A stable update with some interesting changes in there. Adventure mode continues to be worked on and tweaked, thanks for all the feedback so far. The new adventure bell can be found in the Misc tab, ring it once per minute to summon a new enemy in both adventure modes. If you want to play land adventure you need to load the “ashes of the empire” planet in the content menu and start adventure after loading that. It’s a land based campaign. There are still blueprint updates trickling in to get that more up to date. Glao has started actually being updated, thanks strider for managing that and to the builders! Tracks are now moddable, Gladyon has added that, still not had anyone do it I think so would be good to know how people get on with it. On top of that the tracks algorithm had a rewrite a little while back which Gladyon has now ironed the kinks out of. There’s a new widget when decorating (ctrl+x) that you can click and drag to alter your meshes!


Tracks, Track texture will now keep its original ratio when the track’s width is modified

Breadboards, Added a comment module with no inputs or outputs, for annotation purposes
Adventure, Bell Added – Misc Tab. Use it to summon enemies in any adventure mode. 1 min cool down, not underwater, not above 300m.


Tracks, It is now possible for modders to add selectable materials for tracks by checking the ‘Is available to tracks’ option in the material screen of the modding UI
Adventure, Spawning now happens every 10 minutes as well as the other spawn types.
Adventure, Terrain hill scale changed from 0.5 to 0.4 (less hilly)
Adventure, In land adventure mode enemies will now spawn at 3km not 5km
Map editor, Removed unused HQ settings from the map editor


Achievements, Neter campaign achievements (e.g. destroying HQs on different difficulties) fixed Tracks, Fixed a lot of edge cases bugs in tracks creation
Decorations, When placing a prefab in mirror mode with the prefab intersecting the mirror plane, all the decorations will now be placed [BUGS-4119]
Decorations, The decoration widget position and scale values are now rounded to 5 decimal places
Steam, [BUGS-4113] Changed cases where crank friction loss was applied before kinetic energy was added to the shaft
Steam, [BUGS-4083] Fixed sealed 2m shaft not connecting to transmissions
CRAM, [BUGS-3972] Fixed ERA triggering CRAM shells
APS, Shaped charge and secondary shaped charge tooltip shows damage/fragment, instead of total damage of all fragments Interceptors, Interceptor priority for targets with >120% of their health in incoming interceptors reduced to 30%, instead of >150%/50%
Explosions, Fixed some strange explosion behaviour with subConstructs due to multi-threading (undamaged blocks which should be damaged or explosion leaking through subConstruct) [BUGS-4100]

I don’t usually include this part but it just goes to show how much work goes on behind the scenes by community to improve the various planets. These are updates from the 6th Feb onwards.

Campaign blueprints:
Abactor (DWG): New DWG ship, hard difficulty, replaces Prowler. “The Prowler” in Sal’s fleet is another design and will be untouched. Difficulty changed to godly from expert. Removed some unnecessary LWCs, artifacts of a previous version.
Hoplite (DWG): Re-added back as an easy design, updated with modern touches. There might be an “old bp” bug that will require it to be rebuilt as a new bp, will do testing.
Loggerhead (DWG): Paint/deco updates.
Wanda (DWG): Deco updates.
Davy Jones Outpost spawn logic has been set to just spawn all possible units.
This is to “futureproof” spawning situations when new designs are added.
Airship Gantry has been given the Hoplite to possibly spawn as well.
Fitzgerald corporation made for DWG but doesn’t serve much of a purpose for the time being with the HQ spawn logic. This logic may get improved later when corporations are all fleshed out.
Abactor (DWG): Prowler (DWG): Retired from campaign and adventure.
Smoker (DWG): Redesigned to be larger and pack a bigger punch, also includes missile deco. The old version has been converted to an SM variant for the story missions.
SmokerSM (DWG): See above.
Tortuga (DWG): Moved to expert difficulty.
Sunfish (DWG): Reintroduced as a small expert thrustercraft; attempts to sit over its target and rain down munitions.
Leatherback (DWG): Heavily updated to be a smaller profile but retain similar functionality.
Monkey Barrel (DWG): Missile deco added to give it “barrel mines”. Also has pivoting helicopter behaviors. The SM version is unaffected.
Defender Turret (TG): Redesigned, retains similar functionality.
– As a futureproof measure for Adventure, all installations/buildings have had their spawn rates removed for Adventure.
– More, if not all cargo craft have had their spawn rate removed in Adventure.
Smoker (DWG): Redesigned to be larger and pack a bigger punch, also includes missile deco. The old version has been converted to an SM variant for the story missions.
Parapet (OW): Difficulty dropped to Expert as intended, from godly. No bp changes.
The Repentance (WF): Deco missiles, slight optimization.
Harbinger (WF): Completely redesigned; has a large cache of cluster missiles as its primary armament.
Thresher Shark (SS): No design changes, fixed some typos in its lore.
Aerotyrant (SS): Improved thrust and lift near the rear to improve pitching issue.
Impedance (LH): Fixed up-props not working.
Astraeus (SD): Miscellaneous fixes and slight shape improvements.
Carnage (SD): Overhauled, still retains its original purpose as an AA thrustercraft. Added a Heartstone.
Archangel (SD): Difficulty dropped to medium from expert. AI updated to prevent it from falling out of space. It’s now classified as a Spacecraft and if they’re part of Adventure, I’ve reduced its spawn rate a little.

Sand Viper (DWG): Fixed missing armor, added missing paint.
Black Mamba (DWG): Increased difficulty for Adventure.
Cataphract (WF): Completely redesigned
Saviour (WF): Completely redesigned and slightly different name from Savior; uses melee PACs as its primary armament. Bombard (OW): Redesigned and refit to standards.
Oxen: Complete overhaul to get it up-to-date.
Nemesis (TG): Redesigned up to faction standards. I wasn’t given a detailed list of changes.
Paladin (TG): Same as above.

Updated a typo in the fleet colors for TRD; the red trim was intended to be much darker.
Explorer (GI): New thrustercraft design. Not set to replace anything, just an addition to their roster. Fixed AI to recommended settings, removed some blocked thrusters
Buzzsaw (GI): Redesigned; still a melee craft but it’s now a thrustercraft with more dynamic control.
Echo (TRD): New design, replaces Hammer of God. Spacecraft that hovers over its targets to rain down missiles.
Gold Turret (OFD): New turret design to replace the original “Cannon”. AA turret.
Silver Turret (OFD): New turret design to replace the original “Cannon”. CRAM cannon.
Defender Turret (GI): New turret design to replace the original “Doomcannon”. Multipurpose APS cannon.
Protector Turret (GI): New turret design to replace the original “Doomcannon”. Missile turret. – “Cannon” and “Doomcannon” spawns in fleets have been replaced the appropriate turrets.
– At a later time the stationary turrets will be spread out to defend RZs and map locations as well.