Beta 3.3.7

Beta 3.3.7

What is up Depthians!

We are sure a number of prayers have been met today as we have added all the applique corner slopes xD


  • A lot of applique corner blocks added


  • HEAT and HESH direct damage penalty down from 2 to 1.75 (means having gaps before soft blocks is slightly better)
  • Armor modifier exponent down from 0.47 to 0.46
  • Squash head cone angle up from 60° to 85°


  • BUGS-3490APS tooltip now shows the first loader with a shell can load, falls back to the first loader with a shell if none are ready
  • BUGS-3525 Detection components take 50% EMP damage and absorb 10 EMP (most were 0%/10, some 60%/10). Coincidence rangefinders are 25%/10
  • BUGS-3493 Fixed issue where some decorations shared the same vertex count as each other and would not render properly when swapped in
  • BUGS-2324 debris no longer interacts with vehicles at all. This stops destroyed turret debris glitching out the movement of the hull.
  • BUGS-3524 Fixed the broken flak head APS shell mesh that stopped some vehicles from loading incorrectly