BETA 3.4.4

BETA 3.4.4

What is up Depthians!

This update brings numerous changes and tweaks to blocks such as propellers, steam cranks, custom control surfaces, drills, hydrofoils, and rams.

Showing off the new 3×3 drill bits

The new steam crank wheel and the UI to configure, joining to the main shaft.

When you do use the new propeller setup, you can see if the blade setup is too long as the green squares will change to red, yellow Xs partially blocked airflow and orange Xs fully blocked.

Rudder Pivot does not require a spin block to work.



  • 3x3x1 drill head added for M crankshafts. 3x3x3 drill extension and 3x3x6 drill head added for L. 5x5x1 and 7x7x1 drill heads added for L
  • 5x5x1 drill head added for simple drills
  • It is now possible to change which display FtD is displayed on
  • Base output is 140 thrust/blade/area. Power use is 3.5/blade/area
  • If a block is in the way of a blade the propeller stops working
  • Longer blades change speed slower. Hubs with more blade arms change speed slower
  • Max length for blades is 15
  • Output(but not power use) for any given cell is reduced by 25% for each direction if its up/down side points inside the swept area of at least 1 other propeller. Spinblocks are also checked
  • Output(but not power use) for any given cell is reduced by 50% if it’s blocked in 1 direction, by 100% if it’s blocked in both directions. Vents and similar blocks count as 25% obstruction. Spinblocks are also checked
  • Overall propellers with good clearance are a very good form of propulsion, and the parts are a small part of the cost so can be made redundant
  • Parts: propeller hub 1000 health, 60 armor, 100 weight, 100 materials. Propeller blades 600 health 60 armor 50 weight 50 materials
  • Propellers are affected by air density
  • Similar to dediblades, but ~1 order of magnitude stronger, much more durable, can’t be turned from -100% to 100% around instantly and have stricter placement rules
  • Thrust output and power usage is based on the area covered by each individual blade line attached
Steam crank connections
  • Crank motor efficiency down from 0.75 to 0.65 kinetic energy/power
  • Parallel steam crank wheel with the same size and RPM limit can be connected within 6/8/10/12m (S, 1×1 M, 3×3 M, 3×3 L wheels)
  • When connected to wheel attached to other gearboxes/transmissions/crank motors the crankshaft share energy, if 1 part is destroyed the other can take over
  • When connected to wheels not belonging to any other crankshaft the new connection will act as part of the parent crankshaft
  • When multiple propellers or drills are attached to the same transmission group the drive request with the highest absolute value will be used by all transmissions
  • When multiple transmission outputs are merged their transmission power is summed


  • HEAT secondary body for APS is only 70% of a head now (final power is ~unchanged beyond the 5% base buff)
  • HESH base power up by ~11%, HEAT base power up by 5%
  • Squash and shaped charge base power increased by 15% for APS only (missile HEAT is the same)
  • At the maximum difficulty level the player’s faction strength is now overestimated by [x3 + 5 million] rather than [x10 + 10 million].
  • There is a new slider for diplomacy/strategic AI aggressiveness. This used to be included in ‘design difficulty’ slider. You can now have a more ‘diplomatic’ campaign against the hardest vehicles, or all out war but with easy vehicles.
Control surfaces
  • Air control surfaces now have the same drag custom rudders have
Custom control surfaces
  • 2-4m pivots added for custom control surfaces. 1-4m pivots and a 2m shaft pivot added for custom rudders. 2-4m rectangular plates added for custom rudders
  • Custom control pivot base health up from 100 to 200, armor from 1 to 20, weight from 2.5 to 20, cost from 5 to 30
  • Custom control surface base health up from 100 to 200, armor from 1 to 15, weight from 2.5 to 15, cost from 5 to 20
  • Custom control surfaces give 50% more thrust in air than custom rudders
  • Custom control surfaces now also add drag based on their force output
  • Custom control surfaces turn 3x as fast as a custom rudder of the same size
  • Custom rudder base health up from 35 to 400, armor from 15 to 50, weight from 4 to 80, cost from 1 to 30
  • Custom rudder blocks using multiple cells now also provide more force
  • Custom rudder pivot base health is 500, armor 50, weight 100, cost 50
  • Custom rudders give 100% more thrust in water than custom control surfaces
  • Force output up by ~1 order of magnitude for both custom control surfaces and custom rudders
  • New, common code for custom control surfaces and custom rudders. Both can be used as simple plates on spinblocks or with their own pivot blocks
  • Removed from the inventory and can’t be saved into/loaded from prefabs. Existing vehicles keep working as before. Replaced by propellers
  • At least one of the available options should now not cost any commodities
  • Simple drill and steam drill special hit detection merged and fixed, both are faster and more consistent
  • Simple drill power inputs convert power to kinetic energy, torque amplifiers reduce max rotation speed and damage but increase AP
  • Simple drills reworked/fixed: base components slightly more durable, much more compact. Drill heads are much more durable
  • Steam drills are generally stronger against armor above ~stone, simple drills easier to place/rotate. Spinning rams very efficient at low motor drive
  • Base force up by 50%
  • Health up from 85 to 150, armor from 1 to 5, cost from 3 to 10
  • Now have the same drag custom rudders have
  • Turn rate increased from 40°/s to 180°/s
Melee PAC
  • PAC damage multiplier for melee lens reduced from 20x to 10x
  • Checks for invalid components added to missile loading and some other places where it was missing
  • Default missiles for newly placed launchpads improved
  • Initial speed for drop as bomb option in rail gantries reduced from 30 to 25 m/s
  • Damage done by each individual ram impact is a function of impact speed and spinner mass
  • Max kinetic energy stored in a spinblock is a function of its mass and rotation speed
  • Ram and spinblock tooltips added
  • Rams on other constructs and pistons use the energy of the mainconstruct to do damage
  • Rams on spinblocks use up kinetic energy generated by the spinblock for each hit
  • Spinblock kinetic energy regenerates based on motor drive. 1x rate is free, motor drive can increase it to 2x-11x the base rate
Simple rudders
  • Base force down to 20% the previous value
  • Health up from 85 to 600, armor from 1 to 10, weight up from 15 to 50, cost up from 10 to 50
  • Multiple simple rudders combined provide the same force as 1
  • Now have the same drag custom rudders have
  • Now only work if their up-down and forward-back axis matches the main construct
  • Custom rudder/control surface tooltips show how many custom blocks are in the given sheet, and the sum of their current output
  • Force visualisation helper in build mode now shows FORCE^0.5 and line thickness for buoyancy is lower. Easier to see what’s going on in a vehicle
  • Hydrofoils now show their force output
  • Simple rudder tooltips show how many simple rudders are on the ship, and the base/current force output


ACB controller
  • ACB controllers now work correctly if they are spawned in in a destroyed state and are then repaired
Animation block
  • Fixed the breadboard to animation block filtering by name
  • BUGS-3612 It is now possible to only display the spring and axle for a wheel, not the block attachment
  • BUGS-3629 Fixed fortress turbines from taking damage when out of power if the language is changed from English
  • BUGS-3618 Explosions should now be rounder (it probably won’t change a thing as no explosions reach their max radius)
  • BUGS-3638 Lasers fired through non-AI, non-manual methods will keep aiming forward as they are rotated
  • BUGS-3632 Fixed L and H rail gantry missiles sometimes getting tangled in their gantry when being dropped as bombs
  • BUGS-3635 Fixed steam transmissions not their input’s RPM limit for their gear ratio in some cases, when loading
  • BUGS-3646 Playing local video is now working again
  • BUGS-3550 The suspension (spring, axle, and block) are now displayed/hidden correctly when the setting is changed when loading the BP when repaired or placed as a prefab
  • Fixed an issue where some breadboard components would run their logic more than one time per frame
  • One-shot component will now correctly only activate once
  • The first output of the steering info component now indicates whether the mainframe’s movement is turned on or off
  • Fleets with a patrol route setup will now properly save and load the waypoint they were moving towards
  • Fixed too many collisions triggering at once, damage output is more predictable now
  • Fixed a problem preventing the player from getting options with a lot of enemies
  • EMP charges can now travel between constructs
  • Laser Q switch EMP resistance fixed
  • Fixed a rare problem causing gridcasts with an alignment very close to a construct’s rotation to miss
Hologram projector
  • Hologram projectors now work correctly if they are spawned in a destroyed state and are then repaired
  • Impact damage can now travel between constructs
  • Charge lasers will fire if either continuous or pulsed shot does more damage than the minimum damage set in the output regulator
  • Added functions to get the number of subconstructs and to get information for a specific subconstruct by index similar to the other APIs
  • Replaced outdated propulsion methods with new functions ‘AddPropulsionRequest’, ‘SetPropulsionRequest’ and ‘GetPropulsionRequest’
  • The docking station now uses the correct ids to identify friendly vehicles for all functions
  • Weapons fired by Lua can now hit missiles
  • Separating or attaching a vehicle while the player is in a chair will no longer eject the player from the chair except for multiplayer clients
  • Changed render queues for smoke and shields to render properly in front of and behind glass.
  • Effective speed for wings is capped at the speed of the main construct