Beta Test 2.9.1

Beta Test 2.9.1


  • There’s now a per-light ‘shadows’ option, by default all lights will not cast any shadows, and it can be activated per-light (each light casting a shadow will greatly reduce the FPS)


APS module count
  • Beltfeed modifier scaling changed from 0.75 * DIAMETER_IN_M ^ 0.4 to 0.75 * DIAMETER_IN_M ^ 0.45. Paired with module count cap means optimal low cal beltfeeders fire significantly faster
  • Maximum module count of APS shells capped at 20. Customizer parts that would get above this won’t connect
  • Lighting blocks now use low resolution shadows and per vertex lighting. Explosions have smaller lighting radii and use per vertex lighting. The sun now uses per vertex lighting. This is to improve performance.
Projectile armour
  • All projectiles have 20 armor, instead of 1
  • Explosions do their full nominal damage to missiles/CRAM shells within their radius. Doing damage to a projectile no longer reduces the explosion’s strength
  • Laser AP without frequency doublers is now 20/30 for pulsed/continuous. AP bonus of a frequency doubler with 1 pump is 180/270, instead of 200/300
  • Missile interceptors now have 20 AP
  • Sails are now affected by air density
  • Sails now have a soft speed limit of 50m/s
Simple weapons
  • Armour of age os sail guns up from 10 to 15
  • Armour of casemated guns up from 30 to 50
  • Armour of modern guns with a gunshield up from 25-30 to 40
  • Armour of modern guns without a gunshield up from 20-25 to 30
  • Armour of ram up from 20 to 40
  • Armour of revolving blast gun up from 15 to 20
  • Armour of simple laser up from 10 to 20
  • Cost of 50mm AA gun down from 200 to 150, AP up from 5 to 6
  • Damage of 30mm assault cannon up from 250 to 300, shell velocity from 250 to 450
  • Shell velocity of 60mm autocannon up from 300 to 500
  • 2m piston health up from 800 to 1600
  • All 1x1x1m turrets and pistons have 800 health (up from 400 for piston, 500 for elevation only turret)
  • All turret and piston blocks have 50 armor, up from 12 for pistons and 25-35 for turrets
  • Various UI improvements
  • Added the ability to change item name, description and tags of a workshop item
  • Added the option to in the workshop UI spawn a workshop blueprint item into designer, where you can view it and save it as you wish
  • Made it essential that a screenshot is present before the blueprint can be submitted to the workshop
  • Revamped the steam workshop for vehicle blueprints.


  • The GPID ‘set to’ action will now be loaded correctly [BUGS-2612]
  • Ammo intakes attached directly to a firing piece can always load a shell if there is space for it, no need to wait for the intake time
  • Fixed a problem causing explosions from shells clipping through slopes/triangles and similar structural blocks on subconstructs
  • Changed cost of connectors from 800 to 20, 800 was an unintentional value.
  • Fixed CRAM barrels sometimes not extending back to 100% length after reloading
  • Fixed Rattle Boyale multiplayer map as LH had a broken starting vehicle
  • Spawning of resource zones in adventure mode is now synched over network-sorry about that!
  • Fixed a unity rendering glitch that was causing low frame rates when lights and explosions mixed
Shard cannon
  • Fixed collider to better match the model.
Video block
  • Better MP synchronization when selecting a new camera
  • Fixed costs and hp of 1m wide wheels and mock wheels.
  • Fixed a bug where entering the Vehicle Workshop would re-activate Steam cloud for FTD. You should probably disable Steamcloud for FTD as it can cause issues.
  • Fixed the loading of very legacy workshop entries. They should pretty much load OK now, but don’t expect them to be too functional