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1.947 [Mod support and more]

So pleased to release this huge update to the stable branch. Land vehicles, mod support, multiplayer improvements, improved player movement (and stairs!), balance changes, CIWS turrets and bomb chute barrels are among the hundreds of changes.

You can view and share mods here http://www.fromthedepthsgame.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?fid=54 – and steam workshop support for them will be added shortly.

[Improvement] Wheels controllable by piggybacking onto water mode or air mode propulsion

[Improvement] Resource zone resource growth rate is now constant again- rather than increasing when the zone is empty

[Improvement] new control options added to the Automatic Control Block

[Improvement] Mod support added to the game

[Change] Ammo router no longer required for the Advanced Projectile System

[Improvement] Stairs block added”

[Improvement] Rambot avatar can now cling to his vehicle (which is the default movement mode). Press \\ to change mode. Double tap space to release from vehicle

[Change] Scuttlebot avatar removed from the game

[Improvement] replace block now works in multiplayer

[Improvement] Prefabs now work in multiplayer

[Improvement] Sub object save and load now works in multiplayer

[Improvement] Weapon control is better in multiplayer

[Improvement] Client movement is controlled client-side in multiplayer so is lag free

[Improvement] New hand holding tutorial system added to lead you through the tutorial resources available

[Improvement] New sound manager system added which has nice effects and models speed of sound

[Improvement] support added for land units and all terrain vehicles as forces and fleets

[Improvement] Bomb Chute barrel for Cram cannon added

[Improvement] Significantly increased the FPS when on the map

[Bug fix] land should no longer disappear from beneath the player or vehicles

[Change] the way sails are placed has changed a bit- some may well now be broken- sorry about that

[Improvement] Prefabs and sub objects now stored in individual files

[Change] Missile drag decreases from 100% at altitude 0m to 50% at altitude 300m and then 0% at altitude 500m. Ability to turn using fins decreases from 100% at 300m to 10% at 500m

[Improvement] Projectile follow camera is now an orbital view of the projectile / missile

[Change] Lasers can damage out to 10km now- not just 3km

[Change] Raw resource storage containers now store 2k resource per meter cubed- not 10k

[Improvement] game config sliders for resource storage and overall damage scaling

[Improvement] You can pause the game at any time by pressing F11- you can still move the camera and look about

[Change] vehicle drag is reduced from 100% at 300m altitude to 10% at 500m altitude (where air density reaches 0)

[Improvement] event outcome likelihood is now customizable in the map editor

[Improvement] Resource dump levels are now controlled by the server and synchronized to the players

[Improvement] Retrofitting is enabled in multiplayer games

[Improvement] Resource supply distance based on the force’s resource storage capacity

[Improvement] There is now the option in the V menu to disable the removal of water effects due to air pumps

[change] APS Autoloaders now have a bonus to reload speed for the larger variants, roughly 40% of the previous size

[Improvement] Several new player skills/buffs have been added, structure inplace for more in future. Current new skills that work are Gunnery, Sea Captain, Gun smiths, Salvo Batterries, Naval engineering, Aerial engineering and Astro enginerring

[Improvement] tooltips enabled for enemy vehicles in the fleet control UI.

[Improvement] Close In Weapon Support (CIWS) AI weapon controller added for firing turreted APS at missiles

[Improvement] Control block can now force all weapon types to fire

[Improvement] LCW shots per second limit is now 40 instead of 2. Not sure why it was ever 2

[Improvement] Vehicle on vehicle collision bugs ironed out

[Improvement] when you give orders to your vehicles they will sort of speak back to you. There are four personalities associated with the four modes: water, air, land, all terrain.

[Bug fix] bug fix regarding fog of war view distance for dead blueprints

[Improvement] build bar / favourites list works in multiplayer now

[Change] Missile explosive warhead damage doubled from 200 to 400 per warhead

[Change] You no longer need a patrol AI card to give orders to the AI- so the card is now obsolete

[Change] User interface for fleets and forces simplified and unified quite a bit

[Change] you can now longer have a fleet without a flagship- one will always be assigned

[Bug fix] Fleet rotation speeds now properly calculated and applied

[Change] Volume used instead of block count in a number of places throughout the game now

[Improvement] AI, Fleet, and Resource Zone bindings added to Lua.

[Bug fix] Lua editor will now select all code when CTRL+A is pressed.

[Improvement] Inventory, fleet control and map UI declutter

[Improvement] Dangerous Waters WWII RTS planet is in the built in planet’s folder and ready for v0 testing.



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