Beta 3.3.5

Beta 3.3.5

What is up Depthians!

Another round of bug fixes, however, we have also released an alternative avatar, the Droid! This also comes with an animation block where you can animate him manually or through the breadboard.

We have also added the corner slope blocks for the applique slopes !! YES, the others will be added too for each size of our applique slopes.



  • Released an alternative avatar called ‘Droid’, and an Animation Block where you can animate him. It can be controlled via the breadboard, or manually
  • Added Applique corner block for diagonal edges.


  • [BUGS-2622] Multiplayer Info Screen (MIS) (F2) is now rebindable. F1 is no longer hard bound to the instance information screen (IIS). MIS & IIS now both correctly toggle on/off rather than stacking several copies. Chat mode (F5) is now rebindable. HUD toggle (F9) is now rebindable.
  • [BUGS-3495] Detection equipment no longer momentarily forgets its visible targets when it is unlinked and relinked to the mainframe
  • [BUGS-2899] Torpedoes will limit their aim point altitude when they lose target, to stop them trying to jump out of water
  • [BUGS-3163] the FOV slider is now correctly marked as being the vertical FOV.
  • [BUGS-1975] the old Complex Controller (and old drives) code now runs in the same thread as the newer control stuff, which removes jitters in controlled by these historic ‘stim drives’.


  • [BUGS-3360] Ions, standard jets and steam jets no longer apply force directly to the COM when placed within 1 or 2 meters of the line through the COM. This is seen a confusing and historic piece of code that is not really needed any more, and did not take account of propulsion offset angles.