"From the Depths is a very fine-tuned and detailed strategy title, one that offers amazing cusrtomization options and the opportunity to test out your own creation live on the battlefield. If you're a strategy enthusiast and love vehicle design, this one deserves your attention."

- The Indie Game Magazine (Issue 43 Nov 2014)


"Overall From The Depths excels similar titles such as Space engineers purely down to the vast customisation available and the seamless physics engine allowing for some vicious and diverse battles as nippy speed boats encircle the warhead carrying destroyers."



"My jaw almost hit the floor when I installed a few community made vehicle blueprints. The creativity and ingenuity on display was simply incredible [...] there is no doubt that this game is going to be truly epic"



"The game’s physic system is especially impressive. Giant galleons feel like absolute tanks trudging through the ocean, while speedboats slice through the waves at a precarious pace [...] Combat is chaotic and intimately customizable. There is perhaps no greater pleasure than executing a successful broadside"



 "For me it's certainly the next biggest sandbox game on the market and one I've already put more time into than KSP or Space Engineers, and the prospects shown from constant updates and a very close relationship between the developer and the community make it even more important to get involved early to watch something already engrossing turn into something huge."

- Cue Indie Review