Stable + Beta 3.1.1

Stable + Beta 3.1.1

Hey Depthians!

Some tweaks and changes to the block connection surfaces and a new block type connection strut, which comes in alloy, metal, wood and heavy armour. This will allow you to connect parts like the long side of an exhaust to the hull of your construct as well as many other blocks. We have also added a wing variant of the strut block, which also make use of – / + force like other wing parts and at the same time resolved some issues with surface drag.



  • Added an optional (off by default) visual effect for the docking station


  • Rambot avatar texture update
  • Added a second connection surface for AI wireless receivers
  • Inline turbochargers now connect directly onto carbs
  • Simple laser has a connection surface UP now (as well as DOWN)
  • The large chain now has connection surfaces on the left and right side
  • ‘Protection’ of old blocks is no longer applied to blocks that connect on all six sides anyway- this reduces the file size of the blueprint