Stable 3.2.3

Stable 3.2.3



  • [BUGS-3047] Added an option to disable the rotation of a cram barrel when it reloads (and split the auto-reconfigure-payload options onto their own tab)
  • Added a way of directly controlling a transmission motor transmission value from a connected steam drill (the steam propeller can already do this).


Air Pumps
  • [BUGS-2746] [BUGS-1006] In order to fix issues with railings (and some other blocks) creating leaks where there should not be leaks the code has been changed so that 1) several components marked as ‘not watertight’ are now marked as watertight and 2) all components left as ‘not watertight’ now no longer register for detection signatures. The ‘not watertight’ components are railings, ladders and trusses and coal piles.
  • Only one leak point can be found at a single position now. The calculation used to be able to find up to five leaks (in different directions) for a single breach point, usually affecting leak points on the top surface of the vehicle.
  • When an air pump is removed only the neighbouring pumps that share a boundary with the pump are recalculated (it used to trigger a full recalculation of all pumps)
  • It’s now possible (but not easy!) to move up and down a ladder that’s on a sub-object and at a strange angle


Air Pumps
  • [BUGS-2358] Fixed an issue with upwards facing doors/hatches not properly sealed when closed
  • Fixed an error that stopped leaks on the left-hand side of the vehicle from being perfectly-recognised
  • [BUGS-3051] APS guns with the desired fire rate of <=120 rounds per minute no longer use the ‘burst’ calculation that allows them to theoretically fire in quick succession to catch up with theoretical maximum fire rate.
  • [BUGS-3001] Autosave routine will now shorten paths as necessary to avoid hitting operating system path length limitations
  • Autosave deletion now no longer spamming log with misleading messages
Flag Post
  • Description changed to match that it doesn’t need an AI anymore.
Fuel Engine
  • Throughput pipe renamed to Junction pipe so tutorial is referenced correctly.
Map Editor
  • [BUGS-2999] The faction drop down on the area-> faction assignment tab of the map editor did not scroll so not all factions could be selected (and the panel was incorrectly positioned)
  • [BUGS-2927] Fixed a crash when interacting with a steam drill directly connected to a gearbox
  • [BUGS-3050] Both engine building tutorials require the placement of part (junction pipe) that has been replaced with a different part (throughput pipe). Now fixed.
  • [BUGS-3005] Issue with prefab placement of weapons messing up the weapon synchronisation options (incorrect weapon IDs and weapons being listed twice in the synchronisation tab weapon list)