Beta test 2.9.2

Beta test 2.9.2

What is up Depthians!

A quick little update.


  • Added a number of inputs to the projectile avoidance routine, particularly bearing, closing velocity, and closest approach/deviation from intercept course
  • Beltfeeder loading cycle tooltip accounts for intakes being almost always ready when the cycle starts (so displayed cycle time is shorter)
  • Beltfeeder minimum reload delay down to 1 sec
  • Beltfeeders need at least a 2 x SHELL_RELOAD_TIME delay after the last shot before switching from loading to firing cycle again
  • Bore evacuator cost up from 30 to 40
  • Muzzle brake and bore evacuator armor up from 40 to 50
  • Muzzle brake cost up from 20/40 to 40/80 for the 1/2m variants
  • Muzzle brakes increase inaccuracy by 5%, instead of reducing shell speed by 5%
  • Missile/projectile warnings are now shared among mainframes. This mainly affects CIWS and projectile avoidance routines; LAMS/interceptors/ACBs already checked all mainframes. Mainframe parameters removed from Lua functions dealing with missile warnings; the old invocations will continue to work, but will access the global pool.
  • Updated the planet and mod workshop interfaces for easier uploading and downloading of planets and mods


  • Cannon controller by multiple LWCs still obeys the fire rate limit
  • Fixed a problem causing cannons to damage their own barrels
  • Performance of aiming/barrel handling logic improved
  • Tracker assignment mode now saves correctly
  • Laser couplers now clear up sides that do not have any connections to cavities/doublers/destabilizers
  • Locked the game world origin for multiplayer maps (not adventure/campaign) so that host and clients don’t end up too far from the origin (which creates graphics issues)
  • Fixed starting resource values in land and multiplayer designers.
  • Tactical nukes on subconstructs now do their explosion damage in the right location
  • Propellers currently spinning backwards no longer instantly provide a forward force when target thrust changes towards the forward direction
  • Fixed a bug where lasers would crash client machines