1.793 - From The Depths



Large patch moving to stable- very significant performance improments (up to 220% of previous frame rate), saving times in campaign reduced by factors of 50 to 100, new more robust damage system for projectiles, melee impacts, missile impacts and lasers, new NPC crew, and lots more.

In a bit of a rush as I’m catching a plane in 10 minutes but here is the full change log.

[1.772] Out of play repairs can be conducted by in play vehicles (in play can repair out of play-> not the other way around)

[1.772] Some more mission updates

[1.773] Locks for blocks accidentally added again- removed now

[1.773] More alloy shapes added

[1.773] Bug with autodestroy count down timer continuing forever fixed

[1.78] [bug fix] Missile speed now independent of game time

[1.78] enemy AI can be controlled in MP designer

[1.78] Missile launch pad settings syncronised over network

[1.78] Poster block size synced over network

[1.78] Fixed a bug with cannon barrels not rendering after being repaired

[1.78] Lua box crash potentially averted (checks for Update before trying to call it)”

[1.78] Air pump bugs with respect to beams and large blocks should now be fixed

[1.78] Respawn process failures (bug) fixed in multi and single player.

[1.78] Turret and spinner block health increased from 150 to 500 to help with ‘turret pop’

[1.78] New missions and vehicle updates added

[1.78] Server crash when player disconnected / kicked should be fixed

[1.78] Fixed a bug with players being spawned in upside down if they saved when in an upside down chair that they did not then spawn into.

[1.781] Build mode automatically stopped when viewing blockade or enemy battle start info- loss of control bug avoided

[1.781] Lua: interface added for setting target of interceptor missiles

[1.781] Mission: surplus objectives removed from steel striders mission 1, and auto win after 15 minutes added.

[1.781] Character sheet GUI flag setup screen now has added clarity on options

[1.781] Local Weapon controller will target vehicles above 2000m altitude if ‘no limit’ is set

[1.781] AI will only start battles with player fleets if they are at war with them

[1.781] Hopefully rare issues with save button not appearing should be fixed
[1.79] A more efficient replacement for raycasting is implemented- reducing the use of the physics engine and improving FPS performance by up to 50%.

[1.79] Laser Anti Missile Systems only damage missiles now

[1.79] Weaponised lasers don’t hit missiles at the moment

[1.79] Projectile ricochets of terrain removed

[1.79] Issues with inability to save should be resolved

[1.79] Missiles should not be able to phase through objects and armour at high velocities anymore

[1.79] Instances can be marked as hidden in the map editor- this works currently only for story missions

[1.79] Repair bots move with the vehicle and have simplified physics

[1.79] Distant engines, cannons, lasers, AI and other generally interior objects are not rendered beyonf 500m range

[1.79] All turrets replaced with just two types- the one axis and two axis precision (two axis precision is new)”,

[1.792] Saving format changed for campaign which makes it approximately 60 times faster for complicated campaigns (the first save in this new format will take a while)

[1.792] large (>5k block) ship water drag bug fixed making large ships faster

[1.792] barrels increase kinetic damage as they should (broken since 1.79)

[1.792] Crew (NPC Spawner) updated significantly

[1.792] Melee damage detection for spin blocks and turrets fixed

[1.792] Simple weapon category missile launcher and torpedo launcher not placeable or supported anymore

[1.793] Some fixes to the grid casting- specifically for mouse based building

[1.793] Fixed some graphical artefacts with projectiles

[1.793] You can now remove designs from a force in the map editor to leave a force blank (for MP map design)



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