2.9.6 Hotfix

2.9.6 Hotfix

Hey Depthians!

A small update mainly to address faction HQ’s being destroyed.



  • In the tactical map view, you can now visualise faction vs faction battles, and enemy unit health bars are shown on the map
  • Single rail launchers can drop their missiles as bombs (30 m/s initial speed, 90° elevation). Option for that is in the launcher’s Q menu
  • When show dispensers display their tooltip they also show a visualisation of the sphere their smoke will affect


  • Flak radius multiplier up from 3 to 4x (combined with previous damage boost it’s much higher than before)
  • Faction vs faction battles sped up by x10
  • Medium spawn now only makes WF attack you initially, not WF and LH
  • Base AP without frequency doublers up from 20/30 to 40/60 AP (pulsed/continuous)
  • Frequency doublers give 1 AP if there are 100/150 pumps in the system, down from 180/270
  • Pumps convert 30 power into 24 cavity energy/second, down from 30
  • Short-range combiner armour up from 50 to 60
  • Work in progress! Combiner and optic models replaced
  • In-game emailing of a log will now only email the first 3mb of it, to reduce the length of the hang, (and to not fill my outbox/inbox)
  • Particle cannon focus increased to 4/3 (so 15 focus now has the same spread 20 had before the change)
  • CIWS damage multiplier down from 4 to 2.5
  • Health for missiles/CRAMS down to 60%, for APS down to 2/3 the old value
  • S/M missile interceptor base damage down from 1200/7500 to 650/4500


  • Faction vs faction battles had some bugs that resulted in (amongst other things) HQs being destroyed by distant enemies.