2.9.9 Small Update, Achievements.

2.9.9 Small Update, Achievements.



  • Added a stats and achievement viewer, accessed from the main menu single player tab
  • Added achievements (32 of them) for defeating faction HQs in Quest for Neter on various difficulties.
  • Added an achievement for building up 1 million explosive combo damage (in campaign/adventure/missions of built-in planets with standard game constants)
  • Added an achievement for doing high damage per second in a campaign battle
  • Added an achievement for getting a unit with maximum radar range in campaign
  • Added an achievement for getting into a 3-way battle in campaign
  • Added an achievement for going 150m/s under 500m in designer, in your own vehicle
  • Added an achievement for killing 20 planes in the campaign, story mission or adventure mode (in built-in planets with standard game constants)
  • Added an achievement for RTG usage
  • Added an achievement for Scarlet Dawn kills in campaign and adventure
  • Added an achievement for shooting down 1000 missiles in built-in campaigns/missions/adventures with standard physics
  • Added an achievement for winning a battle in the campaign where you bring approximately an x10 smaller force and defeat the enemy with approximately 60% of your force intact
  • Added in achievement for saving a huge sub-object (i.e turret)
  • Added in two achievements for creating and gifting commodities in campaigns
  • Added in two achievements for killing large and small godlies in (fixed difficulty) campaigns/missions/adventures in built-in planets


  • Lua missile transceiver cost to 100 (from 2000). Lua missiles are now affected by ECM unless they have an intact cable connection
  • Updated the enemy spawning UI for designer
  • Damage difficulty for all preset difficulties is now 1 (easy was 0.4, hard was 2, godly was 4). You can still edit this slider in ‘custom’ if you want.
  • In the campaign, the kill to death ratio used to adjust difficulty is now only calculated for blocks destroyed on a vehicle with >85% health. This should get a better estimate as below 85% health the fate of most vehicles is sealed.
  • CIWS damage multiplier down from 2.5x to 2x
  • Flak damage up from 50% of HE to 85% of HE. Increased armour effectiveness bonuses against flak and the customizer tooltip now shows that flak is weak against armour
  • Kinetic projectiles now do not check the angle of impact against missiles and CRAM shells. Damage is noticeably higher/more consistent, performance increased
  • Frag AP up from 3 to 4. The buff paired with ricochet changes was not enough to keep frag close to HE damage
  • HE mechanics adjusted so it does less damage with lower variance, and smaller HE is comparatively better. Geometry is more important(hits on flat walls relatively weaker, in tight places stronger)
  • HE scaling adjusted to make huge explosions slightly stronger
  • Missile impact damage done for each m/s speed up by ~11%
  • Base AP without frequency doublers up from 20/30 to 40/60 AP (pulsed/continuous)
  • Frequency doublers give 1 AP if there are 100/150 pumps in the system, down from 180/270
  • Laser cavity capacities down to 5/6 the previous value
  • Non-armoured optic variants have 300 health and 60 armour, up from 250/40
  • Pumps convert 30 power into 24 cavity energy/second, down from 30
  • Short-range combiner armour up from 50 to 60
  • All old leaderboards wiped
  • Leaderboard UIs updated and added, where applicable, to the debrief screen and mission launch screen
  • Missions and campaigns with leaderboards will now frequently check to see your game configuration constants are standard and offer you the choice to reset them or opt-out of the leaderboard
  • New leaderboards added for all DWG and SS missions. Quest for Neter retains it’s four leaderboards
  • Mission allied units are now all configured so they spawn full of material but you cannot resupply from them, build on them, scrap them or retrofit them. This is an optional setting, should custom campaigns need different settings for allies.
  • Fixes to board section capture locations, many of which were erroneously on land, sorry about this
  • The old ‘fleeing’ check that would kill a unit that was deemed to be running from battle has been removed, now that the out of control check is in for problematic faction vehicles.
  • You are alerted when you AI thinks it is out of control


  • The system that migrates your selected custom vehicle from one mission to the next (where appropriate) has been fixed
  • Fixed a bug where the youtube plugin would spam error messages. All old error messages will now be deleted