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Brilliant Skies presents a new game like no other...

Build devastating war machines to dominate the land sea and skies using our intuitive voxel based building system. Fully customise every weapon from a huge selection of components. Bring your creations to life with the simple and flexible AI tools. Battle with your friends online in our online co-op mode or conquer the world in the strategic single player campaign and story modes. From the Depths lets you do it all.


  • A huge game world explorable from the ocean depths into outer space.

  • A full and accurate physics model including dynamic damage simulation, sailing mechanics and weather effects.

  • Battle against fleets of AI craft and build your own to meet the menace.

  • Build fortress bases, mine for resources and battle other factions in campaign mode where strength and diplomacy are the keys to victory.

  • Design your own weapons with a fully customisable modular weapon system.

  • In-game Steam workshop support to share your creations with the world.

  • RPG-Style character progression with levels, perks, skills and inventory systems.

  • Available now on PC, Mac and Linux.

And that's just the start. Visit the About the Game page for a more detailed breakdown of the numerous features From The Depths has on offer. As the game is still in Alpha this is not even close to an exhaustive list yet with improved campaign and multiplayer modes on the horizon this list is just going to get longer.

What our players say...


"10/10 This game is the PINNACLE of an early access game This is EXACTLY what early access should be."

"Challenging and very, very addictive. It's hard to believe this thing is still in Alpha"

"as you're familiar with the build mechanics the game opens up into a fun and rewarding experience. - Superb!"

"Absolutley flawless, and its even still in early access with this level of polish!"

"This game has absolutely blown me away. I'll admit it's difficult to learn at first, but well worth it."

"From The Depths has everything a game needs. It is not a Minecraft Clone, it is not Robocraft, either. It is pure and utter Sandbox with Vehicles."

"Another wonderful thing about this game is the developer's 100% commitment"

"It's a near-finished product with the developer Nick Smart taking an interest in the community and taking their advice"

All quotes are taken verbatim from user reviews on our own Steam Page go and see for yourself! At the time of writing we have 176 reviews of which a staggering 94% are positive. We are active in our community always listening and responding to feedback, we work with our players to give them the features and improvements they want and even feature exceptional community content in the game itself. A lot of early-access games talk about letting players help guide the development, with From the Depths it gets done.

So what are you waiting for? Unleash your imagination and go to war with From The Depths!



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  • Move chat gui August 26, 2016
    Currently when in build mode, the multiplayer chat window is overlapped by the display that displays the currently selected block. This wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the bottom lines to be overlapped. I suggest that the chat window is on the highest z-level or raise it so it is more in the […]
  • music loop August 26, 2016
    currently the music just stops playing after one song has finished. I'd like for it to at least loop, or even better play a couple of different tracks depending of the situation.
  • Create resource zones instead of/in addition to salvage August 26, 2016
    You just sink an enemy vehicle, and suddenly you can just pick up their remains just like that. I find that odd. I'd like for battles to create resource zones, so you have to bring back broken down ships from the bottom of the sea, instead of just bringing it in like it's no big […]
  • Jet Fighter-Bomber August 26, 2016
    After finishing my helicopter I decided it was the time to do the jump to a proper jet aircraft. This is the result. Screenshot: http://imgur.com/a/XGb4t Video of it with some bombing runs included: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Djg6EDLCSM I've taken a close look at the SS aircraft fleet, as some of those are the ones that resemble modern jets […]
  • Passive sensor system revamp August 26, 2016
    Currently the passive sensors -excluding IR- detect the active emissions of their respective counterparts. However that is rather far from reality. Passive radar for example is called radar warner and gives a return in bearing and signal strength and the type of signal. A real passive radar would be in a missile that is homing […]
  • passive/active torpedo decoys August 26, 2016
    In real life, submarines use torpedo decoys. Mainly used are passive decoys, which produce noise to attract passively homing torpedoes and active decoys, which produce bubbles, using a chemical reaction. Those bubbles create a large return on active sonars. Ships use towed decoys, fed energy by cable to hopefully catch any torpedoes, including wake homing […]
  • Mirror/Polished plating August 26, 2016
    Not very much in the way of health or armor, but only takes a few percent of laser damage, reflecting the laser with the remaining damage
  • mirror filling August 26, 2016
    It's really annoying that I can't use fill because I worry that I can't replicate the exact same thing on the other side, or simply forgetting to do the fill on the other side, happily building away before I notice that nothing on the other side of my mirror plane is actually being built.
  • Undo August 26, 2016
    Not sure which category that one belong to, but sometimes when building a ship, especially in early stages you accidentally delete the wrong block and suddenly half your ship falls away and you have to start all over again. It would be nice if you had an undo button for such an occasion, even if […]
  • ACB Passive sensor integration August 26, 2016
    ACB to trigger event based on munition warner, laser warner, passive sonar, or passive radar, etc. Also include options as to what kind of signal the ACB should respond to. For example offensive lasers, targeting lasers or both. Missiles or sensors or both, etc. Shells or missiles or both, etc.

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