree angle that the resource gatherer block has
v2.6.1 [Fix] <Blocks>: [BUGS-2010] Simple Oil Processor no longer makes free fuel
v2.6.1 [Fix] <Blocks>: [BUGS-2027] Fixed bug that broke connection of block groups with more than ~2500 blocks
v2.6.1 [Fix] <Blocks>: [BUGS-239] Blueprint Spawner can no longer spawn tilted fortresses and floating structures.
v2.6.1 [Fix] <Blocks>: [BUGS-272] custom jet engine output is now scaled by the amount of it's exhaust pipe submerged in waves, rather than cutting out entirely when below 0 altitude.
v2.6.1 [Fix] <Blocks>: [BUGS-297] Spin block applied torque in the wrong direction. Corrected now.
v2.6.1 [Fix] <Blocks>: [BUGS-365] Permanent disconnections should no longer produce 'ghost' dead blocks which cannot be repaired
v2.6.1 [Fix] <Blocks>: [REQ-1151] Fixed Slope Plate side drag
v2.6.1 [Fix] <Blocks>: Docked vehicles can no longer use tractor beams
v2.6.1 [Fix] <Blueprints>: Corrupted blueprints (the ones full of 'null' characters) shouldn't happen anymore, and if they happen, they will not replace the original blueprint or backup anymore [SUP-94]
v2.6.1 [Fix] <Breadboard>: [BUGS-1651] The breadboard can now save more components (990), and you can no longer place so many that it crashes when trying to save.
v2.6.1 [Fix] <Breadboard>: [BUGS-1654] The breadboard drive module now correctly handles infinity and NaN inputs
v2.6.1 [Fix] <Breadboard>: [BUGS-2001] Fixed AI breadboards breaking everything in some cases when not connected to a mainframe
v2.6.1 [Fix] <Breadboard>: [BUGS-842] You behaviour and maneouvre components no longer need an input to be able to read the current behaviour or maneouvre
v2.6.1 [Fix] <Breadboard>: [BUGS-875] Game no longer breaks if you remove an input from a drive module. Also made it impossible to remove an input from a drive module
v2.6.1 [Fix] <Breadboard>: [BUGS-899] Breadboard no longer breaks if you add components while the game is paused
v2.6.1 [Fix] <Breadboard>: Fixed a bug that made it impossible to edit AI breadboards that didn't have an AI connection
v2.6.1 [Fix] <Build mode>: [BUGS-1822] Added icon for Elevation only turret. It shows up in the middle mouse menu now
v2.6.1 [Fix] <Build mode>: [BUGS-324] Changed replace command behaviour so the mirrored block is correctly removed when the new block cannot be placed
v2.6.1 [Fix] <CRAM>: [BUGS-149] motor driven barrels can no longer increase the recoil more than 500%
v2.6.1 [Fix] <CRAM>: [BUGS-1750] CRAM mortar has been made more accurate by discounting velocity estimation errors coming from imperfect detection
v2.6.1 [Fix] <CRAM>: [BUGS-1750] Fixed an aiming issue that caused (mostly) CRAMS to fire off at seemingly random directions from time to time
v2.6.1 [Fix] <CRAM>: [BUGS-1865] CRAM barrels render again after CRAM firing piece destroyed and repaired
v2.6.1 [Fix] <Detection>: [BUGS-1612] smoke now only stops visual band trackers (including laser tracker) from tracking a target. It used to stop IR/sonar and radar as well.
v2.6.1 [Fix] <Exhausts>: Fixed fuel engine exhaust smoke at the wrong place for 2m, 3m and 4m pipes [BUGS-1996]
v2.6.1 [Fix] <Exhausts>: Fixed fuel engine exhaust wrongly detecting external/internal in some situation [BUGS-1996]
v2.6.1 [Fix] <Exhausts>: Fixed fuel engine not detecting an exhaust exit when the block blocking it is manually removed (note that when the block is destroyed, it will not create an exit, for performance reasons) [BUGS-1996]
v2.6.1 [Fix] <Fleets>: Fleet movement loops and fleets ordered to follow other fleets had a lot of issues- this is now all fixed
v2.6.1 [Fix] <Game>: [BUGS-1725] projectiles now correctly shift frame with the rest of the objects in FTD
v2.6.1 [Fix] <Game>: [BUGS-1827] Retrofits no longer creates extra material
v2.6.1 [Fix] <Game>: [BUGS-1935] retrofitting a mothership with drones will now only update the mothership, unless all drones have been removed from the existing mothership in which case new drones will be placed. If you want to update one or two of the drones on the mothership just retrofit them individually.
v2.6.1 [Fix] <Game>: [BUGS-2075] The header file used for saves has been updated and saving should now be more robust- with 'common' corruption problems identified and displayed to the user.
v2.6.1 [Fix] <Game>: [BUGS-245] Subobject and prefab migration now catches any corrupt blueprints and will not migrate them
v2.6.1 [Fix] <Game>: [BUGS-466] Underwater length friction is now correctly calculated
v2.6.1 [Fix] <Game>: [BUGS-819] Fixed bug which prevents repair for some block placements
v2.6.1 [Fix] <Graphics>: [BUGS-144] removed the flare effect from the sun as it shows through vehicles
v2.6.1 [Fix] <Graphics>: [BUGS-220] improved the setting of the reflection plane altitude for GPU planar reflection mode.
v2.6.1 [Fix] <Graphics>: [BUGS-85] dead blocks and blocks rendered elsewhere (barrels, dediblades) no longer cast shadows that they should not
v2.6.1 [Fix] <Graphics>: Sign Post text is no longer blurry
v2.6.1 [Fix] <Laser>: [BUGS-1494] Energy charge is now properly distributed on lasers with multiple cavity lines/coupler
v2.6.1 [Fix] <Laser>: [BUGS-162] Pulse lasers now have glow effect
v2.6.1 [Fix] <Laser>: [BUGS-1829] Fixed bug which cause connection between diagonally placed laser transceivers on nested spinblocks
v2.6.1 [Fix] <Laser>: [BUGS-1853] Simple Laser and Short Range Laser now correctly uses the color settings
v2.6.1 [Fix] <Laser>: [BUGS-1887] Fixed Short Range Lasers effect position offset
v2.6.1 [Fix] <Lua>: [BUGS-158] Normalized the aim direction passed to AimWeaponInDirection to avoid nasty bug
v2.6.1 [Fix] <Lua>: [BUGS-1664] I:RequestControl and I:RequestThrustControl now check for invalid parameters
v2.6.1 [Fix] <LUA>: [BUGS-1838] Fixed infinite thrust bug with SetFloatLogic
v2.6.1 [Fix] <Misc>: High fuel and battery capacities are not displayed in scientific notation now
v2.6.1 [Fix] <Missiles>: [BUGS-1351] Large 2x2 Hatch is now correctly aligned and animated
v2.6.1 [Fix] <Missiles>: [BUGS-1453] Missile interceptors now filter targets based on altitude, not propulsion components
v2.6.1 [Fix] <Missiles>: [BUGS-1610] Large rail launcher ejector connection spot fixed
v2.6.1 [Fix] <Missiles>: [BUGS-1787] Fixed missile hatch problems when launchpads with and without hatch are mixed on the same controller
v2.6.1 [Fix] <Missiles>: [BUGS-2036] Missiles explosions no longer incorrectly spawn at (0, 0, 0)
v2.6.1 [Fix] <Missiles>: [BUGS-448] Removed a detonation clause on missile interceptors that made them quite ineffective in certain launch directions
v2.6.1 [Fix] <Missiles>: Missiles container will now always accept missiles which are just the right volume [BUGS-1740]
v2.6.1 [Fix] <Missiles>: Missiles will not explode behind a wall anymore [BUGS-1836]
v2.6.1 [Fix] <Missiles>: Missiles will now fire even if their powered range is too short to hit the target (fuel-less missiles will be fired) [BUGS-1936]
v2.6.1 [Fix] <Modding>: [BUGS-493] It is now possible to paste things copied from a different mod
v2.6.1 [Fix] <PAC>: [BUGS-116] PAC input port now checks returning connection correctly
v2.6.1 [Fix] <Physics>: Fixed the fact that in some cases, vehicles didn't collide [BUGS-15]
v2.6.1 [Fix] <Physics>: Light blocks won't block anymore the avatar when it goes up stairs (or ladders) [BUGS-349]
v2.6.1 [Fix] <Power>: Power not available in some situations when 2 large laser multipurpose are connected [BUGS-1940]
v2.6.1 [Fix] <Simple weapons>: The preview now displays the barrels correctly aligned [BUGS-1381]
v2.6.1 [Fix] <Steam>: Freezing when using 'God mode' and a gearbox's steam engine is taking damage due to rotating to fast [BUGS-1894]
v2.6.1 [Fix] <Steam engine>: [BUGS-1929] Steam propellers work on all orientations now.
v2.6.1 [Fix] <UI>: [BUGS-1867] Tooltips for the different supply groups has been fixed
v2.6.1 [Fix] <UI>: [BUGS-2034] NaN and Infinity are no longer allowed in text boxes
v2.6.1 [Fix] <UI>: Fixed tracking UI bugs
v2.6.1 [Fix] <Weapons>: Weapons slots are now correctly loaded for old blueprints [BUGS-1908]
v2.6.1 [Fix] <Wheels>: [BUGS-312] wheels (and tracks) can now move across other vehicles
v2.6.1 [Remove] <Avatar>: Removed Miner skill efficiency multiplier for material gathering as it breaks the new economy system
v2.6.1 [Remove] <Build mode>: Build mode checklist is replaced by the block search tool
v2.6.1 [Remove] <Campaign>: Centralised material mode has been removed from the game. The AI factions now properly use localised materials and so must the player.
v2.6.1 [Remove] <Campaign>: Materials are now used for the AI's building- no such thing as battle points / fleet points any more
v2.6.1 [Remove] <Game>: Placing/removing a block no longer wipes the recorded speed and altitude of the vehicle- it reduces it to 95%. This has been changed to reduce the likelihood of out of play speed and altitude errors.
v2.6.1 [Remove] <Missiles>: Removed missile proximity fuse
v2.6.2 [Add] <Out of play>: A new cruise speed setting has been added as an alternative to the automatically measured top speed
v2.6.2 [Add] <Out of play>: Total overhaul of out of play processing engine- now var more versatile and robust. Engine priority levels and battery charge rates added
v2.6.2 [Add] <Weapons>: [REQ-1009] Added buttons to flip weapon constraints in weapon UI
v2.6.2 [Change] <AI>: Resource gather behaviour now supports vehicles better by keeping the control active even when within 5m of the RZ. It used to stop controlling which was fine for Fortresses.
v2.6.2 [Fix] <Blocks>: [BUGS-1898] Drag clearance positions for slope transitions sorted out
v2.6.2 [Fix] <Building>: You can no longer do an inventory search for blocks that are not currently enabled in game
v2.6.2 [Fix] <Campaign>: [FTD-405] Board section capturing now ignores the vehicle altitude so that space craft can still capture board sections
v2.6.2 [Fix] <Campaign>: The pre-battle positioner no longer pitches or rolls vehicles and fortresses before a fight - it now only controls yaw angle and placement position (as it should)
v2.6.2 [Fix] <Multiplayer>: Fixed an issue in the syncronisation of AI supply groups between host and clients
v2.6.2 [Fix] <Multiplayer>: The vehicle's registered top speed (and now cruise speed) and the power use, fuel use and material use of movement at that speed are now measured on the host and syncronised to clients
v2.6.2 [Fix] <Weapons>: [BUGS-1952] Weapons controlled both by LWC and AMCC can now hit missiles
v2.6.3 [Add] <Blocks>: Material gatherer now warns (orange glow and tooltip text) when no material storage capacity exists on vehicle
v2.6.3 [Fix] <ACB>: [BUGS-2139] fixed an odd bug with ACBs and opening shutting doors
v2.6.3 [Fix] <APS>: [BUGS-2101] 250mm shells can now sit side by side in clips, (previously only worked for shells smaller than 250mm)
v2.6.3 [Fix] <Campaign>: [BUGS-2120] Fixed a bug in campaign saving that could hang the game indefinitely
v2.6.3 [Fix] <Fuel engines>: Fixed dips and spikes in fuel engine graphs at specific loads
v2.6.3 [Fix] <Fuel engines>: Fixed various issues with fuel engines using turbos sometimes not getting their full outputs after being loaded/changed
v2.6.3 [Fix] <Regressions>: [BUGS-2155] Release valve pressure change UI not showing up
v2.6.3 [Fix] <Resources>: Transit fleets now ignore altitude offset when considering the supply range
v2.6.3 [Fix] <UI>: Fixed the power tab of the construct info UI to show electric engines properly
v2.6.3 [Fix] <UI>: Resource levels on map shown with commas to separate thousands, millions, etc
v2.6.3 [Fix] <Wheels>: Reduced the computational complexity of seeing if wheels are touching other vehicles
v2.6.4 [Add] <Air>: Missed from previous release.  Air ducts now have various material types.  Values correspond to the material type.
v2.6.4 [Add] <Block>: 'MovingLight' block added, it is a light where you can move the light source as you would for a mimic
v2.6.4 [Add] <Missiles>: Changed health of laser designator to 900 and AC to 40, increased cost to 150.
v2.6.4 [Add] <Resources>: Fixed typo with name of single battery block to 'Battery.'
v2.6.4 [Change] <Game>: A number of changes to the physics and calculation of collisions to reduce lag, and changes to the way docked vehicles are held to avoid computationally expensive calls
v2.6.4 [Fix] <Audio>: The steam engines sounds are now using the noise reducer [BUGS-2124]
v2.6.4 [Fix] <Block>: Pistons will not break a blueprint anymore if their extension value is NaN (Not A Number) [BUGS-2042]
v2.6.4 [Fix] <Block>: Steam gearboxes can now save a power output with the '0' value [BUGS-2082]
v2.6.4 [Fix] <Campaign>: If you 'recylcle' a force into a dead blueprint in the battle setup screen it will be removed from the fight and this is a quick way to avoid a blockade started fight and admit defeat without needing to launch battle.
v2.6.4 [Fix] <Campaign>: The AI positioner that is used in the battle setup phase now positions units at their desired altitudes and will avoid land / water as neccessary.
v2.6.4 [Fix] <Detection>: [BUGS-1985] coordinate frame changes now update targeting data points so that vehicles do not lose lock when the coordinate frame changes.
v2.6.4 [Fix] <Fuel engines>: Fixed exhaust openings not showing their gas and heat output
v2.6.4 [Fix] <Fuel engines>: Fixed non-inline turbos that are also exhaust exits
v2.6.4 [Fix] <Game>: [BUGS-2022] material gatherers and oil drills are no longer counted for use out of play if they are 'turned off' in play
v2.6.5 [Change] <Fuel cost>: Carburettor cost down from 10 to 5
v2.6.5 [Change] <Fuel cost>: Cylinder cost up from 10 to 15
v2.6.5 [Change] <Fuel cost>: Exhaust pipe costs down from 5 to 1 for each meter
v2.6.5 [Change] <Fuel cost>: Fuel processor cost down from 55 to 50
v2.6.5 [Change] <Fuel cost>: Hull pipe costs down from 20 to 5
v2.6.5 [Change] <Fuel cost>: Injector cost down from 10 to 5
v2.6.5 [Change] <Fuel cost>: Inline turbocharger cost up from 5 to 30
v2.6.5 [Change] <Fuel cost>: Radiator cost down from 50 to 10 material/block
v2.6.5 [Change] <Fuel cost>: Supercharger cost down from 30 to 15
v2.6.5 [Change] <Fuel cost>: Turbocharger cost up from 10 to 30
v2.6.5 [Change] <Fuel parts>: Carburettor max fuel/s down from 3 to 2.5
v2.6.5 [Change] <Fuel parts>: Injector max fuel/s down from 9 to 8
v2.6.5 [Change] <Fuel parts>: Radiator weight up from 30 to 80/block (it's now double the weight of metal)
v2.6.5 [Change] <Fuel parts>: Turbo bonus now scales with PRESSURE^0.25, instead of PRESSURE^0.4
v2.6.5 [Change] <Fuel parts>: Turbo max pressure used up from 4.5 to 6
v2.6.5 [Change] <Fuel refining>: Desalter reduce dangerous gas production to 40%, instead of 50%
v2.6.5 [Change] <Fuel refining>: Desalters now have a 20% susceptibility to EMP
v2.6.5 [Change] <Fuel refining>: Fuel processors now give 16 fuel for 2 materials, down from 20
v2.6.5 [Change] <Fuel refining>: Having a desalter increases explosion strength from each dangerous gas built up, from 3 to 6
v2.6.5 [Change] <Fuel refining>: Refineries start losing efficiency at 40 meter altitude and stop working at 80, instead of 10/50
v2.6.5 [Change] <Fuel refining>: Refinery speed doubled
v2.6.5 [Change] <Fuel refining>: Refinery still explosion power from each unit of dangerous gas built up increased from 1 to 3
v2.6.5 [Change] <Fuel refining>: Refinery still explosion power from increased from 20 to 40 for each gas/sec production
v2.6.5 [Change] <Steam>: Base boiler material use up from 1.6 to 4.5
v2.6.5 [Change] <Steam>: Boiler material use up to 4/3 the previous value
v2.6.5 [Change] <Steam>: Pistons give 50% more force for each steam volume
v2.6.5 [Change] <Steam>: Reduced boiler efficiency bonus for lower burn rates
v2.6.5 [Fix] <ACBS>: [BUGS-2179] fixed an issue with ACBs trying and failing to control steam jet power output
v2.6.5 [Fix] <Campaign>: [BUGS-2162] fixed up the transit fleet UI code to handle more linkages and 50+ fleets OK
v2.6.5 [Fix] <Campaign>: The battle starting code that the player uses to initiate combat has been tided up to avoid exploits
v2.6.5 [Fix] <Campaign>: The pre-combat positioning of AI forces no longer repositions fortresses
v2.6.5 [Fix] <Drones>: [BUGS-2166] fixed an issue with assignment of drones to the wrong SubVehicleSpawners
v2.6.5 [Fix] <Fuel engine>: Fixed a problem causing inline turbos directly exhausting gases to not use any pressure
v2.6.5 [Fix] <Lasers>: [BUGS-2192] the muzzle flash for lasers in pulsed mode was not in the correct place
v2.6.5 [Fix] <Physics>: [BUGS-2146] wings, ailerons, tailplanes, air elevators, air rudders and universal flight surfaces no longer work in low air density (altitudes approaching space, and space itself)
v2.6.5 [Fix] <Projectiles>: [BUGS-2178] finished fixing the reference frame shifting code for projectiles
v2.6.5 [Fix] <Turrets>: [BUGS-2061] Fixed turrets with cannons set to 'direct line' aiming option not aiming correctly
v2.6.6 [Add] <UI>: Right clicking on empty space in the inventory will go up one level (where applicable)
v2.6.6 [Change] <CRAM barrels>: BARREL_ROTATION_MODIFIER = (1 + 2 * MOTOR_BARRELS) / BARREL_MASS. Barrel mass 1 for normal and 2 for heavy barrels
v2.6.6 [Change] <CRAM barrels>: Bomb chutes fix shell speed to 40 m/s, firing arc to 80°, count as 3 motor barrels and remove flash visuals
v2.6.6 [Change] <CRAM barrels>: Elevation barrels decrease azimuth arc by 10° (5° minimum) and increase elevation arc by 10° (75° maximum)
v2.6.6 [Change] <CRAM barrels>: Flash suppressors reduce detection range to 20% and shell speed to 85%. They also reduce the visual size of muzzle flashes
v2.6.6 [Change] <CRAM barrels>: Max firing arc for all CRAMs is 35° without other modifiers
v2.6.6 [Change] <CRAM barrels>: Motor barrels increase barrel rotation speed
v2.6.6 [Change] <CRAM barrels>: Recoil reduction barrels reduce recoil to 75% and shell speed to 95%
v2.6.6 [Change] <CRAM barrels>: Standard barrels and their heavy variants count as if they were 2m long for accuracy calculations
v2.6.6 [Change] <CRAM cost>: 6-way connector cost down from 10 to 5
v2.6.6 [Change] <CRAM cost>: Ammo box cost down from 25 to 20
v2.6.6 [Change] <CRAM cost>: Autoloader cost up from 15 to 20
v2.6.6 [Change] <CRAM cost>: Barrel material cost is 20, weight 80 for non-heavy barrels (was 10-25 materials and 40 weight)
v2.6.6 [Change] <CRAM cost>: Barrel material cost up from 35 to 40, weight down from 200 to 160 for heavy barrels
v2.6.6 [Change] <CRAM cost>: EMP pellet cost up from 25 to 150
v2.6.6 [Change] <CRAM cost>: Firing piece cost down from 50 to 20
v2.6.6 [Change] <CRAM cost>: Frag pellet cost up from 25 to 150
v2.6.6 [Change] <CRAM cost>: Fusing box cost up from 30 to 50
v2.6.6 [Change] <CRAM cost>: Gauge increase cost down from 20 to 10
v2.6.6 [Change] <CRAM cost>: Hardener pellet cost up from 25 to 120
v2.6.6 [Change] <CRAM cost>: HE pellet cost up from 25 to 150
v2.6.6 [Change] <CRAM cost>: Interface screen cost up from 10 to 20
v2.6.6 [Change] <CRAM cost>: Laser targeter cost down from 40 to 20
v2.6.6 [Change] <CRAM durability>: Barrel health up from 350 to 900, armor from 15 to 30 for non-heavy barrels
v2.6.6 [Change] <CRAM durability>: Barrel health up from 900 to 1200, armor from 25 to 40 for heavy barrels
v2.6.6 [Change] <CRAM durability>: Bomb chute health up from 350 to 900, armor from 15 to 30
v2.6.6 [Change] <CRAM durability>: Firing piece health up from 350 to 500, armor from 20 to 25
v2.6.6 [Change] <CRAM durability>: Gauge increase health up from 350 to 400, armor from 15 to 30
v2.6.6 [Change] <CRAM durability>: HE pellets and ammo boxes do not explode on being destroyed
v2.6.6 [Change] <CRAM durability>: Laser targeter has a 20% EMP susceptibility
v2.6.6 [Change] <CRAM durability>: Laser targeter health up from 150 to 400, armor from 5 to 25
v2.6.6 [Change] <CRAM durability>: Predictor health up from 150 to 400, armor from 5 to 25
v2.6.6 [Change] <CRAM mechanics>: After firing there is a delay before packers can start working again, going from 1000mm gauge to 2000mm it increases from 3 seconds to 6
v2.6.6 [Change] <CRAM mechanics>: Ammo cost for each payload is paid at the time of packing, CRAMs now save their packing state. CRAMs saved before the update start fully packed
v2.6.6 [Change] <CRAM mechanics>: Autoloaders renamed to payload packers, ammo boxes to payload compactors
v2.6.6 [Change] <CRAM mechanics>: CRAM gauge range is now 1000-2000mm, each gauge increase adds 50mm
v2.6.6 [Change] <CRAM mechanics>: Each compactor-packer connection increases the max payload capacity: CAPACITY = BASE_CAPACITY * (1 + 0.05 * COMPACTOR_COUNT)
v2.6.6 [Change] <CRAM mechanics>: Each gauge has a base payload capacity, going from 1000mm gauge to 2000mm it increases from 250 to 1000
v2.6.6 [Change] <CRAM mechanics>: Each pellet-packer connection packs 1 payload/second into the shell
v2.6.6 [Change] <CRAM mechanics>: Fuses reduce shell health by 5% each (additive, 3 fuses are a 15% reduction)
v2.6.6 [Change] <CRAM payloads>: All payloads use the standard scaling shared by other weapons
v2.6.6 [Change] <CRAM payloads>: Each hardener payload unit increases shell health by 20
v2.6.6 [Change] <CRAM payloads>: Each HE/frag/EMP payload unit increases shell health by 5
v2.6.6 [Change] <CRAM payloads>: Each payload unit gives 0.15 shell power and costs 0.25 ammo
v2.6.6 [Change] <CRAM payloads>: Each payload unit increases kinetic damage by 5
v2.6.6 [Change] <CRAM payloads>: Each payload unit increases recoil by 2, recoil uses the same scale as APS
v2.6.6 [Change] <CRAM payloads>: Fragmentation now uses the standard mechanics of missiles/APS, with a fixed 60° angle
v2.6.6 [Change] <CRAM payloads>: Muzzle flash size and firing sound depends on the amount of payload packed into the shell (only decorative)
v2.6.6 [Change] <CRAM payloads>: Pure kinetic CRAM and APS shells are now destroyed on reaching 0 health
v2.6.6 [Change] <CRAM payloads>: Shell AP is: KINETIC_PAYLOAD / TOTAL_PAYLOAD * 120. Without kinetic payload AP is 0.1
v2.6.6 [Change] <CRAM speed/detection>: Base shell speed is 200 for all CRAMs
v2.6.6 [Change] <CRAM speed/detection>: Shells use the standard projectile detection range for their shell size, 550m-1100m for 1000-2000mm gauge
v2.6.6 [Change] <Fuel cost>: Injector cost up from 5 to 20
v2.6.6 [Change] <Fuel cost>: Turbochargers costs up from 30 to 35
v2.6.6 [Change] <Fuel parts>: Turbocharger bonus exponent increased from 0.25 to 0.35. This means turbos that do not have maxed gases provide a slightly smaller bonus
v2.6.6 [Change] <Misc>: All weapons got a new UI tab summarizing their stats: material cost, volume, firepower, ammo/power use, projectile health fired/s, ...
v2.6.6 [Change] <Misc>: CRAMs got an automatic packer refit UI. The cannon replaces existing pellets to try and match the preference provided in the UI. Puts the cheap parts in the low connection slots first
v2.6.6 [Fix] <CRAM EMP>: EMP uses the same jumping mechanics as APS/missiles, will work with fuses now. Jumps at most 6m from the trigger point to find a block start spreading from
v2.6.6 [Fix] <Modding>: [BUGS-2189] The map now regenerates if you load a different version of the same planet
v2.6.7 [Change] <ACB>: The ACB can control the minimum percent of ammo/energy required to fire
v2.6.7 [Change] <ACB>: The ACB can control the propulsion adjustment
v2.6.7 [Change] <Block>: All blocks requiring clearance behind them now need a surface clearance of a square of MAX(1, (diameter-2)m, for example, a 1m or 3m propeller will need a 1x1 surface behind it, and a 7m propeller will require a 5x5 surface behind it
v2.6.7 [Change] <Block>: Each ammo controller UI will now remember its own diameter and rail draw [BUGS-2181]
v2.6.7 [Change] <Block>: The smoke dispensers now have an 'Apply to all' button [REQ-1226]
v2.6.7 [Change] <Block>: The terminators now count as a 1m rod [REQ-1211]
v2.6.7 [Change] <CRAM>: Frag angle can now be changed in the CRAM settings tab
v2.6.7 [Change] <CRAM>: Hardener payload now also has higher kinetic damage, each unit adds 10 KD instead of the 4 from other types
v2.6.7 [Change] <CRAM>: Kinetic damage/payload down from 5 to 4, maximum AP from 120 to 80
v2.6.7 [Change] <CRAM>: The desired gauge slider is back
v2.6.7 [Change] <Propulsion>: All propulsion blocks (except wheels) now have the possibility to adjust their yaw and pitch up to 15 degrees [REQ-1235]
v2.6.7 [Change] <Weapons>: It is now possible to add a firing restriction to the percent of ammo (or energy, depending on the weapon) remaining on the vehicle [REQ-1195]
v2.6.7 [Fix] <Block>: The 7m steam propeller will now stop displaying the 'not enough free room behind' message when not blocked [BUGS-2182]
v2.6.7 [Fix] <Blocks>: [BUGS-1819] youtube video viewer block APIs updated and now works again
v2.6.7 [Fix] <Building>: [BUGS-2026] dediblades no longer disappear 'hide structural' view or 'important only' view. Masking of 'carried objects' in 'special views' improved
v2.6.7 [Fix] <Building>: Cost view is available again, and buttons for mimic view and cost view have been added to the HUD alongside the other special view buttons
v2.6.7 [Fix] <CRAM>: Barrels also show diameter/reload and damage tooltips
v2.6.7 [Fix] <CRAM>: CRAMs without barrels have 20 m/s shells and fire at 4° inaccuracy
v2.6.7 [Fix] <CRAM>: CRAMs without pellet connections show a warning about not being able to fire
v2.6.7 [Fix] <CRAM>: Fixed NaN CRAM firepower in the V menu
v2.6.7 [Fix] <CRAM>: Shell water splash size reduced
v2.6.7 [Fix] <Forces>: Repairing cargo container, coal pile and large coal pile out of play now correctly increases the force's material storage capacity
v2.6.7 [Fix] <Laser>: Fixed cavities sometimes not syncing their available energy/s lookup properly. One of the effects was enemies not use their LAMS
v2.6.7 [Fix] <Stability>: [FTD-469] A deadlock crash involving fuel engines has been fixed
v2.6.7 [Fix] <UI>: Fixed localisation issues in the CRAM UI tab
v2.6.8 [Add] <Campaign>: [FTD-440] Added 'lost all territory' victory condition
v2.6.8 [Add] <UI>: Added 1%,5% and 10% procurement levels. In the map editor you can pick any number from 0% to 100% as your procurement level [FTD-455]
v2.6.8 [Change] <Avatar>: [FTD-458] Avatar health buffed from 100 to 2100, AC buffed from 1 to 15 (same as 4m metal beam)
v2.6.8 [Change] <Campaign>: [FTD-440] It is no longer possible to capture boards surrounded by other factions
v2.6.8 [Change] <Shells>: Visible tracers can now have their color and thickness fully configured [REQ-1239]
v2.6.8 [Fix] <CRAM>: Barrel tooltip shows damage at current packing, not at minimum packing required to fire
v2.6.8 [Fix] <Multiplayer>:  Fixed an issue with multiplayer campaign save serialisation [BUGS-1921]
v2.6.9 [Change] <AI>: [FTD-494] Waterstart AI additional routine will save it's state and disable balloons on load
v2.6.9 [Change] <Campaign>: [FTD-439] It is no longer possible to build or repair in enemy board sections that are not adjacent to a friendly one (for both the player and other factions)
v2.6.9 [Change] <CRAM>: Shell trail length scales with the square root of total payload packed
v2.6.9 [Change] <Debris>: [FTD-486] Debris will disappear quicker when you manually pop a turret in build mode. Debris code refreshed and retested.
v2.6.9 [Change] <Fuel engine>: Supercharger weight from 20 to 40, same as a metal block
v2.6.9 [Fix] <Blocks>: [BUGS-2237] material gatherer and oil drill state correctly now that they gather 6 materials per second
v2.6.9 [Fix] <Blocks>: [FTD-481] More reliable check for block separation cause (killed or sold)
v2.6.9 [Fix] <CRAM>: Pure frag shells now have a trail, color is the same as standard kinetic
v2.6.9 [Fix] <Game>: [BUGS-2212] you can no longer cut away chairs in cut away view as this could disable the Rambot avatar and cause bugs
v2.6.9 [Fix] <Lasers>: [BUGS-546] Continuous lasers show the correct damage/shot in tooltips at lower game speeds
v2.6.9 [Fix] <Multiplayer>: [BUGS-2233] Fixed a number of desync issues by separating single block debris formation on server from that on client
v2.7.1 [Add] <Air>: Added 1m ducts.
v2.7.1 [Add] <APS>: Added 2m muzzle brake variant of new type.
v2.7.1 [Change] <GUI>: Updated the detection build menu.
v2.7.1 [Fix] <Air>: Corrected radar signatures of ducts to match material type.
v2.7.1 [Fix] <Multiplayer>: Fixed bug that cause host to throw an NullReferenceException when a client disconnects blocks on a different construct than the host
v2.7.1 [Fix] <Prefabs>: Build menu prefabs have been updated but a bug remains that affects ammo customisers that is being investigated.
v2.7.1 [Fix] <Story>: Prowler and circuitbreaker missions bugfixed.
v2.7.1 [Fix] <Typo>: Corrected various misspellings of the word further.
v2.7.1 [Fix] <APS>: [FTD-526] Fixed bug that caused customizers loaded from built-in prefabs to become invalid
v2.7.1 [Add] <Designer>: [FTD-65] Added designer mode actions in interaction overlay (long-press Q on construct) to refill resources, reload APS shells, instantly repair blocks and kill construct
v2.7.1 [Change] <Projectiles>: [BUGS-1538] Projectiles now explode at an interpolated position if they are triggered by a fuse
v2.7.1 [Fix] <Prefabs>: Build menu prefabs have been updated.
v2.7.2 [Add] <AI>: [BUGS-2217] Added an empty manoeuvre routine that can be used when you want to replace the AI manoeuvres entirely with a AI breadboard.
v2.7.2 [Add] <Game>: Vehicles structures and fortresses now spawn on the terrain surface, never below it (structures already did this).
v2.7.2 [Add] <Mimic>: Added option to disable mimic interaction tooltip outside of build mode
v2.7.2 [Add] <Mimic>: It is now possible to mimic 'objects' like the moving part of a propeller.
v2.7.2 [Add] <Tutorials>: Added the voice over for the fourth tutorial: 'automating your boat'
v2.7.2 [Change] <APS>: Proxy fuse removed, old proxy fuses converted to inertials on load
v2.7.2 [Change] <Cost>: Ammo processor material cost from 50 to 300
v2.7.2 [Change] <Durability>: 2 axis turret and elevation only turret health increased from 500 to 800, armor from 25 to 35
v2.7.2 [Change] <Durability>: Armor of 1 axis turret variants increased from 15 to 35
v2.7.2 [Fix] <AI>: [BUGS-2115] Aerial collision avoidance changed so a docker will ignore it's dockees
v2.7.2 [Fix] <Constructs>: [BUGS-827] Construct dimensions now decrease after removing blocks
v2.7.2 [Fix] <Game>: [BUGS-2289] material cost shown in the V menu now does not include the contents of the blocks, just the blocks themselves.
v2.7.2 [Fix] <Game>: Fixed some issues with operation of steam turbine out of play
v2.7.2 [Fix] <Linux>: [BUGS-2273] Linux issues with prefabs and the inventory now fixed
v2.7.2 [Fix] <Structures>: [BUGS-2248] fixed issues loading dead structures into campaign