Stable 3.6.4

Stable 3.6.4

Adventure, Trying to create/load a “structure” in adventure mode will instead spawn a “vehicle”.
Decorations, No longer possible to select other decorations when the mouse is hovering over the UI (this was unintended.)
Rendering, Explosions should no longer end up accidentally occasionally rendering behind the sky layer / horizon layer.
Separator, Built-in shell designs copy into separated vehicles, and shells referring built in designs that are in clips no longer disappear on separation.
Munition Decorator, Removed EMP invulnerability.
Gone to Sea, Fixed character textures in linux.

Blocks, Added 2m and 3m versions of the 4m beam-slope block.

Updated DWG with all of its intended corporations. They currently don’t serve a purpose but will do so when DWG HQ layout is updated. Craft will be updated to proper corporations at a later date.

Marlin (DWG): Applied connection rules, adjusted terrain prediction time.
Transient (SD): Completely remade; now classified as a spacecraft, retains its cargo carrier status; when attacked, broadsides from afar with a long-distance laser.
Deimos (SD): Updated with interceptor decos, minor evasion tweaks, EMP-proofing.
Anguish (TG): Redesigned; it’s now a melee mech with a large sword using a laser cutter core.
Removed “comment” annotation from Neter Adventure raft.

Patchwork (DWG): Overhauled; still retains its original identity but has been modernized.
Wanda (DWG): Updated cannon to be APHE, weakened missiles.
Slight difficulty balancing tweaks to Adventure for some designs that could spawn as the first enemy when they shouldn’t have.
Removed LH Current and GT Weaver from spawning in Adventure (cargo craft)

Slight tweaks to early unit spawning for Adventure.

Granite Squadron (OFD): New fighter unit, replaces Fighter; 3 small fighter drones using burst APS.
Fighter (OFD): Retired.