Beta (Alpha Test) 3.4.8

Beta (Alpha Test) 3.4.8

Hey Depthians!

A small update for those in the alpha test build



  • Maximum decoration distance on all axes up from 10m to 20m
  • Mass-based rotation speed limit up by ~11%
  • Rotate to angle speed isn’t limited for spinblocks with only decos on them
  • Spinner and turret weights up to metal level. Mostly unnoticeable for a 1x1x1 block but helps with tiny vehicles twitching and makes some physics problems less severe
Sticky feet
  • Max stickiness increased from 100 to 400
  • If subconstructs on a vehicle take up at lest half the total volume then all drag for the mainconstruct is multiplied by TOTAL_VOLUME / MAIN_VOLUME