APS, Small CJE and new sounds APS, Small CJE and new sounds

What is up, awesome people of the internet.
We have been working our empennage’s off once again like someone strapped a Small Custom Jet Engine to it!
We are really pleased to introduce you all to the new Small Custom Jet engine, which has been created by the awesome Weng! 😀

We also have Draba’s legendary APS overhaul, which has been a very hot topic <here>(Any APS numbers are subject to change) we also have a new missile warhead! And other missile tweaks, not only that but tweaks to the shield generators, and projectors, its an extensive list which you will find in the patch notes section and the proposal post linked above. Our artistic Mattia has created a number of new sounds and updated a number of sounds. Of course, we cannot forget Gladyon and Nick with the bug squishing, and Joris getting things ship shape for the campaign overhaul, and if you have missed the discussion you can find it <here>.

So before this little intro gets plane boring, let’s get into some detail with all the new stuff and things.

[Image: Y7lrREA.jpg]

Small Custom Jet Engine.
If we create two CJE’s exactly the same however one would be the small variant, we should see a difference in force and fuel usage at around 1/9th of the large CJE. 

The CJE’s have a number of parts exactly like the standard CJE, the major parts are currently 5 materials cheaper, while the addons like extra compressor, fuel injector and combustor are 2 materials cheaper than the standard CJE.
Large and to some extent small CJE addons have had a small change in the way they work. Prior to this update, the addons connect in a number of directions and when they connect, the model of the addon automatically rotates to line up with the main jet. This is what will be changing, they will only connect in one direction and must be manually rotated to fit on.

The caveat to this is that they will still provide their benefit even though the model is not visibly being attached and also showing us the warning in the tooltip, which will be sorted out in the next few updates. 
In future add ons will not work if they are not properly attached and this of course means the sharing of addons between CJE’s will be removed.
Both CJE’s have had their sounds changed which also changes in comparison to the force they are outputting.
We are looking forward to seeing all your builds using these little babies 😀 and if you cannot wait to build something to use them (unless you have been using the DevTest branch), then I have you awesome people covered 😀

I have also left it plain for you to colour in :p

[Image: kgU7bVe.png]

ScjeGunShipFin.blueprint Size: 92.11 KB
This is by no means efficient or the best way to setup CJE’s and don’t expect it to 1 shot a moray or live too long :p
We won’t be held responsible for the loss of life or being sacrificed by the White Flayers.

Seeing these missiles brings us to the next sweet addition to From The Depths, which is the Shaped charge head. It has the same drag as a thumper and uses the HE warheads placed directly behind it, blasting a stream of superheated armour-piercing copper into our target. So feel free to change the missiles in the little drone, they should be long enough to have some fun 😀

While you are using the little drone above and if you add some munition warners or your own construct, you will be able to hear some new beeps and alarms when you ‘Q’ on the warner.

[Image: UnNzt1f.jpg]

We have added alert noises for missile detection, torpedo detection with active sonar, shell detection, radar ping detection and sonar ping detection.
Now if you do want to sit there and listen to all the new alarms but don’t want to see your construct full of holes, then we suggest you turn on God Mode! 😀
(or be boring and just hover the cursor over the options in the ‘warning sound settings’)
Yes!, we now have the ability to make our constructs invulnerable in designer mode only. 

[Image: mPb0do7.jpg]

Yellow / Gold is on and white is off 😀

Our Crams have had a little bit of love as we now have tooltips showing damage and shell power/firepower at the highest rate of fire the cannon is capable of.
Michael has also been busy with the story missions and they are now accessible in the Fight menu, however, they are still being worked on!

As always I pic something sweet you awesome people create.
This was posted by Object2791 @Object2791 on our @FTD_Game twitter
Boss Ship from Darius Gaiden

[Image: J9q9rMV.jpg]
  • Patch notes: 
  • <Add><Blocks>: Added in a smaller 1x1x1 variant of the Custom Jet Engine.
  • <Fix><Flags>: Flags are now moving using wind, vehicle and SubConstruct velocity, and they also are oriented correctly [REQ-34].
  • <Fix><Simple weapons>: The assault cannon is now displaying the build arrow [BUGS-1361].
  • <Fix><Simple weapons>: The name of the ammo controllers is now displayed in the list of controllers attached to a simple weapon [BUGS-1360].
  • <Fix><Loading>: Loading a blueprint with the avatar in the chair is now working again [BUGS-1423].
  • <Fix><Weapons>: PAC charge time is now saved/loaded properly [BUGS-1417].
  • <Fix><Spinblocks>: Spinblocks mode not locked properly [BUGS-1390].
  • <Fix><Engines>: Exhausts are now detected correctly even when the CPU is under heavy load [BUGS-1389].
  • <Fix><Shells>: When the limit number of shells is reached, the oldest ones will be removed instead of the newest ones [BUGS-1382].
  • <Fix><Shells> : Fragments shouldn't go through armor as often as before when the target is moving fast [BUGS-1172].
  • <Fix><Flags>: Flags are now updated immediately when changed [BUGS-1344]
  • <Change><Colors>: Up to 4 fleet colors can now be saved, named and/or protected (*** <Change><Game>: Game configuration panel of options menu now has an alternative (2019) Neter physics setting that we are experimenting with.
  • <Add><SFX>: Added missile launch sounds.
  • <Add><SFX>: Added missile reload sounds.
  • <Add><SFX>: Tidied up the missile burn sound.
  • <Add><SFX>: Fixed the sound manager so that fast firing cannons do not become inaudible.
  • <Add><SFX>: Replaced the simple laser sound.
  • <Add><SFX>: Updated jet SFX.
  • <Add><SFX>: Added a sound when rambot jumps.
  • <Add><SFX>: Added the #hashtag system for sounds.
  • <Add><SFX>: Added a button to the UI displaying how to get into the avatar inventory screen.
  • <Add><SFX>: Added alert noises for missile detection, torpedo detection (with active sonar), shell detection, radar ping detection and sonar ping detection.
  • <Add><Designer>: God mode for vehicles is now toggleable in the 'C' menu in designer- allowing easier testing of a craft or weapons without being blown up.
  • <Add><Editor>: Right click with the river tool now removes a neighbour-merge on one specific side- allowing you to make better rivers and mountain ranges using the river tool .               <Add><Editor>: [FTD-118] ability to add custom scripts to all instances added.
  • <Add><Game>: Added sliders in the game config for adjusting APS speed, missile speed and CRAM speed.
  • <Remove><Controls>: I have removed the building control variant where G locks and unlocks the build marker orientation (when unlocked it automatically followed camera placement orientation) and tab would flip the build marker upside down when unlocked. This is a hang over from the initial style implemented 6 years ago where blocks were all 1x1x1 and their orientation was not that important. You can still tap G to orient the block in the direction of the camera, so you are not forced to use the rotation widget (tab).
  • <Remove><Controls>: Changing the controller mode of a vehicle controller can now only be done by looking at the controller and pressing Q.
  • <Remove> <Missions>: Story missions have been removed whilst we work on fixing them up
  • <Remove><Planets>: Dangerous waters has now been entirely removed from FtD
  • <Fix><Multiplayer>: [BUGS-1418] fix for saving vehicles in multiplayer obelisk assault map
  • <Fix><Blocks>: Fixed a bug with ailerons and universal control surfaces when placed on spinners / turrets.
  • <Fix><AI>: [BUGS-1425] Fixed an issue with the point at behaviour and the ship/tank manoeuvre combination where the vehicle would never 'idle' because it never met it's point at combat altitude.
  • <Fix><Avatar>: Fixed a bug where you can be left with two avatars if you restart designer whilst drop pod is falling
  • <Fix><Editor>: Fixed a number of bugs with the map editor height map editing screen.
  • <Fix><AI>: AICirclingTankCard, AICirclingShipCard, AICirclingPlaneCard,AICirclingHoverCard have been adjusted so that the IDs of the routines they make are actually unique. This change will cause some small issues for cards that have been placed so far (duplicate behaviours and maneouvres) but will fix other issues in the long term.
  • <Fix><Blocks>: [BUGS-791] Rudders now respond again to custom controls.
  • <Fix><AI>: [BUGS-1476] default pitch angle for altitude control is now 15 degrees in the AI plane cards.
  • <Change><Lasers>: Lasers cavities now spawn with up to 30 seconds worth of pump energy.
  • <Change><Lasers>: LAMS node cost down from 200 to 100.
  • <Change><Lasers>: Laser cavity energy back from 100/400/4000 to 150/600/6000.
  • <Change><Lasers>: Laser shields are now the equivalent of 100 smoke strength/shield strength, instead of 175. Final AP at STR 10 from ~24.9% to 30%
  • <Change><Missiles>: Missile damage cut to 1/2 the previous value.
  • <Change><Missiles>: Missile HP reduced by 25%.
  • <Change><Missiles>: Missile body/thumper HP modifier back from 150% to 200%.
  • <Change><Missiles>: Missile thump damage up by 25%.
  • <Change><Missiles>: CIWS damage multiplier up from 8 to 10.
  • <Change><Missiles>: L missile 50% HP bonus removed".
  • <Change><Missiles>: Signal jammer maximum error added to remote guidance reduced from 15m to 10m.
  • <Change><Missiles>: Prelock thrust now can't reduce thrust below 50% of the minimum setting for the propulsion component.
  • <Change><Missiles>: Shaped charge head added, same drag as thumper. It fully uses the HE warheads directly behind it.
  • <Change><Missiles>: Thrust-based detection range doubled.
  • <Change><APS payload>: Multiple HE/EMP/flak warheads give a linear damage increase (also goes for HE behind HEAT/HESH).
  • <Change><APS payload>: Smoke warhead smoke amount at 500mm up from 600 to 1000, has linear stacking.
  • <Change><APS payload kinetic>: Velocities of shells with the same modules now match at different sizes(no more penalty for small ones).
  • <Change><APS payload kinetic>: Kinetic damage down to ~¼.
  • <Change><APS payload kinetic>: Kinetic AP up to 1.5-3 times the previous values.
  • <Change><APS payload kinetic>: Kinetic damage scales linearly with shell length. More bodies with same propellant and rail draw = higher kinetic damage but less AP, lower speed, higher ammo cost and higher reloadtime.
  • <Change><APS payload kinetic>: Hollow point AP now scales with speed/shell AP modifier.
  • <Change><APS payload HE>: Explosive radius has the same scaling as missiles, DAMAGE^0.3 (slightly higher for low cal, lower for high cal). Missiles down from 0.34 to 0.3.
  • <Change><APS payload HE>: Flak radius is now 3x the radius of a HE explosion with the same damage.
  • <Change><APS payload frag>: Frag adjusted to match the missile HE-frag damage ratio.
  • <Change><APS payload frag>: Frag damage changed to have the same scaling as everything else (total frag damage is proportional to MODULE_VOLUME^0.5).
  • <Change><APS payload HESH>: HESH now spalls in a single line perpendicular to the surface hit.
  • <Change><APS payload HESH>: HESH now spalls on hitting a non-structural block, like HEAT.
  • <Change><APS payload HESH>: HESH heads now give 80% of a full warhead's worth of special charge, and 20% plain HE.
  • <Change><APS payload HESH>: Effective spalling metric of armor can't get below 3 against HESH.
  • <Change><APS payload HEAT>: heads now give 80% of a full warhead's worth of special charge, and 20% plain HE.
  • <Change><APS payload HEAT>: now won't spawn more frags than 20. Above 20 frags damage is increased instead.
  • <Change><APS payload HEAT>: pen metric is now linear with factor(range tightened).
  • <Change><APS payload HEAT>: frag counts reduced.
  • <Change><APS loading>: Autoloader clip modifier is now: 2 / (1 + UNIQUE_CLIP_DIRECTIONS).
  • <Change><APS loading>: Autoloader clips don't have to have shells to provide the loading speed bonus.
  • <Change><APS loading>: Autoloader complexity modifier removed.
  • <Change><APS loading>: Autoloader length modifier removed.
  • <Change><APS loading>: Casings only cost half as much ammo as other full-length parts.
  • <Change><APS loading>: Casings only count at half length for intake and loader reload times.
  • <Change><APS loading>: Intakes attached directly to the firing piece take twice as much time to reload.
  • <Change><APS loading>: Loader and intake times ~doubled.
  • <Change><APS loading>: Reload time multiplier at a given diameter: 2 + SHELL_LENGTH, where casings only count as half length.
  • <Change><APS payload>: Smaller shells have an additional VOLUME^0.15 firerate penalty, to account for lower gauge/barrel overhead. They are still slightly stronger in smaller guns.
  • <Change><APS cooling>: Barrels have enough base cooling to sustain ~2 intakes with 5 gunpowder casing shells each.
  • <Change><APS cooling>: Additional barrels increase base cooling time. COOLDOWN = BASE_COOLDOWN * (1 + 0.2 * (BARREL_COUNT - 1)), so 6 barrels give only 3x total speed.
  • <Change><APS cooling>: Gauge coolers give a 50% additive bonus to cooling rate(each one can support 1 intake).
  • <Change><APS cooling>: Cooler bonus % is reduced with multiple barrels, total increase is the same as with 1 barrel.
  • <Change><APS cooling>: Cooler bonus % is reduced with higher calibers, to match their lower intake-loader ratios.
  • <Change><APS cooling>: Bore evacuators give a 15% additive bonus.
  • <Change><APS cooling>: Overclock setting removed.
  • <Change><APS accuracy>: Barrel length requirement now ignores casings, to reach 0.3 inaccuracy: SHELL_LENGTH ^ 0.75 * 4.
  • <Change><APS accuracy>: Inaccuracy is: 0.3° * (BARREL_LENGTH / LENGTH_FOR_0.3)^0.4. Roughly doubled base accuracy, and barrels lengths matter less.
  • <Change><APS accuracy>: Additional barrels increase inaccuracy by 20/25/30/35/40%.
  • <Change><APS accuracy>: Rails triple the shell's accuracy at the maximum possible draw(without casings). Scaling is linear, small charges are much weaker than before.
  • <Change><APS accuracy>: Tracer's maximum accuracy bonus is 50%.
  • <Change><APS accuracy>: Stabilizer fin now uses the same component modifier system as other parts, 0.2 inaccuracy multiplier/0.95 speed multiplier.
  • <Change><APS recoil>: A 500mm gunpowder casing is 2000 recoil. 1 recoil = 1 kinetic energy = 1 rail draw.
  • <Change><APS recoil>: Barrels give enough recoil reduction capacity to fire a 5 GP shell at their caliber.
  • <Change><APS recoil>: Barrels recharge enough recoil reduction to sustain ~2 intakes with 4 GP shells at 0 recoil.
  • <Change><APS recoil>: Shots with recoil over 0 have increased inaccuracy. The penalty is 2x base inaccuracy with completely unmitigated 5 GP shells.
  • <Change><APS recoil>: Recoil absorbers give 800 capacity and 120 recharge/sec for each meter of length.
  • <Change><APS recoil>: Recoil force of a 5 propellant shell reduced to ~70% (won't push things around as hard).
  • <Change><APS recoil>: Absorbed recoil doesn't increase inaccuracy and only pushes the vehicle with half the force.
  • <Change><APS railguns>: Gunpowder and rails use a kinetic energy system: a single 500mm gunpowder module gives 2000 kinetic energy, 1 rail charge gives 1.
  • <Change><APS railguns>: Shell speed is roughly SQRT(KINETIC_ENERGY) / SHELL_MODULE_LENGTH, before volume scaling and shell speed modifier from different parts.
  • <Change><APS railguns>: Every shell has a maximum energy it can take from rails without being destroyed(scales with module count). At max draw shells reach ~1000-1500 m/s without rail casings.
  • <Change><APS railguns>: Rail casings increase the maximum usable rail energy without adding mass to the shell.
  • <Change><APS railguns>: Maximum rail draw is now a fixed number, instead of total battery energy %. Final rail draw is the minimum of this value and the shell's maximum possible energy.
  • <Change><APS railguns>: Magnet attaching fixtures and barrel magnets now provide 10000/5000 maximum rail capacity. Only fixtures having at least 1 magnet count.
  • <Change><APS railguns>: Rail charger energy/s up from 100 to 200.
  • <Change><APS railguns>: Rail charger overclock setting removed.
  • <Change><Shields>: Shield reflection chance now does not depend on projectile speed.
  • <Change><Shields>: Base reflection chance between 0-90° impact angle is 20-40% for STR 10, 5-10% for STR 1.
  • <Change><Shields>: Shield stacking limitations removed.,
  • <Change><Shields>: Projectiles roll a shield penetration value on being fired and use that for all shields(stacking only matters for different angles/strengths).
  • <Change><Shields>: Disrupt shield mode removed.
  • <Change><Shields>: Shield projector cost down from 300 to 200.
  • <Change><Shield disruptors>: Disruptor-tipped shells now pass through all shields, and cut their strength to X% of current value(debuffed strength is tracked separately, doesn't reduce power cost).
  • <Change><Shield disruptors>: Disruptor effect strength depends on the EMP payload of the shell.
  • <Change><Shield disruptors>: Disruptor head reduces all payloads in the shell to 50%.
  • <Change><Shield disruptors>: Disruptor head now has the standard fast head component speed modifier, and counts as an EMP warhead.
  • <Change><Shield disruptors>: Shields hit by disruptors regain their strength over time. The higher the power cost of the shield, the faster it stabilizes.
  • <Change><APS cost>: Railgun charger cost up from 15 to 400.,
  • <Change><APS cost>: Autoloader costs up from 20/volume to 200/250/275/300/350/400 for 1/2/3/4/6/8 meter ones.
  • <Change><APS cost>: Clip costs up from 5/volume to 100/125/140/150/175/200 for 1/2/3/4/6/8 meter ones.
  • <Change><APS cost>: Beltfed loader cost up from 35 to 400.
  • <Change><APS cost>: Ammo input feeder cost up from 15 to 50.
  • <Change><APS cost>: Gauge increase cost up from 15 to 20.
  • <Change><APS cost>: Gauge splitter cost up from 15 to 50.
  • <Change><APS cost>: Gauge cooler cost up from 20 to 50.
  • <Change><APS cost>: Railgun magnet attachment fixture cost up from 15 to 50.
  • <Change><APS cost>: Railgun barrel magnet cost up from 15 to 50.
  • <Change><APS cost>: Hydraulic recoil absorber cost up from 10 to 80 material/meter.
  • <Change><APS cost>: Firing piece cost up from 30 to 100.
  • <Change><APS cost>: Heavy barrel weight down to 50%.
  • <Change><APS blocks>: Railgun chargers can now connect to each other (back-front).
  • <Change><APS blocks>: The back of a firing piece can now connect to autoloaders.
  • <Change><APS blocks>: The sides of gauge increase splitters can now connect to autoloaders.
  • <Change><APS blocks>: Gauge splitters are now coolers, and accept the same connections.
  • <Change><APS blocks>: 6 way connectors now connect to recoil absorbers.
  • <Change><APS modules>: The module in the first slot determines the base AP/kinetic damage/speed/HP/accuracy modifiers of the shell.
  • <Change><APS modules>: Modules behind the first slot average their modifiers, weighted by their length.
  • <Change><APS modules>: Final modifiers are HEAD_BASE * MODULE_AVERAGE.
  • <Change><APS modules>: AP cap renamed to heavy head, slower and has less AP but does more kinetic damage.
  • <Change><APS modules>: Composite head is faster with higher AP and has a higher KINETIC * AP value than heavy head. Downside is its kinetic damage is lower, prone to AP overkil.
  • <Change><APS modules>: Sabot head is even faster/higher AP than composite.
  • <Change><APS modules>: HP increased to ~5 times the previous values.
  • <Change><APS modules>: Fuse lengths are now capped at 100mm.
  • <Change><APS modules>: Ammo costs of short parts are now proportionally lower.
  • <Change><APS misc>: Pendepth fuse time after first surface slider now has 3 decimals.
  • <Change><APS misc>: Pendepth fuse defaults are 5m depth, 0.01s time after first surface.
  • <Change><APS misc>: APS clip explosions are now merging their HE, flak and powder damage into a single explosion, radius is FINAL_DAMAGE^0.3.
  • <Change><APS misc>: APS clip explosion uses HE at 1/4 strength and flak/EMP at 1/2 strength.
  • <Change><APS misc>: APS clip explosions of lower calibers are slightly weaker than higher calibers with the same amount of clips(clip volume, not count).
  • <Change><APS misc>: APS autoloaders and clips now display how much explosive/emp/frag damage they do if destroyed
  • <Add><Firepower UI>: CRAMs got tooltips showing damage and shell power/firepower(at the highest rate of fire the cannon is capable of).
  • <Add><Firepower UI>: Laser combiners have a tooltip showing the estimated firepower of the multipurpose laser they are attached to. 1 laser firepower is 400 DPS at 50 AP (or 200 DPS at 100, ...).
  • <Add><Firepower UI>: All craft show a firepower breakdown in their V menu, below volume stats. It only counts APS, missiles, CRAMs and lasers for now.
  • <Change><Misc costs>: Stone cost up from 2 to 3 materials for each cubic meter.
  • <Change><Misc AI>: The option to target AI mainframes and ammo was removed from the aimpoint selection card.