What is up, and how are things going?  đŸ˜€
We are setting our DevTest branch to stable, as I type this.  

Unfortunately, there is not a lot of new additions in this update, this has been more of a bug fixing round. 
However, the few visible additions are: 

  • Flags are now moving using wind, subconstruct velocity and are also oriented correctly which was a request on our request page REQ-34. Flags can also use the hashtag system which I will explain. 

As you may know, Nick has set up a method to change the background of the main menu screen, it now comes with a default image that turns on when your mouse is not over any part of the menu and then turns off when your mousy is hovering over the menu. 
We know that this is not something you all may like, and we shall be adding a toggle so that you won’t have any image and just the usual dark background. 

[Image: D2bH7Bq.png]

You can add your own favourite
images to the default rotation by locating the imagery folder in 
/Documents/From The Depths/Imagery and they need to be named as follows â€˜name #background’ 

[Image: nhEDEwD.png]

Yes I chose ship girls to upset a few people :p  

This same method is also used for setting up flags too, you can setup a #flag for example and type that into the old URL box for flags. The # does not need to be flags it can be #AnyWordHere and would still work. 

[Image: J6y6cJi.jpg]
[Image: jUkaEPo.jpg]

Projectors are also affected with the hashtag system too 

[Image: ORedrHO.png]
[Image: peUy9kn.jpg]

Our Fav pic this time was chosen a while after the update went live, as we wanted some boatys with flags :D. This is done by Banelord300

Patch notes / Update log[Fix]<Simple weapons>: Copy/pasting will not change the reload time anymore [BUGS-1368].[Add]<Flags>: Flags are now moving using wind, vehicle and SubConstruct velocity, and they also are oriented correctly [REQ-34].  [Change]<Campaign>: You can now browse the built in designs in campaign load menu.[Change]<UI>: Load and save UI moved over to the new formats.[Change]<UI>: Map editor and modding UIs now use the unscaled UI display with font size selection.[Change]<Designer>: Destroy all vehicles now removes APS,CRAM,other projectiles and missiles.[Change]<Designer>: Destroy enemy vehicles now also removes their APS, CRAM, other projectiles and missiles.[Change]<Mods>: Broken mods are now less likely to cause the boot of the game to stall. Broken mods can be disabled from the main menu so they do not load on the next boot of the game”,[Change]<UI>: Wireless channels are now changed using a UI to avoid accidentally swapping them and causing issues.[Change]<Regressions>: Fixed a bug where thrusters were being assigned to be strafe and hover when they should be pitch and yaw.[Add]<UI>: Right clicking the mirror button in build mode (when extended options are shown) will place a mirror immediately down the middle of the vehicle”,[Add]<Mimics>: Damaged mimics now fall off the vehicle with the correct position, size and rotation.[Add]<Campaign>: When launching a new campaign FtD will prompt you to complete some essential tutorials first.[Add]<UI>: Added artwork to the background of some of the menus to add a bit of spice.[Add]<UI>: Putting files in From the Depths/Imagery/ with the name including #background will allow them to be used on the UI backgrounds.[Add]<UI>: Flags can use the same #hashtag system as described above.[Add]<UI>: Projectors can use the same #hashtag system as described above.[Removed]<Missions>: Story missions have been removed whilst we work on fixing them up.[Removed]<Planets>: Dangerous waters has now been entirely removed from FtD.[Fix]<Warping>: Fixed an issue where vehicles would warp around every time the coordinate system changed if building on them in mouse based build mode at the time.[Fix]<Detection>: [BUGS-1313] Fixed an issue in large battles where velocity is calculated completely incorrectly leading to odd gun aiming.[Fix]<Regression>: Avatar death has been broken for a while- since the immortal in designer option was added a few weeks ago. Fixed now.[Fix]<Shield rings>: Ring generator now saves it’s drive settings.[Fix]<RTG>: [BUGS-1203] [BUGS-1271] Systematically retrofitting RTGs onto a vehicle can no longer produce infinite materials.[Fix]<Resources>: [BUGS-1373] Fixed a bug with ammo supplies that allowed NaN ammo and negative ammo to occur.[Fix]<Regression>: Fixed an issue with terrain when changing planets and swapping between different modes.[Fix]<Regressions>: Fixed a multi-threading issue with chaff emitter.[Fix]<AI>: Fixes and improvements to the AI broadside calculations to help get the correct angle and achieve the correct range to target.[Fix]<Regressions>: Fixed a bug where thrusters were being assigned to be strafe and hover when they should be pitch and yaw.