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1.915! CRAM cannon & map editor improvements.

Pleased to announce that CRAM cannons are replacing the old Custom Cannons! They pack an enormous punch and can make use of fuses and loads of different damage types. Loads of other improvements made so do check out the full list below. Lots of effort was put into the map editor to help really bring your custom content alive.

Full change list

[Improvement] Profile moved to a new, more robust system that stores more preferences
[Improvement] A favourite design building hot bar has been added
[Improvement] Out of play vehicles can be retrofitted
[Improvement] A ‘Quick Retrofit Wizard’ has been added for upgrading automatically to the latest version of a blueprint during campaign play
[Improvement] Battle setup GUI simplified
[Improvement] Game speed can be controlled from the E GUI now as well as the map
[Improvement] Graviton ram APS shell base added
[Improvement] Text applied to the out of play force markers to add clarity
[Fix] Out of play repairs now provides ammo and fuel and spares when repairing the respective components
[Improvement] you can now target a fleet as the target of a fleet move order
[Improvement] you can hold shift and click on a previous waypoint to create a loop back to that waypoint for fleets
[Improvement] a ‘force feed’ option for dumping all spare resource into the target of the transit fleet
[Improvement] Aerial Pitch PID has an ‘altitude error to elevation request factor’ slider for helping tune the aircraft’s altitude control
[Improvement] Armour class of armour is increased when in multiple layers- for both exp damage and kinetic damage
[Improvement] Explosive damage equations changed so that high armour materials absorb a reasonably large amount of the explosive power
[Improvement] Aerial AI collision avoidance added to standard Aerial AI. Only works with altitude at the moment (one goes high, one goes low)
[Improvement] Drag is applied at the center of drag- you may need to re-balance your vehicles with this change
[Improvement] blocks have their drag reduction potential defined in all 6 directions- not just one value. Slopes are therefore only useful when placed in certain orientations
[Improvement] Slopes and corners all specify two positions that need to be free of blocks for them to work- this is to avoid exploits
[Improvement] APS EMP, HESH THUMP, HEAT frag and HESH frag damage have all been increased by a factor of 2
[Improvement] CRAM cannon replaces Custom Cannon
[Improvement] Event system added to the map editor
[Fix] Fix with in play retrofitting providing unlimited resources
[Improvement] Increase and Decrease game speed now rebindable


Map Editor Improvements

[Improvement] Lots of new Map Editing options for facilitating game-play types and fine tuning how designs spawn
[Improvement] Resource zones can be specified to have a finite reserve amount of any or all resources
[Improvement] HQs can be specified to only build certain types of design or designs of certain corporation

[Improvement] New “faction merge” functionality added to map editor to create super factions.




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