Beta 3.3.3

Beta 3.3.3

What is up Depthians!

As always, back with more fixes and goodies.

We are happy to point out that From The Depths, now uses Steam Networking so this should resolve some issues people had in the past, but as always please send us any bugs here: . Leave us a small example blueprint if its component related rather than the full 1 million volume construct :p.
Please also include the output log.

If it’s campaign issues send us the save file hopefully shortly before the issue happens and all the info needed to recreate any of the problems you encounter.
Save files can be found in C:\Users\YourUserName\Documents\From The Depths\Player Profiles\PlayerProfileName\Saves.


  • Added KINETIC_DAMAGE * AP stat to shell customizer
  • Added missiles fired/hit counter tooltips to missiles launchpads and controllers


  • HE, EMP, and frag head kinetic modifier up from 1 to 1.2
  • Heavy head kinetic modifier up from 1.65 to 1.75
  • Hollowpoint AP modifier down from 1.2 to 1.15
  • Sabot head and body health modifier down from 1 to 0.9
  • Soft part health modifier down from 0.4 to 0.35
Armor refit
  • Armor refit tool now shows a warning on the hud if a lack of materials caused it to stop
  • New campaigns now have a 1 hour period before the first council is automatically triggered. You can trigger one yourself before that.
  • Reduced the reward/cost for diplomacy options to 80% of original value.
  • Removed automatic orientation packers from the inventory tab
  • Laser designator receiver drag modifier from 0.6 to 0.2 (same as thumper and single pixel IR seeker)
  • Laser emitter health down from 900 to 800, armor up from 40 to 50, cost down from 150 to 100
  • Laser emitters now send out a position estimate for the last target after losing it. After 1 second of the beam not hitting anything they revert to the old behavior
  • Missile smoke trail length scales with missile size, not only velocity
  • Remote guidance has a fixed 3m max error, instead of 4-8. Max sensor scrambler error up to 24m and signal processor reduces that to 50%
  • Scaling for impact damage from reinforced bodies back to be ~equal to a HE/frag/EMP warhead at 400 m/s, instead of 360


  • Improved avatar motion over slopes, and stopped avatar being above to move in 1m high crawl spaces (which results in the camera being stuck in the block above)
  • BUGS-2917 Laser guided missiles show in the stat panel that there is no distance limit for a lock
  • BUGS-2823 Wheels placed with prefabs now won’t attach to existing tracks on the vehicle
  • BUGS-3161 Fixed laser emitters not registering valid hits in some cases
  • BUGS-3186 Fixed failsafes not working with short range laser combiners
  • BUGS-3357 Steam piston outputs are also updated when a non-steam block is permanently added/removed
  • BUGS-3460 Fixed hover maneouvre not handling negative azi for the forward/strafe limit slider
  • BUGS-3470 Max value for secondary and tertiary drive ACB conditions is in the [-1, 1] range, instead of [0, 1]
  • BUGS-3481 Altitude fuses for missiles work again
  • BUGS-3485 Reducing gunpowder casing length for APS also reduces clip explosion power
  • BUGS-3499 Steam networking message buffer increased in size to allow large save files to be sent to clients in multiplayer
  • BUGS-3257 Sticky feet UI now shows the friction slider again, allowing direct control.
  • 0Q lasers with a minimum damage set will also check if total remaining laser energy dipped below 1 before pumps recharged. Fixes bursts with some 0Q setups
  • Output regulator ‘Minimum shot energy’ text fixed, it’s ‘Minimum shot damage’
  • Output regulators burst threshold default set from 0 to 80, no longer adjusted when changing minimum damage. Only matters for lasers with a minimum damage set to be over the default 0
  • Improved laser emitter hit detection
  • Certain collisions between large vehicle should no longer massively slow down the game or cause a crash. The improvment will vary per situation and in some rare cases there might even be a slight decrease in performance, but in many of the worst cases you can expect a large improvement
  • Direct turbine/piston connections added to the sides of L boilers