What is up epic community πŸ˜€

We have released the next update v2.4.8 πŸ˜€ which comes with numerous bug fixes, tweaks and new additions.
(2.4.7 is a special beta branch if anyone doesn’t like

We have worked hard to get tank tracks in this update, and I know the β€œtrack” taken to get here has been a long one. However, there is a small delay as the delivery van had a puncture since it’s still using tires. We will have the tracks here on Wednesday 14th along with the custom battle mode πŸ™
*cough about time cough*

(I was going to insert a tank joke but I fear I would go off track)

Tank tracks will wrap around wheels automatically, choosing to lay above or below the wheel depending on placement. As you can see in the screenshot, the centre wheel on the top row has the track passing under as the wheel is a bit lower than the rest in the line.

[Image: t54tnVm.png]
  • AI behaviour and manoeuver

These cards will automatically add a behaviour and a manoeuvre which can come pre-configured as well as customisable.

[Image: OCrDQ30.png]
[Image: uag42fE.png]
[Image: nmP2rRX.png]
  • Missile tweaks balance and improvements

Our epic missiles of mass boomness have been tweaked up! They are now 50% more agile meaning a much better hit rate and precise and fuel tanks store more fuel by 25% and an epic 250% boost to the decoys :O but missiles have had their damage cut to 75% – more stat changes and details on the decoys below

  • Lasers

Lasers have had another epic tune-up, the list is long so more details will be found in the patch notes. However, the new additions are, Armored focus and steering optic with 600HP, 20 armor costing 100 materials and 80 weight. The Output regulator now allows us to reduce the base energy discharge rate of cavities. Regarding minimum shot energy, the laser won’t fire until the energy stored in the laser system reaches the value given. Burst size, if the energy gets below the minimum it will not shoot until the total cavity energy reaches the % given.

  • Aiming above water line 

We now have the option to tell our dakka and anything connected to the mainframe using aimpoint selection to fire above the sea line! This is going to be a great benefit to us when it comes to our lasers for sure! Say no more to firing under the sea and losing a crap ton of damage πŸ˜€

  • Cinematic camera

The cinematic camera will now allow us to focus on a shell APS/Cram/missile and specific parts of the construct will work by using shift+caps or ctrl+caps, which should give us a better way to record those special moments πŸ˜€

[Image: 13xMFws.gif]
  • Mirrored prefabs

We have recently set up a road to release challenge and we are really grateful that we have such an awesome community, and as you may know already we have hit the first milestone and unlocked prefab mirroring

[Image: zGJBsKe.gif]
  • Exporting STL files has been resolved  So go 3D print your epic builds!  
[Image: H67gJF3.gif]
  • Live feed 

You will be seeing announcements by us like news, bug-related issues/fixes and any events etc at the main screen πŸ˜€

[Image: PvubzcA.png]

With all that good stuff out the way, this is how things are looking behind the scenes.
What you are seeing in the images below are our sprints, and each sprint is a new update. This first image is the current sprint/update.

[Image: NsKEnIu.png]

Everything that is crossed out on the right side is what has been completed. 

Items tagged with Community engagement are suggestions that we pick up on from the main forum, Reddit, Steam and Discord. Tags with request tracker which is a more preferred method in sending us requests is through requests/suggestion page found here https://brilliantskies.customercase.com/…st-tracker . Please go check that out and vote on the things you like and if there is something you want added please leave a detailed suggestion and try to keep it to one suggestion per ticket.

For our next update, we have the following planned, however, we will probably be adding to this list and perhaps shifting one or two tasks to the next sprint.

This is the current list, which we hope will be settled for the 22nd of August.

[Image: WcCpyuX.png]

As you can see, there are signs of steam tweaks (there is more to come for steam in this or the next sprint) a new feature Steam jet, which we shall talk about another time and the most awesome cluster cram πŸ˜€

(cannot wait to stick a bomb chute using cluster crams on the White Flayers). The rail decorations in this list is a small fix to the current rails so they don’t block detection systems.

The following is subject to change!
You have probably noticed the Campaign stuff, which I am really looking forward to. We will be seeing a number of changes. There will no longer be garrisoned AI, and fleets will be on the map doing things like: patrol guarding fortifying / harvesting.  

The AI should respond effectively to what the player is doing as well as the AI having a job system prioritising jobs like reclaiming a resource zone / reconstruct fortress to gather resources.  
Lastly the AI should be using localised resources, and this should generate a lot of movement on the map with transporters.

Lastly, my fave build that I found. This time on Reddit by MarijusLTU12


[Image: hfVnqlo.png]

Update log / patch notes
v2.4.8 [Add] <ACB>: Fortresses can now be controlled using ACBs
v2.4.8 [Add] <ACB>: Missile hatches can now be forced open using ACBs
v2.4.8 [Add] <Avatar>: A cinematic camera option has been added. Press SHIFT + CAPSLOCK by default to access this. It follows the shell / missile or vehicle you are looking at. Mouse wheel or [ ] brackets zoom in and out in this view. It only works when not in first person view, at the moment.
v2.4.8 [Add] <Breadboard>: Added the ‘output’ function to the maths evaluator that gets last frames output. If you can’t wait for proper memeory components, you use this to make your own in the meantime.
v2.4.8 [Add] <Building>: The ability to mirror the placement of a prefab has been added. When a mirror is active only the mirrored prefab will be created. Remove the mirror to create the unmirrored version.
v2.4.8 [Add] <Holograms>: Color customization for holograms and texts
v2.4.8 [Add] <Holograms>: It is now possible to hide the hologram projector block
v2.4.8 [Add] <Laser>: Armored focusing and steering optics added: 600 HP, 20 armor, 100 materials and 80 weight
v2.4.8 [Add] <Laser>: New targeting option for aimpoint selection card: prefer blocks above water
v2.4.8 [Add] <Laser>: Output regulator slider: burst size, if energy of a shot gets below the minimum it won’t shoot again until total cavity energy reaches this %
v2.4.8 [Add] <Laser>: Output regulator slider: minimum shot energy, laser won’t fire until the energy given to the next shot reaches this value
v2.4.8 [Add] <Laser>: Output regulator slider: reduces base energy discharge rate of cavities, between 0.1%-20%/second (mostly useful for big pulsed LAMS systems)
v2.4.8 [Add] <Missiles>: The the point that TPG or APN wants to aim for is now also displayed if the AI path view is enabled
v2.4.8 [Add] <Simple AI>: Add differential yaw: sets 50% turn left-right preset on all forward/backwards propulsion blocks left-right of the CoM
v2.4.8 [Add] <Simple AI>: Automatic propulsion setup: newly placed thrusters/control surfaces use all possible presets based on their position/orientation(from pusher, turner, pitcher, roller)
v2.4.8 [Add] <Simple AI>: Bombing run airplane AI
v2.4.8 [Add] <Simple AI>: Bombing run hovercraft AI
v2.4.8 [Add] <Simple AI>: Circling airplane AI
v2.4.8 [Add] <Simple AI>: Circling hovercraft AI
v2.4.8 [Add] <Simple AI>: Frontal hovercraft AI
v2.4.8 [Add] <Simple AI>: New air block: Universal flight surface. Control surface that gets automatically configured. Old ones do not use the auto configuration
v2.4.8 [Add] <Simple AI>: New behavior: bombing run. Lines up attack runs and pitches to the target on the last leg
v2.4.8 [Add] <Simple AI>: New behavior: circle at distance. Circles the enemy, can rolls to match its elevation, can use up-down evasion, set specific sides and max approach angle
v2.4.8 [Add] <Simple AI>: New configuration buttons on AI mainframe basic tab: Basic configuration, Add differential yaw, Remove hover control, Remove strafe control
v2.4.8 [Add] <Simple AI>: New manoeuvre: airplane movement. Can use pitch to control altitude and roll into turns. Reduces thrust and circles the waypoint when idle.
v2.4.8 [Add] <Simple AI>: New manoeuvre: hover movement. Uses up-down thrusters to control altitude. Parks at waypoints out of combat
v2.4.8 [Add] <Simple AI>: New simple AI cards that automatically configure a behavior and manoeuvre
v2.4.8 [Add] <Simple AI>: Point at and maintain distance behavior extended: left-right evasion, altitude absolute or relative to target, pitch limit
v2.4.8 [Change] <Community>: We’ve added in a live feed of information / annoucements and bug alerts into the main menu
v2.4.8 [Change] <Holograms>: Switched to new UI
v2.4.8 [Change] <LAMS/Projectiles>: APS flak damage up from 30% of HE to 40%, missile interceptor damage up by 60%
v2.4.8 [Change] <LAMS/Projectiles>: APS, CRAM and missile health increased by 50% across the board to follow energy and 0Q/output regulator limiting buff
v2.4.8 [Change] <LAMS/Projectiles>: Kinetic projectiles do double damage to missiles
v2.4.8 [Change] <Laser>: 0Q laser damage/energy up from 0.5 to 0.75 (pulsed is 1)
v2.4.8 [Change] <Laser>: 0Q laser now has 150% AP, compared to pulsed(down from 200%)
v2.4.8 [Change] <Laser>: Armor for focusing/steering optics increased from 8 to 10
v2.4.8 [Change] <Laser>: Focusing optics have better damage falloff reduction (10 of them do ~85% damage at 1000m, up from ~78%)
v2.4.8 [Change] <Laser>: Laser cavity sizes up from 100/400/4000 to 150/600/6000
v2.4.8 [Change] <Laser>: Laser pump base energy/second up from 20 to 30, power cost from 40 to 60
v2.4.8 [Change] <Laser>: Simple laser damage/second down from 1600 to 1000, AP down from 10 to 8
v2.4.8 [Change] <Laser AP>: AP modifier examples: 1 smoke 30%, 3 smokes 20.8%, STR 1 shield 53.6%, STR 10 shield 24.89%, 
v2.4.8 [Change] <Laser AP>: Frequency doubler cost up from 200 to 250
v2.4.8 [Change] <Laser AP>: Laser shield is now the equivalent of a smoke with SHIELD_STRENGTH * 175 strength. Still only the strongest shield counts
v2.4.8 [Change] <Laser AP>: Multiple smoke layers use the sum of their strengths to determine their AP reduction
v2.4.8 [Change] <Laser AP>: Pulsed shots use all doublers with the same Q switch count as the beam. If multiple Q switch configs fire in the same frame their pump and doubler counts are summed to determine AP.
v2.4.8 [Change] <Laser AP>: Smoke clouds have a strength value: 1000 for dispenser, 100/600 for 200mm/500mm APS warhead
v2.4.8 [Change] <Laser AP>: Smoke now reduces laser AP, instead of damage
v2.4.8 [Change] <Laser AP>: Smoke reduces laser AP to: 300 / (SMOKE_STRENGTH^1/3) % of the original (in other words reduction is proportional to density)
v2.4.8 [Change] <Laser AP>: Smokes with a combined strength over 400 block laser missiles guidance and visual/laser detection equipment
v2.4.8 [Change] <Laser AP>: Wavefront coder removed
v2.4.8 [Change] <Missile decoys>: Flare and sonar/radar target simulator signal strength up to 250%
v2.4.8 [Change] <Missile decoys>: Radar/IR/torpedo guidance now tries to recognize missile decoys, randomly reducing their signal strength to 10-100% (rolled when fired)
v2.4.8 [Change] <Missile decoys>: Remote guidance error added by signal jammer down to 75%
v2.4.8 [Change] <Missile decoys>: Signal processor component improves the decoy recognition of guidance, reducing remaining decoy signal strength to 25/20/15% (S/M/L)
v2.4.8 [Change] <Missile decoys>: Single pixel IR seeker reduces decoy missile signal strength to 15-30%, instead of 10-100
v2.4.8 [Change] <Missiles>: All damage cut to 75%
v2.4.8 [Change] <Missiles>: Fuel tanks hold 25% more fuel
v2.4.8 [Change] <Missiles>: Short range thruster now has the same efficiency as variable, 1 thrust for 1 fuel
v2.4.8 [Change] <Missiles>: Single pixel IR seeker angle down from 35Β° to 30Β°, still can’t use signal processor and has half the signal strength threshold
v2.4.8 [Change] <Missiles>: Target priority modifier at an angle now scales with the the maximum angle of the guidance component.
v2.4.8 [Change] <Missiles>: Turning rate increased by 50% across the board
v2.4.8 [Fix] <ACB>: Arrows added to the complex control action [BUGS-857]
v2.4.8 [Fix] <ACB>: It is now possible to set the warp drives resting charge using an ACB [BUGS-1124]
v2.4.8 [Fix] <ACB>: Propulsion powerscale can now be negative [BUGS-867]
v2.4.8 [Fix] <ACB>: Setting AI behaviours now works fine [BUGS-1131]
v2.4.8 [Fix] <Airpumps>: Opening or closing a door will now update the airpumps correctly [BUGS-799]
v2.4.8 [Fix] <APS>: APS barrels now extends correctly after having fired [BUGS-1141]
v2.4.8 [Fix] <APS>: APS recoil absorbers tooltip connection fixed [BUGS-1156]
v2.4.8 [Fix] <Blocks>: The ‘Spread to’ feature now copy all the data of the block, not only the data of current UI panel [BUGS-840]
v2.4.8 [Fix] <Boilers>: Pipes must now be correctly oriented to connect to a boiler [BUGS-883]
v2.4.8 [Fix] <Breadboard>: Fixed not being able to add more outputs to a component if it has many inputs
v2.4.8 [Fix] <Breadboard>: Fixed the ‘and’, ‘or’ and ‘!’ operators not working correctly
v2.4.8 [Fix] <Build>: The mirror plane marker isn’t shrinked with the blocks anymore [BUGS-916]
v2.4.8 [Fix] <Chairs>: Main chair feature now working [BUGS-1096]
v2.4.8 [Fix] <CRAM>: The automatic auto-loader can no longer have 4 connections, and it also visually auto-rotate in order to be correctly placed [BUGS-730]
v2.4.8 [Fix] <Explosions>: The default value for the air bleeding power is now fixed to ‘0.35’, the ‘/Users/<Windows Username>/From The Depths/Player Profiles/<FtD Username>/profile/profile.ExplosionBalancing’ file will be overwritten in order to reflect the correct default values (the automatic overwriting will be removed after a few weeks) [BUGS-1140]
v2.4.8 [Fix] <Holograms>: No more problem when setting the ‘lock to image ratio’ toggle with no image
v2.4.8 [Fix] <Holograms>: The holograms and texts will not disappear anymore when behind glass blocks [BUGS-95]
v2.4.8 [Fix] <Laser>: Lasers are now aiming better at very long distances [BUGS-1131]
v2.4.8 [Fix] <Lua>: Fixed NullReferenceException when trying to get the fleet info while a ship in the fleet was being scrapped
v2.4.8 [Fix] <Map>: [BUGS-1135] fleet and force commands can now be ordered to locations shared by map area names and scrap symbols (again).
v2.4.8 [Fix] <Missiles>: Required accuracy can now be enabled/disabled for missile controllers on the hull, the default status is disabled (when not on the hull, then it will always been activated) [BUGS-788]
v2.4.8 [Fix] <PAC>: Fixed PAC missing some blocks if there are more than 20 in a row [BUGS-925]
v2.4.8 [Fix] <Pistons>: Color will now be applied correctly to pistons when placed or loaded [BUGS-1176]
v2.4.8 [Fix] <Projectiles>: Projectiles now correctly hit (or not hit) moving vehicles. Ricochets against moving vehicles now also take the velocity of the vehicles into account.
v2.4.8 [Fix] <Propulsion>: Fixed a bug that caused propulsion requests to not be executed [BUGS-1001] [BUGS-995]
v2.4.8 [Fix] <Propulsion>: Propulsion controlled by general purpose PIDs or (AI)breadboards now works correctly again [BUGS-1001], [BUGS-995]
v2.4.8 [Fix] <Shells>: Fixed shells missing approximately one block out of 10
v2.4.8 [Fix] <Shells>: Proximity fuse will not damage/destroy the shield projector anymore when hitting a shield [BUGS-461]
v2.4.8 [Fix] <Shields>: The shield’s alpha is now processed correctly [BUGS-991]
v2.4.8 [Fix] <Shields>: The shield’s alpha is now processed correctly [BUGS-991]
v2.4.8 [Fix] <Skills>: Debug explosion skill fixed (be careful, large explosions can hurt very badly)
v2.4.8 [Fix] <STL>: The STL exporter is now fixed. It exports 3D models of your vehicles which can be loaded into other modelling applications or 3D printed. It’s accessible in the Construct Info UI (press V on a vehicle)
v2.4.8 [Fix] <TextBlock>: The text block allowed 512 characters but actually could only save 255. Two more 255 text slots have been added to the block to fix this issue.
v2.4.8 [Fix] <Tooltips>: Various laser tooltips updated
v2.4.8 [Fix] <UI>: It’s no longer possible to accidentally interact with the main menu before the screen has fully faded in
v2.4.8 [Fix] <UI>: The ACB Controller UI now works fine when modifying the name of a button which is not the first one [BUGS-1111]
v2.4.8 [Fix] <UI>: The red channel of the color with shininess pickup is now working well with the mouse-wheel [BUGS-601]
v2.4.8 [Fix] <UI>: The UIs are now displaying the correct number of digits [BUGS-1099]
v2.4.8 [Fix] <UI>: The UIs are now displaying the correct number of digits [BUGS-1099]
v2.4.8 [Fix] <VideoBlock>: No more problem when using an ACB to control it
v2.4.8 [Fix] <VideoBlock>: The camera view shouldn’t make the whole game to flicker [BUGS-1084]
v2.4.8 [Fix] <VideoBlocks>: The Video Screens now have a name by default so the Video Controller list doesn’t appear empty [BUGS-1120]
v2.4.8 [Fix] <VideoBlocks>: The Video Screens now have a name by default so the Video Controller list doesn’t appear empty [BUGS-1120]