Stable 3.2.2

Stable 3.2.2



Sound Block
  • #Hashtag sound system can now also load .ogg files (as well as .wav)
  • Mods with audio clip definitions that reference a hashtag are now included properly in the full hashtag system (previously only playable from sound blocks).


  • A movement of the rambot chair location has been reverted, he’s now back where he’s always been
  • The launcher is now much more easily navigated with click and drag, and the rows have been moved around and resized
  • The scroll wheel and scroll bars have been removed from the launcher to avoid confusion: the universal method of navigation for this interface is click and drag.
Starter fort
  • Added teleport pad and respawn beacon to start fortress in case of accidents.


Air pumps
  • [BUGS-1814] air/helium pumps now correctly recalculate pumpable space sharing when walls are built between them
  • ‘hover sounds’ on the launcher no longer sound when the launcher is not in focus
Sound Block
  • Sound block now plays #hashtag sounds