Particle Accelerator Cannon

Particle Accelerator Cannon

The Particle Accelerator Cannon (PAC, for short) is a high power energy weapon. The design takes a lot of space and thought as the accelerator arms must be lengthy and well supplied with power. The results? Terrifying.

This hover-ship has twin PACs- each has multiple outlet lenses from each of its five arms. This produces a total of 10 accelerated shots.

A combination of particle cannons and lasers make this flying saucer a serious eye safety risk. By being in space less power is needed to fight gravity, and the atmospheric attenuation of the laser light is very low- making this one deadly design.

If you see the flash it’s already too late

Accelerated particles wander making them more less accurate at long range- one of many ways to customise the PAC is to increase the accuracy at the expense of damage