Stable 3.2.4

Stable 3.2.4

Hey Depthians!
We are looking into the issues pointed out about H thumper / reinforced missiles.



  • [BUGS-2870] six axis manoeuvre routine now has ‘use velocity instead of forward’ off by default. Some players who had this on and wanted it on will now find it has toggled off, sorry about that.
Ammo Intakes
  • [BUGS-2687] the ammo intake UI has been changed so that it now longer alters your camera position or camera mode


  • [BUGS-3056] a railgun will now respect it’s energy limitations even when multiple LWCs are trying to get it to fire simultaneously (used to result in extra shots with low energy being fired)
  • [BUGS-3060] Fixed decorations that are placed right on the root position of a dediblade spinner
  • Fixed an error in the ECM UI where NaN could appear instead of the induced aim point error in metres
Enemy simulator
  • Enemy simulator now saves and loads the duration variable correctly (rather than reverting to 60 seconds each time)
Map editor
  • [BUGS-3054] the map editor no longer recalculates the attack-opportunity-matrix each time you edit the terrain. That calculation can take a long time (especially for a big planet) and is only used for campaign mode. It’s calculated when you load your planet so there is no need to calculate it more often than necessary.
  • [BUGS-2896] [BUGS-2921] missiles(particularly H missiles) can no longer detonate on their on hatches/gantries when launching (a problem that happened when too many ejectors were used)