Beta 3.1.6

Beta 3.1.6



  • Wheels parameters now in ACB [REQ-1399]
  • A prefab representing an example of how to use the audio playback features of the breadboard has been added
  • Accumulator module added that sums all inputs together. It has a threshold inside that allows for a trigger pulse to be sent and reset to occur when the threshold is met.
  • Audio pack of 120 samples of Japanese language anime-style voice have been added that can be played via the breadboard
  • Differencer module added that outputs the difference between this input and the previous input
  • Event Input module added that listens to various vehicle events and sends out appropriate signals
  • One-shot module added that will only pass one non-zero value. It has a reset timer on it in case you want to use it again
  • Playback module added that allows a sound or voice to be played
  • Random input added which can produce a random number between two limits
  • Threshold module added that will send out a signal when the input exceeds the threshold
  • A button to remove all “untethered” decorations has been added
  • A way of mass painting decorations at a single location has been added
Launch screen
  • Added a launch screen showing recent patch notes, steam announcements, bug alerts, merchanise, popular workshop entries and social buttons
  • God mode for vehicles is now accessible in multiplayer designer as well as single player designer
  • The name of the teleporters is now displayed when teleporting (and when looking at a teleporter) [REQ-181]
  • [REQ-1810] Ability to paint wheels added
  • [REQ-373] Added a slider to move a wheel axle downwards (acting as a solid extension to the spring)


  • Multiply module can now multiply all of its inputs together, as well as multiplying by the constant
  • [BUGS-2946] Material quantity, material capacity and health scuttling rules now will not trigger until the current value is below the previous maximum value. This allows drones to repair without scuttling.
  • [REQ-1228] wheel forces are no longer scaled by configurable propulsion forces, as it also scales the suspension and can potentially break things
  • Wheels now do a better job of not sinking into the ground…
  • Wheels now scale the suspension force by the number of ‘in contact’ wheels, not the total number of wheels


  • Cameras displayed on screen should freeze a lot less often [BUGS-2803]
  • Dediblade could go up to 400% power scale when using an ACB, it’s now clamped to [-1..1] as in its UI [BUGS-2918]
  • [BUGS-2611] cut-away view now correctly cuts away glass materials
Special effects
  • The flame of the custom jet engines is now placed correctly when repaired [BUGS-2954]
  • Turrets now load up at their idle azimuth and elevation (again)
  • [BUGS-1337] Wheel track visuals are now properly synced in multiplayer
  • [BUGS-2424] Wheels now stay active regardless of building mode special view type
  • [BUGS-2581] Turn wheel yaw response value is no longer reset (similar to above but a wider problem)
  • [BUGS-2641] Wheel positions standardised and a slider added to shift them
  • [BUGS-2866] 1m balloon wheels now have a wide track
  • [BUGS-2910] Building turn wheels in ‘block by block’ mode on longer reset their turn yaw response
  • 3m diameter “thick” wheel track slightly repositioned and rescaled