Stable 3.2.6 Missile Hotfix

Stable 3.2.6 Missile Hotfix

Hey Depthians!

We had reports about missiles not despawning properly which needed to be squashed asap and therefore, you have some more bugfixes xD



  • 16 pounder cannon now has a sound effect when firing
Laser Warner
  • [BUGS-252] laser warner now explains that it only deploys smoke on the same level of the construct as itself (hull,turret,spinner) and the ACB ‘Laser attack’ condition now checks for attacks on the level of the construct that the ACB is on.
  • Sound pitch and distance in the modding menu now have a suitable number of decimal places
  • [BUGS-3094] added ‘Destroy All Vehicles’ and ‘Destroy Enemy Vehicles’ options to multiplayer designer
  • [BUGS-3094] Blueprint spawned automated spawns should now work regardless of the source of the blueprint you (or the enemy faction motherships) are trying to spawn
  • [BUGS-3094] Infinite resources now in the multiplayer designer, for all teams
  • Missiles did not disappear after a call to destroy all vehicles
  • Fixed display of ‘events’ (would not properly display the text paragraphs due to localisation issue)
  • Fixed Steam stats UI issue where ‘interval’ was displayed instead of the actual interval in seconds. Localisation issue.