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  • After a warp the warp drives used must be stabilized before a jump in that direction is possible again
  • After a warp vehicles get a big IR and sonar detection signature increase. That increase is a function of warp energy used, decays over time
  • Battery energy: warp energy conversion rate depends on ROD:VEHICLE length ratio
  • Controllers and warp terminators now also count as a 1m rod
  • Controllers only have rod attachment points in the front
  • Each m of warp rods can store 10000 warp energy and use up to 400 battery energy/s for warp energy creation
  • Maximum warp distance is a function of WARP_ENERGY_AVAILABLE / VEHICLE_MASS
  • Target warp distance can be set on the warp controller. Warps will only use the energy necessary for that distance
  • Vehicles get a push after a warp, force of that push if a function of the warp energy used
  • Warp component durability up from 300 health/3 armour to 400/4 for each cubic meter
  • Warp component weights reduced to 20 for each cubic meter (half of metal)
  • Warp components are now susceptible to EMP
  • Warp drives got new tooltips and a standard UI showing cost/volume breakdowns
  • Warp drives in a given cardinal direction are grouped and triggered together
  • Warp stabilization time is 40s. That’s reduced by 15s if stabilizers cover the entire width of the vehicle, and another 15s if they cover the entire height (if the jump was forward/backwards)
  • Warp stabilizers: new components replacing chargers. They determine how much time the warp drive needs after a jump to be available again
  • Warping under terrain or into constructs is no longer possible. Longer warps have a higher safety margin before/after other craft