1.82 - From The Depths



[1.82] [bug fix] player control area for weapons and vehicle controllers fixed (broken in 1.80)

[1.82] [bug fix] jump and down (space and alt) are remappable

[1.82] [bug fix] projected area recalculation (for drag) broken in a previous patch

[1.82] [bug fix] Issue with custom jet being able to run with a negative value and cause bugs/glitches

[1.82] [bug fix] Smokes block Laser Missile Defence as intended (broken in a recent patch)

[1.82] [bug fix] Naval AI pathfinding crashes fixed

[1.82] If permissions to read/write to the FtD folder are lost you will be alerted on the main menu

[1.82] [bug fix] Player no longer starts at war with the Grey Talons

One of the main changes here is for people who are having difficulty loading their saved progress and seeing their blueprints. I believe that is because they have lost read and/or write access to the FtD folder. If this is the case you will see warning messages (very obvious) on the main menu. Please report these to me if you see them.




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