Alpha Test 3.5.2

Alpha Test 3.5.2

What is up Depthians!!

While this update does focus more on a number of bug fixes and tweaks, we also have a new feature that is still a WIP.

We will be setting up the APS system to allow users to create inbuilt shells without placing cusomisers.

You can access the new APS shell setup by pressing Q on a turret, APS tab and then clicking on Access intakes. Please note this is a WIP so for now there is no need to create bug reports for this system.



  • Side drag is now the same as slopes, full drag instead of half.
  • All constructs can have shells that do not need any ammo customiser blocks to use
  • Added control of laser output regulator, laser combiner and PAC to the Generic Block Setter (GBS) component
  • Added control of missile stagger,missile laser encoding and missile launch pad and missile component parameter to the Generic Block Setter (GBS) component
  • Added an ‘event input type’ for collisions with vehicles
  • Added control of ACB parameters to the Generic Block Setter (GBS) component
  • Added Generic Block Getter (GBG) that can read the current azimuth of a spin block and about a dozen other things.
  • Added ‘rotation input’ module that outputs own-ship rotation in various Quaternion or Vector3 formats
  • Added the ability to duplicate breadboard modules, and copy and paste their contents
  • Added the ‘outputV’ function to the evaluator, which does the same as the ‘output’ function but with vectors instead of numbers [BUGS-3835]
  • CJE Generator, Smoke Generator, Shield Projector,LAMS, Ammo intake, aim point, target prioritisation, steam crank motor, tractor beam, wireless equipment channel and AI mainframe added to Generic Block Setter (GBS)
  • Non-AI breadboard now have a single connection point same as the AI variant.
  • Position input module added that outputs own-ship position (Vector3) as ‘frame-independent global position’ to match the new position output of Primary target info module.
  • Primary target info module now outputs new outputs of target Position (frame-independent global position) and Velocity as vector3s.
  • Speed input module now outputs own-ship speed as a Vector3 (will be convertible to float as necessary so no issue with backwards compatibility)
  • Added Pipe part with front and back connections. Added 3 port piece with 3 connections. Meshes will appear as updates roll out.
FOF marker
  • Editing turret restriction marker so that it can display over the top of blocks and remain visible.
  • Added buttons to convert all mimics to decorations in the V menu
  • Every unit is undergoing inspection for basic function. Some have been replaced and there are some additions. Changes have been committed for DWG, OW, SS, LH, TG so far, more to follow. There is no exact changelog for these as it would be a 50-page essay. Please report any issues on discord in a new unit_design_bugs channel.
  • Removed defunct steam prefabs. Fixed usage of deprecated block in fuel engine prefabs.
  • After a stint with render queues changed everything has been regressed. This only affects viewing of things through glass at certain camera angles. TL;DR It’s not worth it and is a massively complex issue.


  • The Differencer now work with vectors, when the input is a vector the output is a vector, and when the input is a value then the output is a value (previously it was using the magnitude of the vector)
Custom control surfaces
  • Extended tooltips and improved helper visualisations
  • Laser warners now check the real distance to the impact point, whatever the subConstruct the warner or the impact point is. However, only the smoke dispensers on the same construct than the laser warner (hull, turret, spinBlock, etc.) can be activated
Key bindings
  • Added button to remove controller bindings
  • Made some small quality of life changes to the key bindings menu
  • Removed default controller bindings
  • Lasers are now visible ‘through’ the GPU ocean surface
  • Instability from construct rotation down by 25%
  • Low velocity magnitude change adds less instability, high acceleration adds more
Tractor beam
  • The rotation wobble of vehicle held by tractor beam has been removed


  • Setting wheel’s spring length using ACB now works fine [BUGS-3836]
  • No more ‘blank’ shots [BUGS-3630]
  • When hiding the original mesh, the porthole will now be fully hidden (as a lot of other blocks with subObjects) [BUGS-3827]
  • Custom axis value is not flickering anymore when constantly set by ACB [BUGS-3834]
  • Filling with beam slopes in mirror mode now place the mirrored blocks in the correct orientation [BUGS-3849]
  • Cursor lock when an enemy is present and you enter in the detection screen while being in build mode [BUGS-3831]
  • Automatic thruster control now works for CJEs who have corners in their exhaust pipe
Control surfaces
  • Fixed custom control surfaces on spinblocks possibly having different force outputs depending on orientation
Custom air surfaces
  • Fixed 4m air pivot calculating its center position incorrectly
Custom jets
  • Fixed addons ignoring placement rules for attachment after loading a blueprint
  • Fixed an issue where churning thousands of decorations on the same vehicle could make the vehicle fail to save
  • Pasting a prefabbed block with more than 16 decos and with mirroring activated do not paste all the decos on the mirrored block [BUGS-3441]
  • Laser warners now work when they are on a subConstruct [BUGS-3810]
  • [BUGS-3874] Fixed blocks that should be destroyed sometimes surviving EMP with a small amount of health left
  • Changing something in a favorite will not lag anymore when there’s a lot of intel pictures (note that opening the favorites menu for the first time may still take a few seconds) [BUGS-3815]
  • AI routine names now save all character sets, not just English characters
  • It is now possible to select altitude in the LWC down to 500m, and the min difference between high and low altitude has been reduced to 20m [BUGS-3864]
  • [BUGS-3796] Fixed sides of sloped plates having very low drag without clearance requirement
  • The build marker was missing some meshes. Now fixed.
  • [BUGS-3804] Laser cavities now lose charge if a separation changes their capacity
  • Fixed a problem causing almost stationary vehicles to possibly have only ~97-98% stability
  • [BUGS-3859] Fixed some wheel groups containing more than 2 wheels
  • Fixed a multithreading issue causing steam systems to lose pressure
  • Fixed a threading problem with steam drill hit detection
  • Fixed steam distribution problems with some valve setups
  • Fixed some formatting errors on the detection overview panel
Water propellers
  • [BUGS-3754] Fixed reversed water propellers ignoring their speed limit