Beta Hotfix.

Beta Hotfix.

Hey Depthians!

This little hotfix addresses a few issues with the new camera movement as well as changes to the way ducts work. Ducts will no longer be watertight or airtight unless a propulsion block is directly behind them leaving no gaps to the hull, or “roomed off” if you wish to have your propulsion further behind the duct.



Camera movement
  • Added sliders for camera speed in mouse-based building mode


  • [BUGS-3736] The “flat white” material that mimics/decorations use for mimic-sphere etc is now a PBR material with smoothness and metallic values
  • When a block is hidden by a decoration the sub meshes of that block will also not render. This applies only to certain blocks.
  • [BUGS-3733] Ducts are no longer ‘water tight’ or ‘air tight’ and as such air/helium pumps can ‘leak’ through a duct.


Camera movement
  • Camera control code was overhauled to fix a number of issues. New transitions between camera modes can be disabled in the options menu by setting the “transition time” to 0.
  • Fix viewport (tac map) camera not working after scrolling to an altitude beyond the normal map transition altitude in adventure mode.
  • Fixed camera not working when starting custom battle mode.
  • Fixed most, if not all cases of camera misbehaving when accessing certain UIs during build mode.
  • Some internal camera transitions smoothed.
  • [BUGS-3729] Fixed 3×3 and 5×5 turrets with multiple valid connections disconnecting when the block touching their center is destroyed