Vehicle types

Vehicle types

From the Depths supports a massive range of vehicle types, here are some of them!

Paddle wheel powered battleships! This features four quadrupple cannon turrets and two AA turrets

Tanks. Explosive Reactive Armour, wheels, turrets, cannons with various mantlet types, visible and infrared detection optics, laser range finders. All the things a tank needs.

Tanks that live underwater (from the year 3000 perhaps).

Space ships. This one isn’t emerging from warp drive (although FTD does have warp drives). It’s being shot at by the largest calibre flak cannon that can feasibly be made.

Submarines, that live underwater. Hydrofoils, air pumped spaces, torpedos and sonar make submarines very useful additions to your fleet.

Submarines, that live on ships that live in the water. Docking stations and sub vehicle spawners provide the tools you need to make aircraft carriers, or, in this case, submarine carriers.

Bigger ships. Under armour turrets provide the combination of offensive power and survivability needed when you’re a big slow target.

Scot-rail trains. Equipped for the last service home on a Saturday night, but won’t last long on the planet of Neter.

Helicopters. Loads of helicopter blade options, micro missiles and autocannons make helicopters very possible. Sensor gimbals detect and track your target to make sure you engage quickly.

Even bigger ships. This nicely decorated ship has many many CIWS for engaging incoming missiles, and a helicopter pad.

Even bigger planes. Tailplanes, rudders, ailerons, elevators, wings, jet engines, propeller engines, everything you need to make a nice plane.

Walkers. Does it walk? Probably not. Does it look cool trying to walk? Absolutely.

Sailing boats. Various types of sail, winches, spinning masts, AI control routines and weather vanes make sailing… okay it’s still pretty hard… but it’s fun and uses no fuel 🙂

Space ships. Once out of the constraints of atmosphere and gravity you can go very fast and conserve your power for dealing damage (lasers, particle cannons) and defence (shields, shooting down missiles)

Propeller planes, my favourite.

Jet fighters, okay, these are my favourite.

In atmosphere hovercraft. A variety of control systems allow the AI to hover perfectly, control vehicle pitch yaw and roll smoothly.

Turrets. The game supports structures on land, and “Fortresses” that hover in the air.