Collision avoidance -  Added a bearing/heading collision avoidance routine where vehicles will turn to avoid each other. This complements the existing vertical collision avoidance which orders pairs of vehicles to change altitude to avoid one-another. 
UI -  Increased the fidelity of path view mode showing each alteration that collision avoidance / altitude adjustment etc make to the waypoint.
LWC -  Added minimum block count limit and minimum speed limit to the existing slider. 
Breadboard -  Added a time of day module for outputting the time of day. 
Breadboard -  Added a target volume output to the target info module for AI breadboard. 


Collision avoidance -  Fix to the aerial collision avoidance where the choice to avoid only friendly units would result in only avoiding enemy units.
UI -  Fixed an issue causing path view tooltips to not show up when in fleet control mode with a unit selected.
Multiplayer -  Adventure bell ringing noise is more audible and triggers correctly on clients 
Multiplayer -  Munition decorations for missiles now spawn in correctly on clients 
APS -  Bug with 2m mantlet fixed where the tooltip was displaying incorrect max possible elevation.
Target Prioritisation -  Bug fixed where the bonus to current slider couldn't go negative. 


Pathfinding -  Paths that finish in unsuitable terrain (water depth or land height issues) will never be selected, but paths that travel through these areas can still be chosen if the starting point of the vehicle is also unsuitable. 
Collision avoidance -  Fixes to the system that determines when an aerial collision is likely to take place.
Collision avoidance -  Collision avoidance option is no longer ON/OFF/FRIENDLY ONLY. You can toggle avoidance for FRIENDS/ENEMIES and toggle ON/OFF each different routine. 
AI -  Point at and maintain distance behaviour tries harder to find a suitable place to position the original waypoint when the waypoint is inaccessible due to land height /water depth.
Pathfinding -  Pathfinding will move the final path node onto the goal position to make pathfinding more accurate when a large turning circle is selected.
Pathfinding -  Pathfinding will effectively reduce the turning circle variable when close to the end point to increase the accuracy of getting to the waypoint.
Cutaway -  Changed increments in UI to 0.5.
Decorations -  Changed allowed decotabs on a block to be 200 from 32.


AI -  Removed the practically unused support for multiple terrain pathfinding end points to simplify pathfinding.