Stable 3.2.5

Stable 3.2.5



  • Airplane manoeuvre routine now explains it’s usage of the 6 control modules in the UI
  • Airplane manoeuvre routine now writes explanatory messages to the text shown in ‘path view’ so you can see what it is doing
  • Pressing Q on any CJE part (except the generator) will now open the controller interface
  • Missile damage is now shown by the addition of black smoke and a black trail to the missile.


  • [BUGS-3079] Airplane manoeuvre when doing a banking turn will now use yaw to get the vehicle to pitch at a specific angle rather than simply commanding the yaw axis to activate. This should increase pitch/altitude control during banking turns.
  • Hull blocks are now only 50 mats more expensive than their non-standard counterpart. They have a weight increase of 0.50.
  • Missile damage, thrust and manoeuvrability are now proportional to the missile’s health. This has been changed to make non-lethal missile defences still useful. It’s also seen as a realistic and interesting change.


  • [BUGS-2290] Naval AI behaviour no longer tries to maintain the mean broadside distance if the specified angle is more than 30° from the -90 or 90 broadside angles. Simple broadside behaviour now has a maximum range of 5km.
  • [BUGS-2404] hover and airplane manoeuvre routines now have a toggle to ignore the pitch demand sent from the behaviour. Useful if you have a helicopter that needs to pitch forward to move forward.
  • [BUGS-3085] transparent shell clip 2m armour class was 7, should have been 8
APS and Missile
  • The meshes for APS shells and missiles are no longer wiped when the projectiles are still in flight. The deletion of the mesh happens when it’s certain the mesh is no longer needed (visible).
  • [BUGS-3071] Issue with autosave and player triggered save of the same vehicle messing each other up. Fixed now.
  • [BUGS_2671] Balloons no longer die when god mode is active for a vehicle
  • [BUGS-3072] Helium pump UI says ‘Air pump’ all over the place. Fixed now.
  • The video screen will now display the camera using the correct LOD [BUGS-3047]
  • Tracks freezed the game in some rare situations when despawning [BUGS-2965]
  • [BUGS-2793] it is no longer possible to get a free block via mirrored placement of a block you can afford (when you don’t have the money for the mirrored copy)
  • [BUGS-3077] Fixed incorrect stats on connectors.
  • Flooding calculation inverted between small and large CJE [BUGS-2940]
  • [BUGS-1413] Misc control axis A-E now have the non-reversable toggle
  • [BUGS-2662] CRAM explosions can now damage missiles
Custom Battle
  • Fixed custom battle health fraction ignoring sub-constructs
  • [BUGS-1290] Fleets will now return to the final waypoint they were given if they wander off station whilst in some other mode (when they are returned to fleet move or put out of play).
  • [BUGS-2785] Fixed an issue where spawning a dead blueprint that had an ‘illegal block’ that could not be placed messed up the assignment of data packets to all subsequent blocks
  • [BUGS-2923] out of play stats now include the use of Crank Motors
  • [BUGS-3049] the construct water level calculation type can now adjust for a growing vehicle even if the vehicle is out of the water. This issue led to large structrures becoming laggy whilst building them (fixed by pulling and playing or saving and loading).
  • [BUGS-3065] made it clear that trying to synch laser combiners that are attached to the same multi-purpose laser is not recommended
  • [BUGS-1041] Added some code to avoid errors being thrown by GetNumberOfWarnings() calls by Lua (looking for munition warning count)
  • [BUGS-2750] I.BlueprintSpawners property exception fix for Lua
  • [BUGS-2846] GetLuaControlledMissileInfo no longer throws an exception if there is no Lua receiver on the missile being returned
  • [BUGS-3064] Fixed a missile UI issue where if you only had a few components on the missiles then only the first few parameters of a missile module would be editable
  • [BUGS-3078] H missiles work with failsafes (bug fix)
  • Fixed some issues with custom smoke colours. Setting R,G,B to 0,0,0 now disables smoke (as was originally intended) and dark smoke can now be displayed.
  • Staggered salvo firing of missiles managed to bypass the hull aiming constraints and fire off one missile in a salvo
  • [BUGS-2674] missile hatches now work correctly on clients in multiplayer
  • [BUGS-2845] PAC lenses now take into account the orientation of the PAC firing piece when considering the horizontal and vertical drift of the PAC pulse
  • [BUGS-3070] Pathfinding ‘on sea’ now checks for land within 60m instead of 30m. Pathfinding ‘on land’ now checks for land sea within 60m (it was previously using the ‘on sea’ check)
  • [BUGS-3070] Tanks will now respect their ‘max altitude’ variable when pathfinding on land (they will use this variable to determine what hills they can climb and what hills they should avoid
  • [BUGS-3055] Audio popping of CRAM and dediblade fixed (mostly affects Linux I believe)
  • Some tweaks to the code to try and catch the bug where turret rotation speeds are calculated to be 0°/s
  • [BUGS-2748] Tweak to the inventory to fix issues when pressing R to select a mirrored block that is not displayed on the inventory
  • [BUGS-2895] 1m piston now has a quick access icon for the middle mouse click HUD extensions in build mode
  • [BUGS-2655] It no longer rains/snows on the map
  • Fixed an issue with sail winches (and perhaps other things) where they could be driven negative by using the a -1 power scale