From The Depths

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Build devastating war machines to dominate the land, sea and skies using our intuitive voxel based building system. Fully customize every weapon from a huge selection of components. Bring your creations to life with the simple and flexible AI tools. Battle with your friends online in our online co-op mode or conquer the world in the strategic single player campaign and story modes. From the Depths lets you do it all.

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Key features
Design and build your fleet, fortresses and structures however you want. There are currently over 1000 unique components blocks, not including 38 different components for making missiles, torpedoes,...
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Single player content
In From the Depths you can build and take first-person command of battleships, planes, submarines, space ships, hot air balloons and more! The game contains a wide range...
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Multiplayer content
From the Depths features a range of awesomely fun multiplayer content: Design and test vehicles with your friends in co-op designer Play a range of adversarial modes Play...
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"10/10 This game is the PINNACLE of an early access game This is EXACTLY what early access should be. " "Challenging and very, very addictive. It's hard to...
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User generated content
From the Depths features a fully integrated set of modding tools for adding and adjusting 3D models, textures, materials, placeable blocks and sounds. Some incredible mods have already...
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Community engagement
From the Depths is developed by players- all of our team members are long term players of the game and 99.9% of the planets, vehicles and lore of...
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Defences and damage types
From the Depths features a large variety of active defences... and to...
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Vehicle types
From the Depths supports a massive range of vehicle types, here are...
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Lasers are great multi-purpose weapons. They can drill through enemy armour at...
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Engines are the beating heart of most FTD vehicles. There are internal...
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Particle Accelerator Cannon
The Particle Accelerator Cannon (PAC, for short) is a high power energy...
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Design custom AI by combing an AI mainframe with 'AI cards' slotted...
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Design custom missiles, bombs, depth charges and torpedoes by combining various warheads...
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Design custom cannons by combining four different barrel types and lengths with...
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