Beta Test 3.0.0

Beta Test 3.0.0



  • Building tutorials are now better at figuring out whether a placement is functionally equivalent to the recommended placement and allowing it
  • The rotation instructions in the building tutorials have been tweaked to be a bit more clear
  • The tactical control tutorial now has a voice over


  • Many updates and tweaks to the in-game manuals and how they are displayed
  • The manuals are more usefully integrated into the inventory now
Strategic AI
  • Strategic AI now uses a finer pathfinding grid- all custom campaigns must recalculate the grid in the ‘garrison’ tab of the map editor


  • Fixed the achievement for declaring war on an ally
  • Fixed the Oynx watch HQ achievement for QfN
  • The empty manoeuvre routine no longer bothers to check for ‘out of control’ state
  • AI scuttling rules for distance now only take effect if the unit is moving away from all of your units at least 5 m/s
  • Capturing a board section now takes 10 minutes (1 minute at x10 speed), this gives the AI more time to respond.
  • Set EMP susceptibility and resistivity values to match parent blocks.
  • A number of adventure mode (beta_test only) issues fixed that resulted in clients not spawning properly or receiving incorrect data
  • Fixed an AI exception on clients in multiplayer
  • Players who are not in an adventure mode (beta_test only) session have their previously saved positions wiped (when saving) so they don’t end up spawning in the middle of no-where should they join a future session