1.897 - From The Depths



Loads of fixes and improvements- and quite a number of new features to keep you busy.

[Improvement] Missile laser retains aim direction more effectively
[Improvement] Shield projector has complex controller input for excess drive factor
[Improvement] Turrets are now back to being smoothly rotating like they used to be
[Improvement] Firing constraints for turrets have a bug fixed that was affecting azimuth when using elevation only constraints
[Improvement] turret traverse speed is now based on turret mass
[Imrovement] Explosions now limited in their ability to turn corners and get past armour
[Improvement] APS barrel traverse speed is slower for larger barrels
[Fix] Loading a shell directly into the firing piece now works as intended
[Fix] battery power will not be used to run generators to charge batteries- in the absense of any fuel
[Fix] Aerial AI less likely to lose altitude whilst moving to waypoint
[Change] Jet model replaced with a new one- and jet engine drag factor set to 0.25
[Improvement] Inline turbo provides cooling to cylinder if exiting directly from it
[Improvement] Standard turbo can be placed inline if you wish
[Improvement] Exhaust outputs are a source of heat for the attraction of IR missiles
[Improvement] Inline turbos which have a lot of exhaust passing through them are equivalent to a turbo that is run at a higher engine RPM
[Improvement] The turbo efficiency improvement curve now goes up to a value of 5- which results in 50% fuel usage. You can achieve this efficiency by running an engine at 100% with an inline turbo with 5 exhausts flowing through it
[Fix] Jets are now counted as hot objects again
[Fix] Qualification mode now counts advanced projectile system projectile damage correctly
[Fix] Fix with APS explosions managing to pass through a single layer of armour
[Fix] Bribing in localised resource mode fixed
[Fix] A fuel refinery when destroyed and repaired will still work now
[Improvement] hot object list added to the Constructable Info GUI (V)
[Improvement] Required accuracy before fire has a minimum of 0.5 instead of 2 now
[Fix] Out of play resource gathering now uses fuel- and needs fuel to run
[Fix] issues fixed when fuel engines run out of fuel

[Improvement] railguns reworked to use vehicle battery energy storage and be more configurable. New rail gun propellant component added as a shell module
[Improvement] Experience is given to all players in multiplayer
[Improvement] Intel images can be taken for all vehicles. Screenshots now properly encoded as jpeg
[Fix] Fixes to naval AI that broken when the PIDs we introduced and fix to submarine fleet move
[Fix] Fix to out of play oil to fuel conversion and fuel use for resource gathering (numbers were both too pessimistic)



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  • [2.01] performance drop when camera moves 400mt away from action August 19, 2017
    https://streamable.com/b0eqq so that's funny, I get solid 30+ fps when close to my ship, but if I move out further than 400mt the game stutters and lags like it's dying.
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    Hey peeps, Been a while since I loaded this up. I still have not managed to grasp a good idea for steam / fuel engines lol and I was wondering if there was a way after adding shields and setting sizes and strengths, LAMS and other power consumers, if there is a way to determine […]
  • [2.01] inertial fuses broken, again August 19, 2017
    pictured: an inertially fused squash head shell, bouncing https://i.imgur.com/gfpc6t6.png
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  • [2.01] adv cann effect second flash off timing August 19, 2017
    here: https://streamable.com/74p66 slowed down to 0.25 to make it more visible, but it's quite noticeable in game and weirdly annoying
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    As the title says, the spinblock clips into itself when upside down.
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