Stable 3.0.2

Stable 3.0.2

Hey Depthians!

A quick bug fixing round, sorry no new toys :'( but plenty of multiplayer fixes.



  • Added in little UI tips showing your creator types, cargo types, and some hopefully useful resource warnings
  • Strategic AI will scuttle vehicles that haven’t done anything useful in a while


  • Changed how the fleets are assessed for usage in fights to make the AI more likely to engage large groups of enemies
  • Changed how the strategic AI chooses what to build to favour important tasks more
  • Improved performance for strategic AI pathfinding
  • Strategic AI pathfinding tweaks
  • Character sheet UI updated
  • Changed the jet, CJE, propeller, ion thruster, torpedo and missile visual effects


  • Fixed the minigun textures and tidied up minigun code a bit
  • Fixed issues with AI fleets that consist of both flying and not flying vehicles. AI will now correctly use Sal’s fleet
  • Lots of bug fixes that I can’t remember
  • The AI no longer places extra unnecessary resource harvesters next to HQs
  • The AI will no longer create multiple jobs to capture the same board sections simultaneously
  • Various strategic AI fixes
  • [BUGS-2696] the ‘fuel’ usage out of play for movement using CJEs now properly considers how much of each CJE was being used for the generator.
  • Main drive will now properly be set to 0 when calling RequestControl with the MainPropulsion type and value 0
  • You can no longer see the waypoints of enemy teams
  • Corrections made to the out of play repairs for both standard block damage and the ‘extra damage’ AI fleets receive in offscreen combat with each other
  • Fixed the synch of avatar weapons when one of the players has a mod installed- it used to knock the items out of order and cause mayhem.
  • Fleet positions are now calculated on the server and synched to the clients as and when necessary
  • Force deletions on the server are now more reliably executed on the clients
  • Misc improvements to the multiplayer lobby and some issues removed
  • Player team units following waypoints will now let the server decide when a waypoint has been reached, and that is synched to the clients
  • The Blueprint Spawner block now functions fully in multiplayer
  • The strategic AI state in a multiplayer campaign save is now correctly loaded and applied on the server, rather than creating a fresh state each time
  • Various important multiplayer synch fixes and bug fixes
  • Hover Frame prefab changed and fixed.
Shard cannon
  • Shard cannon no longer destroys itself.
Transition blocks
  • Hard edge fixed on some models. Should stop the wavy effect seen sometimes.
  • Fixed the display of the centre of lift. It now displays the centre of lifts any/all of the 6 directions, as applicable.


  • The ‘telekinesis torque’ player item has been removed