Stable 3.0.9

Stable 3.0.9



  • Changed the warp gate visual effect
  • Added a lot of customisation for the blueprint autosave feature (in the misc tab of the options menu)
Build Mode
  • Option to show build marker coordinates on HUD
  • It is now possible to automatically regulate the number of particles
  • Multi-threaded the missile guidance, seeking and water level checking code
  • Multi-threaded the munition warning code
  • Removed many sources of excess ‘garbage’ creation (FTD should perform garbage collection less often (pause less often during play))
  • L pistons got a second output port on the opposite side of the input, arrows not show port directions. L pistons renamed to Large serial pistons.
  • L turbines added: generators 5x5x1, bodies 5x5x2, maximum throughput 30K steam/s. Efficiency stats match M turbines with the same blade count
  • New L piston variant: parallel piston. Has an input-output pair on both sides, parallel pistons placed next to each other share their in- and outputs
  • S and M pistons now have arrows marking their in- and outputs


  • APS shell splash size reduced
  • Muzzle flash size reduced to ~80%
  • The time it takes for barrels to reach full length after firing is capped at 0.5s
  • Fixed a low prio LWC and a high prio AMCC controlling the same weapon interfering with each other
  • Fixed LWC causing AMCC controlling the same weapon to ignore maximum range restriction
  • Laser cutter armor up from 10 to 40
  • Laser cutters now damage CRAM shells
  • Ballast tank now has the same free volume 1-turn does (so torpedos have a lower ‘mandatory’ part count)
  • Interceptor damage slightly up (~7.6% for S, ~11% for M)
  • Torpedo sonar and torpedo propeller health up to 50% of a reinforced body. A slight boost for torpedos since they can’t use bodies well and are easy to fish for with CIWS
  • Boilers can connect directly to pistons
  • Boilers can connect directly to turbines
  • Crank motor braking force doubled
  • L crankshaft, wheel, transmission and axis shift armour up from 20 to 40
  • L gearbox armour up from 20 to 40, health from 1200 to 2000
  • L piston and crank generator armour up from 20 to 30
  • Transmissions and propellers can connect directly to cranks and axis shift gears
  • Turbine body costs up from 10 to 20 mat/volume. Means long turbines are ~10% more expensive for 10 minutes (not counting battle damage)


  • Fixed an issue with cooling not being fully utilized at very high rates of fire
  • Sea/land surface pathfinding and collision avoidance bug fixes and optimisations
  • The crank generator adds and displays the correct flat kinetic loss
  • Turbines do not keep the last minor fractions of the kinetic energy almost indefinitely


  • Removed the ‘more’/’less’ complexity toggle from the inventory as the feedback has always suggested it’s doing more harm than good