Stable 3.0.7

Stable 3.0.7

Hey Depthians!!

Another sweet round of changes and fixes.



  • New setting for gearboxes: RPM limit
  • New setting for steam valves: close on breach. When enabled they shut down if either of their sides has a non-vent steam exhaust


  • UI markers showing how to capture/defend territory is now only shown when a fleet is selected
  • Missile trails are less colourful and more realistic
  • Crank generator RPM-based kinetic loss reduced to 1/3. The crank generator gets a flat kinetic loss, crank wheel RPM-based kinetic loss increased. At low speeds, multiple generators do not increase e
  • Gearbox flat kinetic loss reduced to half. Lower piston count engines are slightly better
  • Large turbine kinetic loss down by 10%, small turbine loss up by 20%. Minor output change mostly affecting long turbines, large ones get a slightly bigger boost to compensate for being harder to fit
  • Steam jet maximum thrust up to 10000, maximum steam use to 5000/s, cost to 1000
  • Transmission motors renamed to crank motors
  • The material-limitation preventing to fire when there’s not enough material/energy is now preventing to reload for APS, CRAM, missile and simple weapons (they can now fire despite the limitation if they are already reloaded)


  • There is a limit on the maximum volume of enemy units that will spawn simultaneously in adventure mode.
  • Engine crankshaft block can now be placed either way around
  • It’s now a bit easier to see which way around the electric engine should be placed
  • Fixed a very uncommon issue causing some old blueprints not to load
  • The markers showing connection points no longer disappear when you zoom all the way in
Special effects
  • The smoke generator will not switch to ‘fire’ mode anymore when using Shift+P or being repaired [BUGS-2720]
  • Fixed an inaccuracy causing multiple boilers attached to the same pipe section outputting more than 1000 steam for 1 material burned
  • Fixed blocked steam propellers not getting their efficiency reduced accordingly
  • Fixed gearbox max power display jumping around under variable load (calculation now runs on the same thread as power generation)
  • Fixed some vent and valve setups causing steam usage to go down
  • Fixed transmission outputs having a flat kinetic loss on top of the one scaling by their speed
  • Propellers and transmissions only connect to matching sized cranks
  • Steam jets can now connect anywhere pipes can
  • The piston sounds of the steam engine are now at the correct Hz
  • Valves now correctly show and track their output when they are connected to plain pipes with exhausts