From the Depths features a fully integrated set of modding tools for adding and adjusting 3D models, textures, materials, placeable blocks and sounds. Some incredible mods have already been created including nuclear engines, loads of new placeable parts, more realistic WWII ship weapons and decorations and building tools

It also features a planet editor that allows the creation of a planet. What is a planet? Well it’s a terrain map of areas, weather systems and a day night cycle. On the planet you can add “factions” and add vehicle designs for that faction to use. With those factions you can add campaigns, story mission scenarios and adventure modes, as well as multiplayer maps. People have made everything from WWII planets to age of sail planets. From the Depths ships with four planets:

  • Neter- the main planet featuring 9 campaigns, 8 factions, dozens of story missions and probably about 400 different faction vehicles.
  • Ashes of the empire- the history of Neter played out in a land campaign featuring hundreds of tanks and an epic campaign
  • Glao- a small rim world planet being colonised by three mining industries
  • Dangerous Waters- a WWII planet featuring replicas of hundreds of WWII ships, planes and tanks.