What is up awesome FromTheDepthians! 
We have released the current devtest build into stable, which brings you good people the following goodies and some new additions ๐Ÿ˜€

Some minor changes to a few block types such as;

  • Munition warners can see through railings
  • Shield projector UI has been updated
  • APS and Crams now have the option to aim straight at the enemy, ignoring gravity and movement, which can be found in the dropdown list when using Q on the turret and changing from Only low to Direct line.
    • Crams also have a tiny bit of guidance and built-in gravity compensator when using aim setting โ€œOnly Highโ€ this will give them a slightly better chance of hitting an enemy.

In terms of propulsion changes; 

  • Dedi-blades are now more powerful when the blades are further away from the centre axis. This reflects the increased area of air swept
  • Helium pumps are now more powerful. Both air and helium pumps have changed the way that they leak to be more realistic.
  • Propellers now have a pitch adjustment so that they can be angled -15 to +15, so we can now โ€œcounterโ€ wheelies or nose dives if we place a number of props under the or over the centre of mass for forwards push. This may be added to all propulsion types in future. 

We have also created a patreon page and we have had two Patreon requests already which we have added to the game.
We now have a slider that changes the clarity of the ocean depth you can see through. This can only be used if you have GPU ocean enabled. This slider is also available in the planet editor too.
Spot the difference:

The settings for these two screenies were clarity factor 10 first pic and 0 second pic. Set this to 1 for default settings.

Our second Patreon request was to add gravity, drag, particle count and lifetime to the smoke generator for a more realistic smoke trail.

Nick has also added a new laser fire piece Short Range Laser, which can deal very powerful short-range beams for bombing runs, interceptors or melee style constructs.

The shorter the focus range is the higher the damage multiplier will be. 50m would have a x10 multiplier so you can indeed dish out quite a bit of damage! 300m is the max distance for this system, the multiplier would be x2.880665 which is still very good (imo) ๐Ÿ˜€

As many of you already know during this latest devtest we have finally got our hands on the epic Undo Redo feature by Weng ๐Ÿ˜€

So just in case you did not know, the Undo Redo feature is in stable!

Have you accidentally chopped your whole boat in half?? 
Fear not little Rambot! Smash that CTRL Z and bring it all back!! And if you are still not happy smash CTRL Y and lose half your boaty again ๐Ÿ˜€ Rinse and repeat until content.

The Undo Redo feature does not have a limit as to how many blocks it keeps track of for you to undo, so you can manually delete 100 or 1000 blocks one by one and spam CTRL Z to bring them all back. However, once you save and exit the game that history will be lost!  
The Undo Redo will also resolve misclicks like deleting the turret block by mistake or deleting the block under the turret block thus killing your turret. One CTRL Z and you have the block you deleted back again and also the turret ๐Ÿ˜€ Spin blocks and pistons, stacked or not, are also recognised by this feature and any blocks that were attached to them. 

Our latest new addition is the Steam Jet, from our most awesome Weng ๐Ÿ˜€

Steam Jets can use a maximum of 2000 steam per second, which will give us 2000 thrust.
You can also hit Q on the steam jet and lower the amount of steam used. As an example, I have a light flyer and using steam jets for yaw, I would set these around 500 to be on par with a small jet or even lower to 150. The minimum is 1. Currently the steam jet does not have a max speed, however, this is subject to change! You can find this awesome new addition in Steam Engines/Piping – Steam Jet at 50 material ๐Ÿ˜€

To continue on this steamy subject, Weng has also made us a new drill which is currently quite deadly! As you can see below. I have attached the steam setup and drill on two telescopic pistons, just to help reach those parts that matter most :p and if you find people are making fun of your drill, feel free to extend your shaft as much as you please with the shaft extension block.

The steam drill is made up of two parts the drill head 150 materials and the drill shaft 100 materials. Currently, the health and armour are the same for all 3 steam setups small/med/large at 1500 health and 25 armour.

We are also tweaking up tutorials to also have voice instructions, currently, the 1st tutorial has the voice of T3hJimmer. 

Patch Notes
<Change><Blocks>: [REQ-835] Munition warners now see through railings (and any other block transparent to IR light).
<Change><Blocks>: The power of a dedi-blade is now more powerful the further away from the axis it is- which reflects the increased area of air swept.
<Change><UI>: [FTD-7] shield projector UI updated.
<Change><Blocks>: Helium pumps are now more powerful, and air pumps and helium pumps have changed the way that they leak to be more realistic.
<Add><Blocks>: Propellers now have a 'pitch' adjustment so they can be angled -15ยฐ to +15ยฐ
<Add><Lasers>: Added a short-range laser that can deal a very powerful short-range beam for bombing runs, fighter-interceptors or melee style laser units.
<Add><Tutorial>: Added a voice over to the first tutorial.
<Add>Controls>: You can now modify the pitch of water propellers.
<Add>[Patreon request]: Added a slider for water clarity that affects the depth you can see through the GPU ocean. It's available in the planet editor for weathers but the player also has their own slider in the options menu for it.
<Add>[Patreon request]: Added a gravity, drag, particle count and lifetime slider to the smoke generator to achieve more realistic smoke trails
<Fix><Regressions>: [BUGS-1491] Fixed an issue existing since april '19 caused could be caused by repairing a mainframe with particular AI behaviours on it
<Fix><Regressions>: [BUGS-1550] laser target data now saves for CRAM cannon laser target block.
<Fix><Lasers>: [BUGS-1545] short range laser beam is now correctly colorable
<Fix><AI>: [BUGS-1544] Circling Ship and Circling Tank simple AI cards now correctly configure the adjuster when freshly placed.
<Fix><Building>: [BUGS-1464] some small fixes to sub object saving and loading
<Fix><Game>: [Bugs-1463] Out of play repairing bug causing massive speed and altitude fixed
<Add><Undo/redo>: Added in undo/redo functionality for building.
<Add><Steam>: Added Steam Jet.
<Add><Steam> : Added Steam shaft and steam head.
<Add><Cannons>Added added to APS and CRAM to aim the cannon straight at the enemy, ignoring gravity and movement.
<Add><CRAM>: Shells fired by a CRAM cannon set to aim using only high trajectories now have a tiny bit of guidance to give them some chance of ever hitting an enemy. They also get a build in gravity compensator.