Beta 3.3.2

Beta 3.3.2

What is up Depthians!

Another round of bug fixing, tweaks, and some additional features.

We shall explain any functions/features etc fully in the stable release, however, please feel free to ask about anything in the notes that you feel needs explaining.

We would also like to point out that we updated to unity 2020.3.22 and therefore the FTD boot-up process now begins in the launcher, and is more multi-threaded and concurrent, so it should take less time to boot the game up.
FTD now uses Steam Multiplayer and the Data Relay Network. The old networking system is no longer available. Joining friends is much easier now and NAT punch through and port opening should no longer be necessary. We have fixed a number of multiplayer issues, there may be still some left so as always feel free to poke us with them on our bug tracker page



Armor refit
  • New buttons in armor refit tool: refit 100 and refit 500 blocks
  • You can now trigger a diplomacy meeting if you have no enemies (or your enemies are dead)
  • Added idle elevation option in the CRAM settings UI
  • New option in the fusing box: hollow point tip conversion. Switches kinetic to impact damage, at the conversion rate used in APS
  • It is now possible to join lobbies through the Steam friends list if you are in the main menu
  • Joining a lobby through the steam friends list without the game running will start up the game and join the lobby if possible
  • You can now include a zip file of imagery with your planet when you upload it to the steam workshop. If your planet is called Mine.planet then make a zip file called and put into it files with names such as #mytag.jpg and #anothertag.png. You can use these hashtags for the diplomacy portraits.
  • New slider for target prioritisation card: bonus priority multiplier for current target


  • Adventure mode now allows 3rd person camera as per other modes
  • AP modifier for soft heads up from 0.8 to 1
  • AP modifier for soft parts except flak up from 0.1 to 0.8
  • HE, frag, and EMP damage up by 10%. Also affects HEAT and HESH. Flak damage up by ~5%
  • Health modifier for soft heads up from 0.5 to 0.9
  • HP head switched from 1 AP and 1.2 kinetic modifiers to 1.2 AP and 1 kinetic
  • Penetration depth fuse speed modifier up from 1 to 1.1, same as solid bodies
  • Shaped charge and squash heads are now fast (1.6 speed modifier, instead of 1.45)
  • Shell health up by 25%
  • Speed modifier for slow heads up from 1.3 to 1.45
  • Most blocks can now be placed on fortresses and structures. This is to make separators work, was also requested for testing parts.
  • Diplomacy meeting timer no longer advances during combat
  • In council meeting mode there is no longer relationship damage from moving in neutral territory belonging to someone you are not at war with.
  • Salvage increases its pick-up radius massively after two hours to de-clutter the map and keep the economy going.
  • Gauge increase component costs up from 10 to 12
  • Hardener pellets cost up from 120 to 150
  • HE, frag, and EMP pellet cost up from 150 to 180
  • Health for each HE/EMP/frag payload packed up from 3 to 3.6
  • Kinetic damage for each hardener payload packed up from 10 to 16
  • Kinetic damage for each HE/EMP/frag payload packed up from 4 to 5
  • Material cost and recoil for each payload packed up by 20%
  • Packer costs up from 20 to 25
  • Payload compactor cost up from 20 to 25
  • Shell power for each HE/frag/EMP payload packed up from 18 to 22
  • FTD boot-up process now begins in the launcher and is more multi-threaded and concurrent. It should take less time to boot the game up.
  • FTD now uses Steam Multiplayer and the Data Relay Network. The old networking system is no longer available. Joining friends is much easier now and NAT punch through and port opening should no longer be necessary.
  • Now using Unity 2020.3.22, instead of Unity 2017.4.25.
Fuel engines

Exhaust tooltips now show the full name of the part, instead of the generic ‘Engine exhaust’

  • HEAT base metric up to 10/9 the old value
  • HEAT damage up to 8/7 the old value
  • Final spalling metric now scales with TOTAL_ARMOR^0.47, instead of TOTAL_ARMOR^0.5 (lower loss against lots of armor)
  • Damage done down by 10%
  • Reinforced body health modifier down from 2 to 1.6
  • Remote guidance now has a base error, up to 8m along each axis. Signal processor reduces base error by 50% (also affects error from not having enough GPP)
  • Most constant files use plain fields instead of expression bodies
  • You will now only take ownership of nearby weapons if you actually have their weapon slot selected
  • Damage done for 1 energy used up by ~4.5%
  • Piercing AP up from 50 to 60. DAMAGE * AP stays the same (except the 4.5% buff all PACs get)
  • All projectiles lose power as they are damaged, down to 20% when they reach 0 health. HE/frag/EMP/HEAT/HESH get their base power reduced, kinetic/impact damage lose AP
Sensor scrambler
  • Error added to remote and lua missiles is 12 * (INTERFERENCE_STRENGTH/20000)^0.45 meters. Interference strength can go over 20000 from multiple scramblers
  • Interference strength and radius is the same for missiles as for detection components
  • Material cost up from 100 to 200
  • Changed simple lasers to use the sound of standard continuous lasers
  • Armor for M and L turbine parts up from 20 to 30
  • Boiler controllers generate heat again, temperature scales with OUTPUT^0.8. Medium boilers run cooler than smalls, large boilers than mediums for the same output.
  • Large boiler armor up from 20 to 30, output up from 22500 to 24000 (capacity and material use follow the increase)
  • M boiler controllers can be attached to M boilers from any direction, including the sides
  • Max kinetic loss for S crank parts up from 140 to 180 (translates to ~5% lower max output)
  • Small boiler armor down from 20 to 15, cost up from 10 to 20


  • Fixed AIO LWC not using processing power for attached remote missiles
  • Reducing length of a propellant casing also reduces material cost
Armor refit
  • Armor refit tool stops if there are not enough materials in campaign (so doesn’t remove blocks/get stuck when trying to place something in a position with all neighbours removed)
  • Fixed fins possibly adding an upwards force higher than gravity for missiles not under thrust
  • Fixed campaign favorite build menu types going out of the bounds of their panel
  • In mouse build mode blocks larger than 1x1x1 get the proper offset in every orientation
  • ‘Warp now’ button in the warp drive UI now only warps up to the set target distance
  • Custom jet engines and steam jets not output the proper force with a power scale below 1
  • Particle cannon UI label improvement
  • Airplane idle thrust works as it should again
  • Fixed direct connections from boilers to pistons and turbines ignoring attachment points
  • Fixed force from gravrams and warp drives being lower at low game speed
  • Fixed APS barrel recoil tooltips not updating on caliber change
  • Wheels with a negative power scale and negative drive now do not ignore the wheel speed caps
  • Impact damage can now possibly spread to every cell next to a block larger than 1x1x1 (checked the 6 cardinal directions from the origin of the block before)
  • Following review, blocks have their mesh shown or as a general block as appropriate in the build marker.
  • All detection parts have drag blocker removed. All detection drag set to 0.2 from 1. This should make creating planes and subs easier.
  • Advanced cannon ammo intakes do not show no space in rack messages during normal operation
  • Fixed being able to use multiple mantlets with a single advanced cannon
  • Fixed some cases where fuel engines do not distribute exhaust gases between multiple exits. A pipe section is only obstructed if all possible exits are obstructed
  • Fixed pressure readouts for some special steam piping setups
  • Fixed the tooltip for advanced cannons with a shell loaded but no intakes showing 1 available intake
  • Fixed outdated planar shield projector description
  • Refinery L pipes are rotated properly.
  • A vehicle will only go into the ‘too damaged’ destruction state if it has actually been damaged (to avoid slow-building mega vehicles from being destroyed) (affects Obelisk mode multiplayer).
  • You can no longer teleport using the teleport avatar item when in a chair or being carried by out of play force
  • STL export has funky position and rotation. Now fixed. If vehicle has an origin block that will be used
BUGS 3160
  • AI UI manoeuvre screen now displays correctly at small window sizes
  • Helispinner UI now shows the yaw and roll rotation settings and the default resting spin rate sliders
  • Fixed resource zone description typos
  • Youtube is working again
  • Fixed a bug where broken decorations on APS barrels (and some other places) can stop systems working
  • Exhaust bonus for custom jet generators is reduced if the exhaust is blocked
  • Radar decoys no longer has an attachment point facing up. This was a bug
  • Clampy feet should now properly disconnect when killed
  • Optimization of the power management for the Sky fortress turbines [BUGS-3282]
  • Fixed frag trails being connected to a far away point on spawning
  • Impact damage now looks for a different block to start from if the original was already destroyed on another thread
  • Fixed some laser setups using less power than they should at low game speeds
  • Ejector meshes are now the correct size, centered, and aren’t floating.
  • When missiles take damage their HE damage is reduced using the standard scaling, instead of simply being divided
  • Fixed campaign resource cap not being constant in multiplayer
  • Fixed chat text getting highlighted/selected for no reason
  • Fixed clients not rendering harpoon lines
  • Fixed control inputs not being synchronized for fortresses
  • Fixed custom axes not being synchronized in multiplayer
  • Fixed various crashes in multiplayer
  • Fixed explosive mode damage after attenuation not using HE scaling (range0 damage was simply multiplied by attenuation loss)

  • Fixed separators breaking steam engines both on the separated vehicle and the main vehicle
  • Fixed separators not working in multiplayer
  • Fixed crank generator and propeller labels being switched in the block stat overview