Beta 3.4.2

Beta 3.4.2

What is up Depthians!

A few bug fixes and tweaks for you to enjoy before we put this into stable hopefully this week 🙂



  • Elevated chair now has its own elevated chair model to fit the new avatars


  • Fixed regression with target prioritisation based on range
  • BUGS-3601 Ammo connection UI is no longer limited to only showing 30 customisers.
  • BUGS-3582 Issue with moving fleets to non-hostile locations on the campaign diplomacy screen. This caused the options to be unselectable.
  • BUGS-3588 Plates now use the correct hitbox. Avatar can now properly walk up against them / over them.
  • BUGS-3593 Et Tu, Brute? achievement should now work in new diplomacy style campaigns (declare war on a faction you have a 50+ relationship with
  • BUGS-3617 Sabot heads/bodies without an inertial fuse now do not trigger payloads on a ricochet
  • BUGS-3616 Functional steam pistons taking steam directly from valves do not warn about having any input
Helium pump
  • Minor adjustment to the COB for helium pumps to weight more strongly for the under water component
  • Fixed some valve setups not venting without an extra pipe after the valve output