Defences and damage types

Defences and damage types

From the Depths features a large variety of active defences… and to counter these, a large variety of forms of damage (including HESH, HEAT, EMP, Explosive, Fragmentation, Laser and kinetic to name a few). Find out more about these systems here.

What we’re trying to avoid. Ammo racking. A kinetic shell has entered the ammo stores, or a HEAT shell has penetrated into the ammo stores, or a HESH or explosive shell has caused enough damage to break down the armour and expose the ammo stores.

Armour. The angle that a shell impacts the armour matters, as the distance of the projectile through the armour material is used in the calculation. There are various types of armour, and various special armours such as Explosive Reactive Armour (that will absorb a HEAT blast, and remove any fragmentation in the area when it is triggered)

CIWS cannons shoot at incoming missiles that have been detected with Missile Warners. There is a laser variant called the Laser Missile Defence that can also target cannon shells.

This is a video of an airborne CIWS in action. Thanks to Rejesto for this clip.