Alpha Test 3.5.4

Alpha Test 3.5.4

What is up Depthians!

Another dose of bug fixing 🙂



  • Added a dead zone slider for control pads and set the default dead zone to 20% (up from 0%).
  • Laser Targetter data can now be controller with the Generic Block Setter
  • Particle cannon reload time (charge time) can now be adjusted with the Generic Block Setter
  • Steam valve can now be controller with the Generic Block Setter
  • [BUGS-3897] added power creation priority to the Generic Block Setter and added a slider for fuel engine generator power user priority to the fuel engine UI sliders section.
  • The auto-balance default for new propulsion will change as you press the ‘Turn [ON/OFF] automatic control for all propulsion’ button


  • Light-block now uses the same shader as glass blocks and thus renders damage, can be cut-away and painted.
  • Subvehicle spawners on turrets should now work more reliably (spawn the vehicle in the correct place and more robustly link to the correct drone).
  • The ‘force position’ of a drone in a fleet is now set, which can help to reduce the chance of collision for drones (they’ll try to stay where the SVS puts them).
  • Fixed a threading issue that caused the creation of chunk meshes to slow down the game
  • Map now correctly changes when loading another planet
  • Remote missile guidance module no longer causes issues
  • Saving of vehicles using custom tags in non-english languages now works
  • [BUGS-3862] Missiles, CRAM shells and APS shells now adjust their health based on the configurable damage factor of the session, in the same way that blocks do
  • [BUGS-3818] Fixed a serious issue with the late game diplomacy calculations that lead to a crash when trying to get the council to meet
  • [BUGS-3892] Fixed a gridcasting issue that affected turret blocks and caused issues for mouse based build mode (interaction with turret bases) and perhaps damage calculations as well
  • Fixed an issue where the ‘head’ is on at a 90° angle when first spawning in multiplayer
  • [BUGS-3893] wheels should now respond correctly when first placed (auto-balancing bug).