Beta Test 2.9.0

Beta Test 2.9.0


  • For simplicity we have added a blueprint transfer interface to the strategy tab selection of player made designs. So you can transfer and select in the same interface.


  • Upgraded to Steamworks version 1.48 and brought the Steamworks.Net wrapper inside the FTD codebase- will refresh the Steam workshop UIs soon.
  • The debriefing screen (mission won/failed) has been updated


  • Target prioritisation now use the real firepower for weapons, it’s not just counting weapons anymore (all weapon types, armor cost percent and nukes -as melee- have been added) [BUGS-2368]
  • Fixed unfused APS shell explosion visuals spawning in the wrong place on a mainconstruct hit
  • Fixed unfused APS shell explosions possibly spawning in the wrong place on a subconstruct hit
  • The resource gatherer / oil drill now check against wave height not mean sea level
  • Host’s setting for team selection mode is now saved, and defaults to host->client->auto
  • Loading an adventure mode/campaign save will no longer incorrectly adjust team commodity level
  • Lobby now shows the victory/failure options on the Rules tab as it should.
  • Fixed the rotation of turrets on clients in multiplayer
  • Music player exception spam hopefully fixed now
  • Player team on Neter Land Designer now has infinite materials again, a bug reset it to 1000 materials
  • Factions ‘not present in instance’ are no longer shown on diplomacy interfaces’
  • The join our discord button now actually does something
  • Weapon sync tab label fields are wider