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Brilliant Skies presents a new game like no other...

Build devastating war machines to dominate the land sea and skies using our intuitive voxel based building system. Fully customise every weapon from a huge selection of components. Bring your creations to life with the simple and flexible AI tools. Battle with your friends online in our online co-op mode or conquer the world in the strategic single player campaign and story modes. From the Depths lets you do it all.


  • A huge game world explorable from the ocean depths into outer space.

  • A full and accurate physics model including dynamic damage simulation, sailing mechanics and weather effects.

  • Battle against fleets of AI craft and build your own to meet the menace.

  • Build fortress bases, mine for resources and battle other factions in campaign mode where strength and diplomacy are the keys to victory.

  • Design your own weapons with a fully customisable modular weapon system.

  • In-game Steam workshop support to share your creations with the world.

  • RPG-Style character progression with levels, perks, skills and inventory systems.

  • Available now on PC, Mac and Linux.

And that's just the start. Visit the About the Game page for a more detailed breakdown of the numerous features From The Depths has on offer. As the game is still in Alpha this is not even close to an exhaustive list yet with improved campaign and multiplayer modes on the horizon this list is just going to get longer.

What our players say...


"10/10 This game is the PINNACLE of an early access game This is EXACTLY what early access should be."

"Challenging and very, very addictive. It's hard to believe this thing is still in Alpha"

"as you're familiar with the build mechanics the game opens up into a fun and rewarding experience. - Superb!"

"Absolutley flawless, and its even still in early access with this level of polish!"

"This game has absolutely blown me away. I'll admit it's difficult to learn at first, but well worth it."

"From The Depths has everything a game needs. It is not a Minecraft Clone, it is not Robocraft, either. It is pure and utter Sandbox with Vehicles."

"Another wonderful thing about this game is the developer's 100% commitment"

"It's a near-finished product with the developer Nick Smart taking an interest in the community and taking their advice"

All quotes are taken verbatim from user reviews on our own Steam Page go and see for yourself! At the time of writing we have 176 reviews of which a staggering 94% are positive. We are active in our community always listening and responding to feedback, we work with our players to give them the features and improvements they want and even feature exceptional community content in the game itself. A lot of early-access games talk about letting players help guide the development, with From the Depths it gets done.

So what are you waiting for? Unleash your imagination and go to war with From The Depths!



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  • Performance August 15, 2018
    When are u going to fix the performance with huge battleships etc whenever u spawn large stuff u get shitty performance. sorry for my spaghetti english
  • Some atempt to flying laser units. August 15, 2018
    So, after I started working on fliers (I almost have a full OOB now, from corvette to light cruiser), I also started to add some disco to my units. Here are the two that made it so far; I've been trying them during camapign (hard mode) and have been quite successful. They are designed to […]
  • Gas flow arrows? August 15, 2018
    Soooo I have a bit of a problem. I like building big. Maybe a bit too big. And, as it happens, big ships usually need big engines, especially if you're using lasers. (The picture does not do it justice, those are 11x32x11 engines. That times four.) The problem with big engines is you're gonna have alot of mistakes. A […]
  • I laughed so hard when I made thеse ..... Infantrymen! August 15, 2018
    I am making modern armored vehicles at about 3.5 times the dimensions recently. Then I am thinking, why not make a foot soldier as well? About the same size (7 blocks tall, about 3.5 times the height of a human), I can probably cram in all the vital things that make a land vehicle tick..... […]
  • SE BB Vertigo 2 vs Dread Pirate Roberts August 15, 2018
    [video=youtube]https://youtu.be/4qonM_8-eYQ[/video] Please vote here (poll above) and comment in the main thread. ★ Voting is active for next 48 hours. ★ Participants will get one point for every % of votes received. Voting criteria ★ pleasing looks and adherence to the spirit of competition (historical/light fantasy) ★ swimming proudly in the water (vessel's freeboard) ★ […]
  • How can i get more involved with the progress of FTD August 15, 2018
    How can I get more involved with the progress of FTD, I'm no game designer but id love to know how I can help the game progress and how i might be able to have some impact with what happens to the game
  • AI internal missile turret trouble August 15, 2018
    Hopefully someone can help, because this problem is burning me out. It might just be a technical restriction. I've built an early-WIP missile gunship using Custom Jets, and everything works as intended - including two AI-controlled AC turrets. However, the (partially internal) missile turrets are used by the AI only when I freeze the craft in Build Mode using Capslock. It seems like an […]
  • Fire August 14, 2018
    why we cant burn the decks with he? i mean  can u add fire feature or what (sorry for my bad english) 
  • Block lighting/texture bug catalogue thread August 14, 2018
    Some issues with the appearances of some structural and non-structural blocks I have noticed. Other people are welcome to post visual issues they observe on other blocks in this thread (preferably indicating the surface in question with an image). Triangle corner (left) (4m) - slant surface lighting (1m, 2m, 3m are unaffected; for comparison purposes) […]
  • SE BB SF12h vs Big Hammer August 14, 2018
    [video=youtube]https://youtu.be/9E9DViANX-c[/video] Please vote here (poll above) and comment in the main thread. ★ Voting is active for next 48 hours. ★ Participants will get one point for every % of votes received. Voting criteria ★ pleasing looks and adherence to the spirit of competition (historical/light fantasy) ★ swimming proudly in the water (vessel's freeboard) ★ […]

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