Author: <span>Sean Darling</span>

Author: Sean Darling


BrilliantSkies would like to wish everyone a great holiday period! To celebrate the holidays some of the community led by Melch (curator) and Lyons(map) have created the Christmas Campaign once more. You can load the planet by using the Content menu in game.Thank you to everyone who contributed a design! …

Stable 3.7.2

Hey everyone, so here it is 3.7.2 stable! It has over 6 months of fixes from the alphatest branch and also plasma weapons! Going to do this a little differently than normal and break it down into systems and list what is different than doing genetic fixes, changes etc. There …

Stable 3.6.4

Fix Adventure, Trying to create/load a “structure” in adventure mode will instead spawn a “vehicle”. Decorations, No longer possible to select other decorations when the mouse is hovering over the UI (this was unintended.) Rendering, Explosions should no longer end up accidentally occasionally rendering behind the sky layer / horizon …


A stable update with some interesting changes in there. Adventure mode continues to be worked on and tweaked, thanks for all the feedback so far. The new adventure bell can be found in the Misc tab, ring it once per minute to summon a new enemy in both adventure modes. …

Beta 3.6.2

(Remember you might need to restart Steam if you are already in betatest to get it to detect the new build) AddTracks, Track texture will now keep its original ratio when the track’s width is modified Breadboards, Added a comment module with no inputs or outputs, for annotation purposes Change …


Stable 3.6.1

Hello everyone,

Stable build 3.6.1 is here. A lot of bug fixes and a few major items.

Land Adventure mode is here! You can now take to the hills in Ashes of the Empire in a land adventure mode.
If you’ve never been in ashes before you can find the planet in the content menu. Just click on it.
To help with this there have been a load of land based bugs fixed and the addition of the articulated chair. This chair eliminates camera roll and pitch and can be fine tuned by press Q on it.

Missile decorations are here! Click on the missile decorator in the missiles tab. Place it anywhere, add decorations to it. (Make sure and adjust the number of elements to the size of your missile.) Give it a name.
Press Q on a missile launchpad of your choice and select the named decorator to apply it to the missile.
Yes this can get extremeley wacky so have fun!

Also in the land of decoration a new widget has been added that can make editing them a bit visually easier.
You’ll see arrows appear on the 3 axis that you can click and drag. Change mode by right clicking.

Patch Notes:

Adventure, Added land adventure mode as an option for planets and activated it for ‘Ashes of the Empire’.
Breadboards, Breadboards can now pass strings (text) around. Generic Block Setter and Generic Block Getter can make use of this for the Hologram projector, sign post, Text screen, Poster holder, Blueprint spawner.
Breadboards, Components with a block name filter now invert the filter when the first character of the filter text is ~ or !
Breadboards, The adder component will concatenate strings if one or more of the inputs is a string.
Breadboards, The constant input component can now define a constant string output as well as the usual constant numerical output.
Editor, Added effective health to the design inspector in the planet editor.
Land, Some improvements to the spawning of terrain to ensure it is present for vehicles.
Anime DLC, Intelligence officer Yuka added to SS character anime DLC package.
Chairs, Added a self-stabilising chair version that can stabilise roll and pitch.
Wheels, Wheels can now approximate collision with land even when the land is not yet spawned beneath them
Decorations, You can now decorate your missiles using a new ‘munition decoration’ block in the missiles tab.
Decorations, There is now a widget for editing decorations.

Anime DLC, Sakura left hand turret holding orientation fixed.
Anime DLC, Shaders changed for anime characters so that they are better lit at night.
Particle cannons, Fixed melee lens applying damage type scaling twice
Missiles, Fixed too much time passing between laser and remote guidance missile aim updates on the player faction in some cases.
Steam, Fixed missing friction loss for crank systems where all kinetic energy can be lost to usage+friction in a single frame.
Steam, S crank gen cost fixed, now half of the M generator’s cost at 90 materials.
Propulsion, All propulsion block yaw/pitch angle changes are smoothed out (takes 0.25s to go from 0 to max, same as the rate added for ACBs in 3.5.0).
Example Mod, Some problems with the assassin imported from the example mod have been fixed.
Auto propulsion balancing, Canceling yaw/roll now more important than cancelling pitch when hovering up and down.
Auto propulsion balancing, Fixed an issue where propellers were unlikely to be recruited in reverse to help balance a craft.
Auto propulsion balancing, Propellers pointing in the correct direction will no longer be turned off for forwards motion due to the pitching motion they create.
Auto propulsion balancing, Propellers pointing in the correct direction will no longer be turned off for strafing motion due to the rolling motion they create.
Campaign, [BUGS-4097] Faction HQs now act as defenders to their board section regardless of whether they are in a capture zone.
Multiplayer, Many issues fixed that were stopping vehicles or turrets communicating with each other on different machines.
Land, Some tweaks to help vehicles successfully surface above the land when they happen to end up beneath it. Land collision damage disabled and stabilisation added whilst emerging.
Wheels, Fix to vehicles catapulting into the sky (due to first frame wheel forces) when spawned on the terrain.
Breadboard, Fix to block to block copy paste for breadboards.
Decorations, The lighting of scaled and rotated decorations is now correct (error in the calculation of their normal angles.)
Adventure, Old adventure mode saves will now allow the external camera controls, just like new adventures do.
Blueprint block search, Now correctly searches through subobject chains as well as the main construct.

Fuel engines, Power output of all fuel engines increased by ~3.8%.
Steam, Added ~8% loss to crank generators.