Welcome back to another round of bug fixes and tweaks.

We are pushing this small update to stable since we will be setting up the ammo overhaul in a devtest branch soon(™) and for now, we will be using the ammo processors to produce the ammo in that devtest branch only!

This update, as well as our previous update, brings a number of changes to faction craft. A number of constructs were cut, meaning the spawn chance is set to 0. However, you can still find them in the world editor tagged retired after the name.

The idea is to prepare for future AI changes and campaign overhaul. Some changes that we wanted to see was not having numerous designs that were very similar to each other as we wanted constructs to be specialised in certain tasks and probably classes.
Currently, we have removed 15-20 constructs from the DWG, OW, LH, and WF from the spawn lists and removing more from other factions in future. 
DWG has had many designs made to do strange some strange things or fight in different ways.
OW has a number of new classes of ships which were conversions of older designs. They now have 4 new Missile ships with slow large missiles, 3 “Tank” ships that have heavy armour that move faster and get up close to fight, and the Warden has been converted to Artillery.
WF has had significant changes to many designs making them more aggressive in melee. Their aircraft have been removed if they did not specialize in melee attacks. Check out the old Gnumura, now known as “The Last Rite” its a scary beast. The Old priest ships are being rebuilt to be better looking and specialize in certain things.
LH has had their small laser designs changed to either Short-range lasers or Missiles to compensate for their lack of damage. All small designs have been increased in speed, some by a lot. The Battleship Terrawatt is now a 100 m/s Hydrofoil battleship.
SS has started their update process, some designs have been improved or fixed. Not many big changes yet, but in the future, all shark ships will be replaced.
Currently, DWG and OW are finished, WF is 95% done, LH 90% done, SS 15% done.

This update brings a few bug fixes and changes to steam

<Steam engine>: Starting pressure in the pipes is now 0.1 time the pressure of the connected boiler with the highest pressure [BUGS-1640].
<Steam engine>: Target pressure set to 100k max [BUGS-1624].
<Steam engine>: Formula changed for the material burned ratio, it is now <Internal Volume> * ((x+0.3) * (x+0.3) – 0.09) / 8.0 where ‘x’ is the burn rate [0..1]
Missile fix (I’m sure Borderwise is happy with this :p )
<Missiles>: Fixed issues with cluster missiles causing them not to fire under AI control and to calculate the size of the container incorrectly depending on the placement of the container controller.

Lastly some UI tweaks and changes to Cram

<UI>: Weapons and LWCs now show how much materials they have destroyed, and how much ammo and energy they have expended.
<UI>: Local weapon controller updated.
<UI>: Double ended sliders with a min and a max value have been added to the game.
<UI>: The display block is now fully customisable
<UI>: Docking station UI updated
<UI>: Anti missile cannon controller UI updated
<UI>: CRAM Fusing box UI updated
<UI>: Decoy UIs updated
<UI>: Belt fed autoloader UI updated
<UI>: Signal jammer UI updated
<UI>: Enemy simulator UI updated
<UI>: Laser colorer UI updated
<UI>: Laser warner UI updated
<UI>: Missile stagger UI updated
<UI>: Poster holder UI updated
<UI>: Smoke generator UI updated
<UI>: Steam release valve UI updated
<UI>: Teleport pad UI updated
<UI>: Wireless camera UI updated
<UI>: Vehicle spawner UI now has path selection and testing features
<UI>: Simple laser UI now has option to change laser beam color
<Breadboard>: [BUGS-1595] Fixed being to remove inputs from the PID component
<Breadboard>: [BUGS-1554] Fixed errors caused by removing the input of a printer component. Also added the button to add the an input after deleting it.
<Custom battles>: [BUGS-1543] The settings in the 'Environment' tab of the options menu now also apply to custom battle. Making the avatar immortal now also applies to custom battles.
<CRAM>: CRAM cannons set to 'prefer high' or 'prefer low' if the actual arc used to aim is the high one.
<CRAM>: CRAM shell guidance for high arcs now also compensates for weapon inaccuracy.
<CRAM>: CRAM shell lifetime is now increased if the flight time of the shell is expected to be very long.
<CRAM>: Added a configurable maximum muzzle velocity to CRAM cannons.