Hey all, 

Really excited to release 2.4.5. It’s been a really busy week since 2.4.4 and we’ve achieved a lot. The HUD in normal mode and build mode has been updated, there is a great new feature where pressing middle mouse brings up loads of extra HUD visuals and gives you a mouse with which to interact with them (build mode and normal mode).

We’ve added a way to save down user interfaces for later use (so you don’t need to navigate back through menus to find them, or find blocks deep inside the vehicle)v2.4.5 [Add] <ACB>: Strafe and hover commands added
v2.4.5 [Add] <Breadboard>: Added %, <, <=, >, >=, == and != operators to the maths evaluator
v2.4.5 [Add] <Breadboard>: Added input to get the last propulsion request to any drive
v2.4.5 [Add] <Breadboard>: Added input with various time related values to breadboard
v2.4.5 [Add] <Breadboard>: Added select manoeuvre component to AI breadboard
v2.4.5 [Add] <Breadboard>: Added target bearing input to primary target info of AI breadboard
v2.4.5 [Add] <Breadboard>: Breadboards maths evaluator can now use the same functions as other maths evaluators. Also added many extra functions to all maths evaluators
v2.4.5 [Add] <Electric engine>: Electric engines can now use complex controls
v2.4.5 [Add] <Tutorials>: You can now create a Build Guide in game by pressing Shift+Insert (re-mappable) when in build mode to capture the current vehicle as a state in the build guide. Holding the key for 3 seconds will wipe what you have captured. In the modding interface you can dump your capture into a build guide definition. Expect to see higher quality build guides in game shortly.
v2.4.5 [Add] <UI>: [REQ-113] A bunch of modal confirmation windows added to avoid exiting to the main menu by error
v2.4.5 [Add] <UI>: You can now ‘collapse’ a UI instead of closing it, it will be added to the HUD so that you can open it at any point in the future- very useful for keeping track of useful blocks and PIDs!
v2.4.5 [Change] <Blocks>: Ai tutorial and manual updated.
v2.4.5 [Change] <Blocks>: Inventory names reorganized and new descriptions given.
v2.4.5 [Change] <Building>: You can rename blocks in build mode using SHIFT + N. All blocks can now be renamed.
v2.4.5 [Change] <Controls>: Perma-build and Perma-remove are now remappable, but bound to CTRL+H instead of middle mouse (you can rebind it where-ever you like, but I have plans for middile mouse…)
v2.4.5 [Change] <Tutorials>: The basic controls tutorial has been updated and expanded to be a lot more useful.
v2.4.5 [Change] <UI>: A display of what the mouse buttons do is now displayed whenever an avatar item is selected
v2.4.5 [Change] <UI>: ACB UI tidied up a bit, to make it all display on screen at once (no scrolling needed)
v2.4.5 [Change] <UI>: Added block thumbnails to the inventory so you can search visually by appearance
v2.4.5 [Change] <UI>: Controlled weapon status glitches fixed- now displays correctly the number of missiles
v2.4.5 [Change] <UI>: HUD and inventory UI no longer use the one size fits all scaled UI system- now they fit on the screen and use your selected fontsize and button dimensions
v2.4.5 [Change] <UI>: Painted and renamed blocks will display their paint index and custom name in the tooltip now
v2.4.5 [Change] <UI>: Path View is no longer an avatar item, but an option which is toggleable from the HUD after pressing middle mouse button
v2.4.5 [Change] <UI>: Resource bar view remapped from R to CTRL+R but is now toggleable from the extended HUD mode after pressing middle mouse button
v2.4.5 [Change] <UI>: Ships wheel no longer displays the ‘turn sail left/right commands’, these are simply ‘roll left and roll right’ buttons (you can hook them up to control sails / roll / whatever you want).
v2.4.5 [Change] <UI>: Tidied up the main HUD and the building HUD
v2.4.5 [Change] <UI>: Using icons for most character weapons / items on the toolbar now
v2.4.5 [Fix] <ACB>: [BUGS-685] Fixed all the command inputs in the ACB
v2.4.5 [Fix] <ACB>: [BUGS-717] Electric engine power not considered by ACB
v2.4.5 [Fix] <ACB>: [BUGS-719] ACB aerial AI related crash
v2.4.5 [Fix] <Steam engines>: [BUGS-704] Possible crash when removing a pipe when using steam engines with really a lot of pistons (or a dozen huge ones)
v2.4.5 [Remove] <Avatar>: Melee attack has been removed
v2.4.5 [Remove] <UI>: The old tactical UI, opened traditionally with ‘N’, has been removed from the game

If you’d like to get in touch about 2.4.5 then head over to the forum post here

The new HUD features a common colour scheme, adjustable button and font sizes, icons for both normal and building toolbars (and all inventory items) and a load of new features